warrenisweird’s top 05 movies SEEN in 2015


After a long week, I’ve finally complied a list of my top 05 favorite films of 2015. It was a long year, wasn’t it? Tons of movies got released, and I saw..surprisingly, not a lot of them. For this reason, this list is going to be a little different: although I’m calling it my favorite of the year, I’m going to be posting movies I’ve seen this year. By this, I mean if a movie came out in 2014, which most of the films on this list are, but I saw it this year for the first time – it counts for this list. I mean, it’s my list..I can do what I want. So here we go, my top 05 movies that I saw in 2015, in no particular order. Be prepared though: not all of them are horror! [gasp!]


#01: Birdman [The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance]

What makes this movie so great is that it’s clearly a satirical look at Hollywood and the constant need to remain relevant in the entertainment industry. I will admit that the film does feel “artsy” in places, but if you want to get technical, some Hollywood actors love being unnecessarily artsy – they think it gives them depth. That was the entire point of this film, for Hollywood to turn the camera on itself and expose all of it’s own problems. [also, as proven in the film, Emma Stone is still a babe]


#02: WolfCop

I remember first getting an email about this movie before it was released and being both excited but skeptical, and for good reason. While it’s not a terrible film per-se, it’s not exactly “good” either. Still, it seems to use practical effects – which is nice – and it feels like an older B-Movie and the humor is good – at least at times – It just feels like ..weird. I will admit however, it being an original concept earns it points in my book! I’m eagerly awaiting WolfCop II [did I mention that these films are Canadian?!]


#03: It Follows

I ranted about It Follows a lot when it first came out, calling it the most unsettling film in a long time. It’s absolutely nuts and deserves the praise it got when it was first released. It’s not so much horror – as it’s not scary – more suspenseful-ly unsettling: every camera shot, every view from Jay, watching the film makes you feel involved – like no matter what you do: you’re trapped in this world of evil. **Be sure to check this one out if you like suspense.


#04: Tusk

I actually saw this one in theaters! After putting it off for the longest time — I finally got the chance to see Kevin Smith‘s newest horror film.. the film that wasn’t at all what I expected; which can be considered a good [and a bad] thing. Please be aware, this film isn’t for everyone, but..I enjoyed it. It’s weird, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s just plain strange.


#05: The Babadook

I waited a long time for this to hit Netflix, but when it did, I finally took advantage of seeing it – and it was worth every second. It’s an Australian film that doesn’t skip out on the scares. It has hauntingly beautiful cinematography, it’s really well acted, and even a little bit sad in it’s own right. After hearing so much positivity about it, I was begging for it to be as good as I was living it up to be – and it was! It’s not just cheap jump scares, it’s pure brilliance!

Obviously, there was a ton of movies I could have included in this list, including Mad Max: Fury Road, Gone Girl, and The Grand Budapest Hotel; but the fact is simple.. the list would go on forever. Thankfully, these are just 05 of the films I enjoyed most this year. I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately, but I swear there’s a reason for this. A lot is happening lately, and things are only going to get busier come 2016 [which I’ll explain more as the year continues] I hope you’ll all have an awesome holiday with family and friends! What were your favorite films of 2015? Did they make the list? Let me know in a comment or two!

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WEIRDO’WEEN #0.5: An Introduction/Tim Burton’s Hansel and Gretel [1982]

weirdoween2015In all my time blogging about movies and movie-like news, I’ve learned one thing: people seem to love movie reviews. Whether it’s whenever I post one here on warrenisweird, or on my Letterboxd account, it’s something that people seem to love..or love to hate, which is a good -or a bad- thing. I enjoy writing them, and it gives me a feeling of excitement knowing that there’s at least one person out there that either agrees, or disagrees with my thoughts on a film. Thus, me doing something new during this, and every upcoming, Halloween Season.. I call it: weirdo’ween!

Usually – as an almost tradition – during the month of October, I watch more horror than I usually would, in order to get myself pumped for the 31st, when I usually watch Trick ‘r Treat. [I often consider it the definitive Halloween movie] Therefore, since tomorrow marks the first day of October, I have to prepare myself to watch; I already have a list written up of what I’ll be most likely be watching [as subject is to change at any time] and as someone who enjoys writing reviews [and you all seem to enjoy reading my thoughts on them] I will be watching -and then writing a spoiler filled review- of a movie every night, ending with Trick ‘r Treat on the 31st of the month. Naturally, this means the reviews might come off as long sometimes, depending how much gets said about each one! If at any time during the month you have a suggestion for the next film/review, be sure to leave it in a comment – because I just might watch it! As an introduction to weirdo’ween, let’s start with a direct to TV special that was never released to the general public, at least not on home video: Tim Burton‘s Hansel & Gretel from 1982! I’m a huge fan of Burton‘s, so this should be interesting, right? well – let’s just cut to the review, shall we? We’ll talk about the obscurities afterwards.

