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REAL HORROR: The Circle – The Dyatlov Massacre

Maybe it comes with being a fan of horror – specifically slashers – but when it comes to films that are based on actual events, I tend to be extremely picky. I’m one of those movie watchers who watches to escape reality, not sympathize with it. But sometimes, a ‘true story’ film catches my attention, and the upcoming  film known as The Circle is one of them. The film makers are saying that it’s going to be based on the unsolved mystery of The Dyatlov Pass Incident/Massacre, which happened over 50 years ago! Wait, you’ve never heard of the situation? Let’s look into a little back story about this infamous incident:

The Dyatlov Pass Massacre was an actual event that ended quickly with the deaths of nine [out of the total ten] skiers in the Northern Ural Mountains on the late night of February 2, 1959. This ‘incident happened on the Eastern side of Kholat Syakhl. Since then, the mountain pass where the incident occurred has been called Dyatlov Pass after the hiking group’s leader, Igor Dyatlov.

What makes this all weird is that investigators of the scene had determined that the skiers had torn their tents from the inside out in order to escape from an unknown, but seemingly obvious, threat. They concluded that they had fled the campsite [with some of them barefoot!] under heavy snowfall. When their bodies were found, they had shown no signs of struggle, but two of the victims had fractured skulls and broken ribs, without any bruises.. Confused yet? It get’s weirder.. Apparently, The Soviet Authorities had also determined that an “unknown compelling force” must have caused the deaths; and because of this, access to the region was consequently blocked for hikers and adventurers for just over three years after the incident. What is known though, is that because there is next to no survivors, the order of events remains uncertain – even to this day – though several theories exist, from a possible avalanche, to more extreme beliefs such as a hostile encounter with Extraterrestrial Life! I know, I know; this is all exciting stuff, but I’m here to talk about the movie – remember? [if you’re interested in learning more, click here to read an awesome article by Historic Mysteries]

Back to The Circle though – The creators are actually going to be setting up a Kickstarter campaign to help with funding for the production costs and what have you, which will be launched on this July 14 2015 [next Tuesday!] So why now? Why, after 50 years are this film makers looking to make a film on an unexplained incident that most people haven’t heard of? According to their website, it’s a simpler reason than you’d think.. According them, the timing is perfect. They claim that the story must be told because 9 tragic deaths demand it and these 9 silent voices “cry for it“. but most importantly: the world wants an answer, The families of the murdered students deserve an answer!

If you want to learn more about The Circle, you can easily find them on Facebook, and even easier on their LaunchRock page. But now I want to hear from you: what do you think happened during The Dyatlov Pass Massacre? Was it the work of an avalanche? Or was it something more sinister, something..otherworldly? Let me know your fan theories in the comments below! Thanks to Ruth [if you’re reading this, you know who you are] for the tip on this upcoming film, I’m looking forward to what is to come from it!


REAL HORROR: check out these GRUESOME vintage special effects from Paris!

If there’s one thing I constantly talk about, [whether on here, or among friends] it’s the fact that when it comes to movies; I despise CGI – specifically, bad CGI. Movies like Blade where the blood at the end looked like jelly, making it impossible to take seriously.  [see that terrible CGI hereTherefore, if possible, I much prefer it if practical effects are used – even if it looks bad, at least it was done without the use of a computer, or some kind of technology; which I like to think deserves points. The reason I bring this up [again] is because – like myself, you probably thought that graphic and violent horror movies are a somewhat newer creation,  something that was probably developed in the 1970s and 1980s what with exploitation horror and those “video nasties“.. I mean, surely the fancily dressed people from Victorian times would be fleeing to the hills, with absolutely no interest in seeing such things as blood spray heavily across a room from a sliced up jugular.. right?

Apparently, we were wrong – because, would you believe me if I said that there was an older, French theater that specialized in just that: horrific and gruesome story telling.

