REAL HORROR: an EVIL DEAD “super fan” is rebuilding THE CABIN!


Good morning boys and ghouls, there is someone I absolutely need to introduce you to. Someone, who apparently is a bigger Evil Dead fan than I am! [Blasphemy, I know!] I don’t want to wait around so let’s get right into it. Please allow me to introduce you to Mike, the man who runs EvilDeadWorkshed. Mike – like most of us – is a lifelong and self-proclaimed Evil Dead enthusiast who makes replica chainsaws from the series. Pretty cool stuff, but the main reason I want you to know this guy is because he’s undertaking an incredibly important challenge that is valuable to the horror community. Calling this “project:” Operation: Evil Dead Uproot, Mike has found the original filming site of Evil Dead II and decided that it needs to be salvaged and preserved, making sure sure that it will forever live on for those who wish to proclaim their love to the beloved film. WAIT WHAT?

you can read the whole story here, but here’s the basic version: Mike has been in touch with the owners of the property where Evil Dead II was filmed, which for those unaware, is in Wadesboro, NC. Ever since 2011, Mike has been meaning to visit the location, if only to step foot where Evil Dead was filmed. One day, the owners warned him that they, “…will be clearing the area where the cabin ruins are located in order to harvest the trees for local firewood businesses.” For Mike, the thought of this was too much to handle. “After having a long conversation with the owners, I have been given permission to come to the site and remove ANY and ALL Evil Dead II structures that are able to be saved prior to the devastation of the site area,Mike explains.


an AWESOME floor plan of the cabin – in film – by Patrick Soucy.

Unfortunately in 2014, the cabin collapsed due to a “…micro burst that hit [the owner’s] property“, so collecting and saving everything has proven to be somewhat of a difficult process. The frame of the work shed was so rotten and so damaged by termites, that Mike came to the logical conclusion to leave it behind and will build an identical frame upon which they’ll attach the original outer planks. As for materials and items from the cabin, he and his friend were able to gather as much as they possibly could, which in itself – is extremely impressive!

Of course, the million dollar question comes up: why does this matter? Luckily for you, Mike has an answer for that too! As Mike himself explains, “I am not making any money off of this. I spent a shit load of money to do this. I’m doing this for everyone. Bringing the secret and private site out of the woods and into public view. I plan on trying to bring some these structures to some of the [Western Pennsylvania] Comic-Cons.

That’s right! Depending on how everything goes – and you’re in the area – you might get a chance to interact with these original props and structures from Evil Dead II! Unfortunately being Canadian, this will prove difficult on my end..unless Steph and I went on a road trip; but knowing that someone is doing something many of us wouldn’t even fathom makes Mike one hell of a guy. From his official page, here’s a complete list of the items that were saved from the film’s site:

  • The entire Workshed [Complete Exterior and Roof Metal] Due to framing rot, the workshed collapsed during this process
  • The fake foam tree [180 degrees of the lower 5 feet of one tree]
  • 1 large Cabin window [kitchen area]
  • Cabin rear door frame with one door hinge and one screen door hinge still attached
  • Rear interior and exterior door trim
  • Interior base boards
  • Interior window frame [next to back door]
  • 1 Cabin window [rear room left of the rear door]
  • 5 bundles of cabin flooring
  • 3 large sections of interior walls
  • Cabin roofing
  • Roofing nails from the workshed
  • Cabin roofing cap
  • 3 remaining chimney stones [painted styrofoam]
  • Exterior Cabin wood [various locations]
  • Exterior Cabin plaster
  • One 55 gallon drum inside of the workshed [Resin labels – possibly used for the trees]
  • One 55 gallon drum found 100 feet from the back door [appears to be the one Ash tripped over]
  • The complete upper West wall of the living room [above where the cellar door would have been]
  • Roofing slats from the Workshed
  • One break away Ram-O-Cam door with a hinge attached
  • 90% of all remaining coal rocks where Ash buried Linda
  • A very large amount of window glass
  • The rear stairs framing
  • One rear stair
  • Small and Large pieces of white interior wall

Once again, I highly recommend heading to Mike’s page where he documents everything he did, because it’s extremely impressive. We’re talking about the endeavors and skills of a true horror fan and he deserves our thanks! Below, I’ve included a few pictures that Mike has posted, showing us fans the site now and his progress.




So there you have it, proof that you – nor I – are the “ultimate Evil Dead fan”. I think that as I’ve shown here, Mike from EvilDeadWorkShed takes that spot pretty easily. The question remains though: what do You think about the concept of rebuilding an iconic Cabin? Is it something that needs to be done? Or an unnecessary piece of work? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you find yourself to enjoy what I do on here, then please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [we’re now at over 150+ likes – let’s reach over 200!]

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    1. I’d LOVE to vacation at the cabin! 😉 [it’s more a question of if the wife would hahah] and for real? That’s AWESOME! I love the idea that people are willing to do these things because of their love for the genre!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m glad you posted a pic of the layout. It always looked like a small cabin from the front, but then there were all these rooms, and the dreaded basement that seemed to stretch out forever. Seeing the layout makes more sense 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. this is EXACTLY why I included it! 😉 I feel the same – contrary to what MANY people seem to believe, it wasn’t SUPER small. It was complex, and had [as you said] many rooms attached 😉


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