Burton‘s Hansel & Gretel follows two children who are lured into the woods and are left for dead by their stepmother, who claims she cannot feed them. When they awaken, they come up to a house made of cake, and comfortably eat, and meet a woman who invites them to enter her “cake home”. Naturally, these two kids agree to go inside… only to find that this woman is actually a witch. It’s nothing new. We all know the fairy tale. Like expected, this version of the story follows the same structure and, in general, a lot of elements, including parts of the story that are often changed, like the swan scene. But, to many people’s surprise, it does change a few things.. and those changes – are fair sized. For some reason, the main cast is Asian, not a bad thing, just not what I was expecting. To add to this obscure piece of ‘art’, there is martial arts sequences – complete with shurikens. [seriously? what the hell am I watching?!] Remember in the original story, the idea was to to get the siblings fatter and fatter so the witch could eat them? Well, what’s used to fatten Hansel is a gingerbread man -that talks- and demands to be eaten.. We also see one of them getting grabbed by the many hands that are seen attached to a marshmallow bed he was seen sleeping in. I mean, it’s Hansel & Gretel, but it’s really not.. Even the wicked women in this are played by the same person, and it’s a man! In case you’re wondering we even seen him eat all of the scenery – whether it’s meant to be sugar, candy or otherwise.

If you haven’t already been able to tell, it’s fairly disturbing. I know you’re probably wondering but before you ask “isn’t this a children’s film?”, the answer is yes, but it is also a Brother’s Grimm story, and don’t forget, it’s also a Burton piece. He’s known for his trademarks, and they’re definitely shown in this short: gothic and surreal set pieces, creative design/visuals, exaggerated features, such as their huge dinner table, and some times, the same object can be both considered creepy, yet cute. In Hansel & Gretel, Father is a toy maker, allowing the viewer to see a lot of wound-up figures, though they’re mostly used in the opening sequence [did I mention that one of these eats another?!] The film is made up of both stop motion and live action; and sadly, you can usually tell where one ends and the other begins.Sometimes, the sets look cardboard-y, and some of the props don’t really feel “real”, although this could be intentional. Lastly, the cinematography is good, showing us how Burton‘s style is going to become in future movies.

Tim Burton‘s Hansel & Gretal is one hell of a movie, and it feels like a dream; you really can’t tell what’s real or not.. it’s obscure, it’s colorful, and it’s dark – and I don’t mean the set pieces. It’s definitely something you have to experience for yourself to get a feel for what I mean, but that could be said about any movie.. So because it’s something that’s only surfaced in the last few years, I have a treat for you: [that won’t be part of the rest of weirdo’ween] Here’s Tim Burton‘s Hansel & Gretel in it’s full obscurity below:

So this was #0.5 of weirdo’ween, with tomorrow being the first official movie review for the Halloween/weirdo’ween season. [weirdo’ween #01] Although I have the first few film reviews planned already, please let me know in a comment or two which movie[s] you want to see reviewed next! If you found yourself to enjoy review – and want to see more – then take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 120+ likes almost at 130!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; as well as links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends!


FIRST red band clip from Eli Roth’s “THE GREEN INFERNO” will have you “eye-ing” for more!

If there’s one film I keep holding out for, it’s Eli Roth‘s The Green Inferno. I’ve actually talked about it a good amount: from mentioning how it’s looking more and more exciting, and more importantly – how someone started a petition to ban the film! However, with the film eating it’s way into theaters next week, [I’m so excited!] red band clip has surfaced; subtly called “Punishment“. This clip shows on viewers Aaron Burns’ character, “Jonah”, suffer in ways that will make you want to scream, cover your eyes in terror, and for the gore hounds: it’ll make you more excited for the film than you already were! Heading deep into The Green Inferno are actors Ariel Levy, Daryl Sabara and Kirby Bliss Blanton[amongst others, obviously] with the story following a group of student activists who, from New York City, travel to the Amazon to protect [what they consider] a dying tribe, but crash in the jungle and are then taken hostage by the very natives they had “planned” on saving. If it doesn’t sound like a fun time of a horror film, I have a very convincing ‘tweet’ that will tell you just how good the film is:

That’s right: Stephen King has told the world of horror that he fully enjoyed Roth‘s latest film! This tells us that – not only is it a good movie – but that the King of the genre himself is giving it his praise. [sorry about that terrible pun by the way..] Naturally, I’d assume that Eli Roth was stunned, knowing that one of his heroes – one of my heroes – just gave him a positive review on his film.. and it’s a pretty big thumbs up! So with that, I’ll leave you with the clip “Punishment” – though it might make you sign into Youtube for age restriction purposesand if you enjoyed the clip tell me: does it make you excited for The Green Inferno? Or did it make you groan; cause you find yourself tired of Eli Roth [I know a lot of people give him hate on the internet, but I find myself to be a fan of his!]

“Dark and primitive customs still rule the Amazon jungle: cannibalism and other mind, body and soul-destroying rituals. Trapped in the village, these high-tech modern-world students experience the ultimate in primal barbaric terror, suffering unspeakable acts of violence in an intense and chilling rituals reserved only for the most threatening intruders.”

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I mean, I guess this could be considered “cute”..right? just me?


Dear Mr. Craven, Thanks For The Nightmares!