Cleverly calling itself Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, was founded way back in 1897 by a man known as Oscar Méténier and was “designed” for those French theater goers who wanted something a little more.. violent than the typical viewer would care to watch. It was established in an Old Gothic Chapel[coolest. thing. ever] where The Grand Guignol would put dark and gruesome showstoppers, many of which centered around unprovoked, and violent, killings! If this wasn’t enough, the reel [get it?] highlight of the show[s] was the moment that the killer would brutally and violently “dispatched their victim”.. The Grand Guignol made sure to spare no expense in making the act look as real as humanly possible. The crazy part is that all these “shows” at the Théâtre played over 100 years ago, but it’s special effects puts many modern horror films to shame! In fact, these special effects were often considered too realistic for some members of the audience, shown by the fact that vomiting and even fainting was relatively normal for these individuals. If you weren’t puking your guts out or passing out, you could also rent “special rooms” to watch the play from – in case you found yourself aroused, because apparently that happened from time to time.

Unfortunately, though expected, this theater of the macabre performed its final play in 1962, showing that it stayed open for 65 years! However, it went on to inspire some of the most gruesome horror films of the later 20th century, including the iconic Hammer Horror Films!  Below, I’ve added a ton of screenshots from Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol ‘s glory days! so if you’ve read this far, I totally recommend checking out these vintage pictures!

As I said before, Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol has been closed down for a while now, but the fact that the effects were all practical makes me all the more excited, knowing this actually existed at a time- it’s truly something else, and deserves to be recognized; at least in the horror scene of today. If it were possible, I’d totally love to go back in time, and check the theater out – to get a feel for true terror. How do you feel about Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol? Is it the coolest thing you’ve seen all day? Or is it, based on the screenshots above, too gruesome for even the most hardened horror fan? Let me know your thoughts in a comment or two!

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FORGET chainsaws or knives: THESE torture tools SHOULD be in horror films


Whether we deny it, or just don’t know it; The idea of torturing another person has been around since 530 AD when the great Roman jury supported the idea of torture as being “the highest form of truth”. Defined: Torture is known as the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical [or psychological] pain and possibly even permanent injury to a person, usually to one who is physically restrained. In most cases, the person is under the torturer’s control and therefore, unable to defend themselves against what is being done to him or her. Torturous methods are usually carried out by individuals or groups, and have been throughout history in ancient times to even modern day! Forms of torture also vary greatly in duration from only a few minutes to several days [and sometimes even longer!] The reason[s] for torture can include punishment, revenge, political re-education, interrogation or even coercion of the victim[s]!

Then you get the movies – specifically movies like SAW [for seven movies, with an eighth coming] which we’ve seen multiple different Jigsaw “traps”. While unique in their own right, the classic traps from medieval times make John Kramer‘s traps look like child’s play! Thankfully, “torture devices” in film allow the movie’s special effects departments to creatively figure out the best ways to slaughter people the most over the top way’s possible; by keeping the torture scenes, and their devices, where they belong – in the movies.

Below I have included a list of some of the more intense torture devices of that were actually used on people back in the day.. and yes, while they were used to “torture”, many resulted in death. View at your own risk!

The Breast Ripper:

The Breast Ripper was a device used on adulterous women; the end was heated by an intense flame – it was then that each “claw” was pierced through the soft tissue, resulting in spreading apart the flesh to tear and “shred” the breasts away from the body. If the woman didn’t die, she was certainly scarred for life.

The Heretic’s Fork:

a collar which contained “forks” on each end of the device. One end was to be placed on the chest bone while the other was positioned under the chin. [as seen in the picture to the right] The idea behind it was to have the sharp metal forks pierce the lower portion of the jaw and then skewer through the tongue [and mouth] if the victim’s head were to drop from being tired of being lifted up for too long..

The Scavenger’s Daughter:

A large metal hoop was used in order to “encase the victim at the knees and back”. Slowly, the device was to be tightened in order to squeeze the person until blood flowed from the mouth, nose and other orifices.

The Saw:

Sometimes, an elaborate device like the ones above aren’t necessary – sometimes, all you need is a SAW. this method involved stringing people upside down with ropes as the torturers used a giant saw to bisect the victim down the middle.

The Iron Maiden:

Oddly enough, this device is said not to have ever been used! The idea behind it was that a person would stand inside where large metal spikes were lining the back of the device. [and on the inside of the front door] As the victim stood inside, the door was closed shut – forcing the individual to step back and impale themselves while the spikes came at them from the front. [Some variations of The Iron Maiden had a head piece that contained two larger metal spikes positioned at eye level. This was so when the front end is closed, these two spikes would then pierce into the skull and through the eye sockets!]

Although torture was a very real aspect of our history, it also shows us how much we have evolved and how we’ve become more civilized since those times. Although it may still sometimes happen in other countries, we as horror movie fans must understand the difference between art and reality, leaving the torture to the films. Thankfully, these five devices are no longer in use; mainly because of their intense “teaching” methods! What “tool” did you find the most interesting? Did you enjoy learning about them – or were you already aware of all five? let me know in a comment or two!

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the SCARIEST “whistle” you’ve ever heard: the Aztec Death whistle


It’s one thing not to like a certain type of instrument, like a Tuba or even an Oboe. But what about something different? Something ancient, from hundreds [if not, thousands] of years old.. something like a death whistle! Described as the “scream of a thousand corpses”, this “death whistle” sounds like the cry of the undead, or at the very least, the torment of a human being burned alive! Oddly enough, these skull shaped whistles were actually discovered over 20 years ago by Archaeologists, but, were figured to be toys for the Aztec children. Even if they were looked on to be just “toys”, most of the studies behind them focused on how they looked, rather than what they could possibly sound like. However, with the fearsome sound of the whistle discovered, it’s gaining notice of scientists, other archeologists, and historians everywhere!

and sometimes, the dead are buried with one of these “whistles”..

Roberto Velazquez, a man who has spent several years trying to recreate the sounds of his ancestors, has claimed that the Aztecs played the ‘Whistles Of Death’ just before they were sacrificed to the Gods. This way, the sound of the death whistle would help the deceased, as they journey into the Underworld. Other Aztec tribes would use the whistle and it’s terrifying sounds as psychological warfare, as a way to scare their enemies at the start of battle.. [and based on the sound of the whistle – I can see why this was effective!]

Before this discovery, archeologists figured the existence of other types of noisemakers that were used by the Aztecs: which were made of clay, turkey feathers, sugar cane, frog skins and other materials – with each one serving a different, yet specific, purpose. Conch shells, for instance, were used at the beginning of ceremonies, while hunters used animal-shaped instruments to produce sounds that lured deer, and other wild animals. Medical scientists also believe that the Aztecs may have used sounds as a way to cure illnesses. But in the end, it is the Death Whistle that generates the strongest reactions, mainly due to the creepy sound it makes when blown into!

Not surprisingly though, getting an authentic Death Whistle is pretty damn unlikely – but if you wanted, you can always hear what one sounds like thanks to YouTube musician Xavier Quijas Yxayotl. He actually uploaded a video of himself blowing into the Death Whistle, even warning people that it isn’t for the faint of heart! Before exampling it, he says:

We call this the ‘death whistle’ that the Aztecs used for special ceremonies – for Day of the Dead celebrations, and also they use it when they have a war, when they fight with other tribes. They would play over a hundred instruments, a hundred death whistles, marching to cause a big psychological effect to the enemy..”

If I still have you reading up to this point, and you’re genuinely curious – I’ve actually included the video of Yxayotl blowing into the Death Whistle below: as previously stated, the sound it makes isn’t for everyone so watch at your own risk! It’s probably the most terrifying sound, especially since it was used to effect enemies on a psychological level!

So there you have it, the most terrifying instrument I’ve ever seen, It’s no Tuba or Oboe, but it’s something more terrifying: the Aztec Death Whistle.


has someone died from watching horror movies?

Most people — like myself — watch horror movies for the sake of excitement, and thrills. It’s a fun experience, especially getting a non-horror fan to watch a film, just to see them react! But, imagine this friend freaks out more then you expected: causing them to [possibly] lose sleep, have an increased heart rate and have dilated pupils! Was the scare truly worth it? I mean, surely, you’ve heard of the expression being “scared to death”; which, if taken literally — basically means that something is so terrifying that it actually has the power to stop someone’s heart. But let’s be honest here. Has anyone actually been “scared to death” in the literal sense? And if they have — as a movie blogger — could it have been because of a horror film?

NOT what I meant by death by a horror movie..

Surprisingly, it is possible for a horror film to cause an actual death: just maybe not in the way you’re thinking.. as it turns out, if a shock to the system is sufficient enough it can actually be strong enough to trigger a massive surge of adrenaline, which would go so far as to stun your heart so badly, it causes it to stop beating.

But could this happen because of a movie — specifically, a horror film? there’s actually two cases of “death-by-horror”. One of which is a child: 9 year old Stewart Cohan. passed away in October in the year 1956 [read the full news article here], while watching The Creeping Unknown and The Black Sheep. At the beginning of The Creeping Unknown, during the opening credits, the boy collapsed and [ultimately] died, which [naturally] led people to quickly blame the film. When Cohan’s autopsy report came back, the coroner’s Pathologist who worked the case had discovered that the child had an existing heart condition before he even died, [which his parents were not aware of] His heart was smaller than that of a normal heart, which had played a large part in his unfortunate end. Ultimately, the Pathologist came to the conclusion that “the boy died of a heart collapse after extraordinary tension while watching a movie,” which indicates that it was the film that pushed his young body to its breaking point.

The second death-by-horror comes all the way from India back in 2010 [read the full news article here], where a student named M Prabhakar died of shock while watching a set of four horror movies back to back to back to back. Around 11:30pm, reports say Prabhakar went to the bathroom and came out screaming in shock, only to drop dead in the room where his fellow students were watching the movie marathon. If that’s not sad enough, it seems that none of them saw him fall to the floor, and it was only after the fourth movie ended, that anyone came to realize what had just happened. By the time the other students finished the four-movie marathon, the paramedics were [finally] called, and at the end of things, the boy was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.I guess what I’m trying to say is that horror movies have been the cause of [at least] two deaths in the past. If it wasn’t for the increased heart rate, dilated pupils, and even the loss of sleep; maybe horror really isn’t the genre for everyone.. Ultimately, if you’re not sure if a certain type of film isn’t your forte, check what the movie has in store before you watch them — cause sometimes, it could be considered too late: like the unfortunate deaths of Cohen and Prabhakar. Kind of makes you think twice before watching the entire Nightmare On Elm Street series, doesn’t it?


in case you missed it: Charles Manson is getting MARRIED!

seriously — let that sink in for a minute: 80 year old Charles Manson is marrying a 26 year old “follower” of his named “Star“. I really wish I could say I’m kidding about this one. In case you need a little refresher course on our Groom, he’s not exactly boyfriend material. he’s mostly known for reminding America that people are inherently terrible at heart — considering his “followers” went out and butchered seven people in the summer of 1969. Though the murders were technically carried out by Manson’s so-called ‘family’ of followers, it was ultimately him who became infamous for them; especially since he was the brains of the whole operation.

The other day though, it was announced that our friend Charlie is set to marry one of those “followers”, a 26-year-old woman who has spent the last decade trying to free him! [did I mention people are fucked?] BUT even if Manson is locked up in prison — the marriage license has gone through and officially been approved; and the wedding is likely to take place sometime next month! I mean what. the. actual. fuck.

“I love him,” said bride-to-be Afton Elaine Burton, who goes by her nickname “Star”. “I’m with him. There’s all kinds of things.” Yeah. She sounds totally normal. Good find, Charles!

If this wasn’t strange enough news for you, Manson isn’t typically allowed to have visitors, but an exception for the marriage is being made [because why not?], and the “lovers” will be allowed to invite ten non-inmate guests. Star has even gone so far as to say that this marriage will give her access to information she’s not able to look at under the title of Manson’s girlfriend, which she hopes to use in an effort to free her “hero”.. because we should totally be giving her access to that kind of stuff..

The most troubling thing about all of this, [oh yes, we’re not done] is that Manson‘s “power” is pretty much mind control, since [as we all know] his whole deal during his days at large was convincing young women to do terrible things.. and look at what’s happening! If there’s anything that should be done, Manson shouldn’t be allowed to be conversing with impressionable young women, [let alone young women named “Star”] and the fact that he’s now [legally] marrying one is fucking horrifying..

So how do you feel about Charles Manson getting married? Was it inevitable or are you as concerned as I am? This is bound to be televised quite largely and I’m totally expecting this to be all over the Internet. oh well, I guess time will tell..


have YOU heard about the “EVIL STICK” ?

because this is totally for kids…

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a dollar store, chances are that you’ve  noticed that the things on sale are incredibly obscure – with the packaging usually not really having to do with what the product is intended for. [I’ve seen a palate swapped Samus [[from the Metroid games]] on a kid’s bow and arrow? Samus does not use a bow in the Metroid games..] That being said, “obscure” isn’t even the first word I’d use to describe what was recently found hidden in a dollar store toy..

It’s called the “Evil Stick”. It came up last week [November 6th, 2014] in Dayton, Ohio, but is only “going viral” everywhere lately. Originally published as a story about a wand called the “Evil Stick”,  a Dayton mother by the name Nicole Allen decided to buy her two year old daughter a pink princess-like wand from her local dollar store. the pink package of the “wand” had mentioned [quite literally on the package] that it would play “wonderful music.” the reality however, was that the simple looking wand was actually disguised as a fun children’s toy, but that’s not the worst of it..

When the button on the side of the toy is pressed, the “wand” doesn’t play the “wonderful music” it promised, but instead: it’ll actually play what some have claimed is a sound clip from Saw‘s Billy puppet, with his [signature] laugh and a flashing light revealing there to be a horrifying image in the wand’s foil faceplate. When Allen [the mother who initially bought the Evil Stick] peeled the foil off, she found what no mother should have to discover [especially since she bought this for her two year old..] she came across something that can only be described as a picture of a demonic child slitting her own wrists, [see the picture below] which obviously left her completely horrified and outraged. But most disturbing, is the dark and deeply enigmatic is the promise of “I can send out the luster of the beauty” [are they trying to say that all young girls are evil looking creatures?] which is found clearly written on the packaging’s back-side!

that face is fucking scary.

Another resident of the same Ohio town [Dayton] visited the exact same store and purchased an Evil Stick himself [in order to confirm these reports] He had found that only a few of those toys contained the image but, many did not: rather, that they featured a variety of different pictures, and only after he sorted through two racks of Evil Sticks did he actually find one with the same “cutting girl” image. If all this isn’t enough, the Evil Stick was found beside the dolls in the store, and when asked about it – the store owner said that if the buyers looked more carefully, they’d see that the product calls itself “Evil Stick” [as right as he ‘technically’ is, I still don’t like the idea behind this “girl’s toy”].. however, if it gets any more negativity, he’ll remove it from his store permanently.

Now maybe it’s just me, but it’s things like this that fucking aggravate me: knowing that people are willing to go so far as to do things like this. I mean, that mother was going to give this to her kid without a second thought. I know that if I have a daughter [in the future] I’m going to be checking everything I plan on getting her; cause this is just insanity. What do you think of the “Evil Stick”; Is it just some harmless fun? Or is it something that should be removed post-haste? I am appalled that something like this could even be sold!


live your own horror film: at McKamey Manor! [somewhat NSFW]

one of my many dream homes..[just me?]

Being as Halloween is inching closer and closer every day, I figured I’d talk about one of my favorite things to do around this time of year: haunted house haunts. I’ve only been to a couple, but I feel like they’re all the same – you walk through a dark hall, while seeing people behind fences with axes/daggers, swinging these weapons just close enough to say it’s in your face, and then you’re done. It’s fairly straight forward. However, looking online for something “new” to do this year, [plus, only everybody is talking about it] I came across a place in San Diego, California [so a definite “not happening”, being in Canada and all..] known only as “McKamey Manor“.  [see their official website here] It claimed to be “not your average house haunt”, and that reservations are a must! I was curious, yet concerned – so naturally, I did what I usually do in that scenario, and looked into it. holy fuck.

run by Russ McKamey, this “house of horrors” boasts a ton of rules, including: [but not limited to] you have to be at least 21 years of age, be in excellent health, sign a legal waiver before you commit, and an average “tour” lasts anywhere from four to seven hours! It’s not just a straight forward “walk through” house haunt either, but more of an intensifying death wish! [quite literally – your own horror film!] Due to the legal waiver, the “actors” are [basically] allowed to do anything they want to you, so long as it isn’t illegal. It’s not expensive to “sign up” either, as it’s just four cans or one bag of dog food; which will be donated to Operation Grayhound is the only admission price. [at least it’s cheap? I mean, I guess?] Obviously, being a haunt based around the horror genre, you can expect a lot of different things to happen to you and your friends, such as some of the following torments:

holding you down and screaming in your face, saying things like “no one’s gonna save you! You’re all alone!”

Locking you inside of a blood coated fridge [clearly this guy looks half-okay: probably just began!]

or even spit [fake] blood on you: all while you’re tied up!

Clearly, there’s a fuck-ton of other things that they do to “guests” of their home, like shoving “food” down your throat, and it’s not like you can move – cause your head is locked in a box! [kinda like the serial killer Hubert Pilčík used to do! I mean, seriously?!]

not even close to how my face would be in this situation..

I know for a fact that I am a horror movie fan, but that’s just it – I’m in the comfort of my own home! Seeing the things that these people go through [willingly, too!] is just mind boggling. I don’t know how people would ever feel safe again, knowing that they’ve experienced this “haunt”! If I still haven’t convinced you of the terror that is McKamey Manor – their official YouTube channel has a bunch of their “quitters” [which generally isn’t allowed] and a ton of their scares.

Check out  2013’s Promo of McKamey Manor below: and realize that this isn’t a game, cause again – holy fuck I’m not cool with this.. [SLIGHTLY NSFW]

But of course the real question I have for you is would you enjoy this “ride” ? or is it way too intense? I just know that in situations like this, I’d probably die a little [or a lot] inside, knowing that comfort isn’t an option. [points to the “actors” for staying in character though!]


England rollercoaster hits a deer [meanwhile riders are splashed with blood!]

It seems I’m delayed on talking about this, but it’s definitely new information to me. It seems a few days ago, at a theme park called Lighwater Valley in Ripon, UK, there was an accident on one of the rides. The ride in question: known as “The Ultimate” [it’s actually one of the longest roller coasters in Europe] has been reported [by The Mirror] to have hit a deer at over 50mph after the poor animal mindlessly wandered onto the the worst possible time. Now, the next picture I’m going to post involves blood, and remember, this is a real thing that has happened.

If that’s not enough, there were [obviously] patrons on the ride at the time of the incident, meaning as the deer crossed the track, the ride’s car[s] went zooming past, killing it instantly [and splashed everyone on board] Thankfully, no one was injured in any way, although the 1.5 mile ride had to be closed for half an hour while checks were carried out. Due to the instant death of the deer, it didn’t suffer by any means.

that’s gonna be hard to wash out.. sorry..

As it’s expected, a couple of visitors that were on the ride during the incident blood on their clothing, but no riders commented about the incident on the day other than to show concern for the fate of the [now dead] deer. As a horror fan, this certainly seems like something that would happen in a Final Destination film, specifically the third, except with a deer instead of a group of patrons.

What would you do in this situation? Freak out knowing your clothing is now stained with deer blood? find the whole thing hilarious, knowing that this sounds like a bad horror film? Or would you feel bad for the deer? Let me know in a comment or two, here or on Facebook. be sure to stay safe on these kinds of things – even if no one was hurt; safety measures are kind of important!


“The Island Of The Dolls” is HAUNTINGLY beautiful

let’s be honest for half a second; We’ve all heard of supposed actual haunted houses and even homes where people were actually murdered — the list goes on when it comes to the topic of “real horror”. But what about a “man-made” island in Xochimilco, Mexico known only as La Isla de las Muñecas or more commonly: The Island Of The Dolls?  Through-out the pictures I will be sharing about La Isla de las Muñecas, you’ll notice that there are dolls hanging from the trees, while sometimes they’re found hanging from clotheslines like clothing left to dry on a hot summer’s day. Other times, you’ll find yourself tripping over the ones on the ground. Their [now] dead eyes will stare at you from empty sockets with their dirty hair hanging like loose strings. Their skin is grossly scabbed and decaying, their broken off limbs can be found scattered everywhere— there’s even decapitated doll heads impaled on stakes! It’s nightmare fuel at it’s finest — with hundreds of dolls just hanging about! This is none other than the infamous Island Of The Dolls. But questions remain; what’s the hell is the deal with this place?

Don Julián Santana and one of his [many] dolls

It all starts with this man, Don Julián Santana. He was once the owner of the quiet island and was a local farmer in the area. According to legend, [just to make it scarier of course] He watched a young girl drown in a canal, presumably on the island, and since then has claimed she has been haunting the island. As an almost “protection” from her spirit, Don Julián began collecting dolls from trash bins, small bazaars, or/and anywhere he could get his hands on them. As he gathered the dolls, he started hanging them from trees like a demented, creepy Christmas Tree.. It was only when he ran out of branches [that’s a lot of trees] that he started just scattering them about the island; including decapitated dolls on fences. Over the span of 50 years, he had collected over 1,500 dolls for his island! His first doll  is actually still there, it can be found in the shed closest to the entrance to the island — naturally, because of it’s age, it’s probably the creepiest thing doll on the island, [in my opinion] looking like the corpse of a child: as seen below.

even the hat looks chewed up..50 years can do that to you.

Unfortunately, Santana died of a heart attack back in 2001, there’s a small white cross near the shore on the island which marks his grave. His cousin Anastasio, actually  now lives on the island, running it as a [fairly popular] tourist attraction. Anastasio claims that The spirit of the little girl is still there, It’s important not to remove the dolls. But probably the creepiest thing he has said [in interviews, and what not] is that at night, these dolls come alive! I think Anastasio said it best when he said:

“They will move their heads and whisper to each other. It’s very spooky, but I have gotten used to it..”

Assuming you’re wanting to visit La Isla de las Muñecas, it takes about two hours by boat and leads you through quiet green lands where wild animals can be found living peacefully. It’s far off from the craziness that is Mexico City, considering it’s a sprawling capital has roughly 9 million people. On the island though, the only people calling it home are Anastasio and his cousin’s 1,500 dolls.

Would you ever visit La Isla de las Muñecas? Why or why not? [this is assuming you haven’t already: if you have, that’s fucking cool!]  I think it’d be really interesting, especially for the ‘creepy’ factor — though, I think Stephanie would be against the idea of going, as she’d probably find it too creepy.