We horror fans are a weird breed: we actually enjoy watching people get attacked by angry ghosts, or sometimes murderous dream demons! We also tend to remember the first time we watched a horror film; either by date, or by film. We also tend to favor a certain Movie Director or two as well. In my case, it’s Mr. Wes Craven; who fans will know as the man behind such classics like Scream, and my personal favorite, A Nightmare On Elm Street. I remember the first time I saw both of these films: Scream was at a friend’s place and I had to hide under the blankets during the opening death sequence, and Nightmare was late at night [in my room] when I was about 13 years old. Back then, I was terrified by the film, I feared for the night because; what could be scarier than someone attacking you when you’re most vulnerable? When you’re asleep? Although scared, I was curious, so as I got older, I began watching the sequels..quickly making the Nightmare film series [as cheesy as they got] my all time favorite horror film franchise.

Besides being known far and wide for creating the iconic Freddy Krueger and Ghostface, Craven also wrote and produced film features for television and occasionally, wrote novels. Wes Craven was a humanities professor before leaving academia to work in post production. As most horror fans can tell you, his first official credited film was the controversial film The Last House On The Left:which he wrote, directed and edited back in 1972! Naturally, he followed it up with the blackly comic The Hills Have Eyes and Swamp Thing, which – if you know your comic books – was an early entry in the comic book to film adaptation genre! I only started to notice Wes during Nightmare though, Where the surreal slasher film is credited with having started something called the “dream reality” style of 1980s horror filmmakers and in turn; helped launch independent film studio New Line Cinema, which is sometimes referred to as “the house that Freddy built.”

[artwork is credited to @CodySchibi; I love the art-style!]

However, as I’m sure you saw all over the internet: Wes Craven had been struggling with brain cancer for a long time.. and last night, it caught up to him; passing away [in his LA home] at the age of 76.. a true master of horror – has left us. One of the last projects Craven was working on was MTV’s TV series adaptation of Scream, on which he worked as an executive producer. The series was recently renewed for a second season, back on July 29th. [I still have to start the series..now more than ever!] Wes Craven was a tremendous visionary whose sensibility for scares has connected with generations of MTV fans,” MTV has said in a statement. “We are honored to have worked with him and proud to carry on his legacy with Scream: Our hearts go out to his family and friends.”

It’s a truly sad day for us horror fans, we lost one of the greats.. From Ghostface to Krueger, horror won’t be the anywhere near the same without someone who helped push the envelope in the genre. Although horror will last without him, it won’t ‘feel’ right without Craven, who made us feel fear when we’re arguably, the most vulnerable..

So this post is for you Wes, you started scaring me at a fairly young age; and I wouldn’t have it any other way! You’ve inspired so many horror directors with your stylized cinematography, but you can’t replace an original. From everyone who loves the horror genre as much as you did; this is us saying “thanks”. Fun Fact: Craven actually told The Los Angeles Times in an interview: “My goal is to die in my 90s on the set, say, `That’s a wrap,’ after the last shot, fall over dead and have the grips go out and raise a beer to me.” and raise a beer we did, Wes, this one’s for you!


It’s Okay: [2015] because guilt can be HAUNTING experience!

Have you ever felt like guilt is something of a heavy feeling? Something so heavy, that it’s weighing you down – and following you everywhere you go? That’s how the [unnamed] guy in It’s Okay probably feels. It’s a horror short [and I mean ‘short‘] – clocking in at only about 4 minutes – but the atmosphere is dark and gloomy [I like this..a lot] and for something that was made at home, it’s is an extremely polished [short] film. The Director: Alex Kline clearly puts his technical abilities on proud display for all to see. There’s only two actors in the entire film, but the dynamic between the two work [though I think the ‘man’ could have acted a little more scared..just my two cents!]

It’s clear that this short is influenced by J-horror, but It’s Okay feels very bare bones, and it doesn’t screw around – it’s short, it’s effective, it’s atmospheric and best of all; it gets to the point.. especially if it’s so short. After watching it two or three times over, you start to pick up on little hints of foreshadowing, especially the first shot – we need more of that in today’s film industry! I feel that foreshadowing, while still used, isn’t used effectively. Obviously there are exceptions, like my favorite example found in Shaun Of The Dead, when Ed reveals the whole plot of the movie – in a single sentence..though that’s getting a little off topic. What I’m trying to get at is It’s Okay is an interesting short horror film about a man’s take on guilt – everyone experiences it differently, and for different reasons; it’s just a matter of how you cope, or why you feel it.

I’m not saying that this short is the best thing I’ve seen, but I’m saying it’s effective in it’s atmosphere. It’s Okay boasts a crisp image and clear/smooth editing to help the brief feature fly right by, while still being memorable. There’s very little dialog, but that helps set the tone. If you’re interested in watching It’s Okay, it’s available [for free] on Youtube; or better yet – down below.

So now I turn to you, what are your thoughts on short films? Are they a fun way to keep yourself entertained? Or do you consider them a waste of time, and you prefer the longer, bigger budget-ed films? If you do like horror shorts, which is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts on horror shorts and It’s Okay in the comments, or over on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr .

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so apparently OVER 500 people want Eli Roth’s “The Green Inferno” banned..

Earlier this past week, famed gore hound and Director Eli Roth spoke about his upcoming cannibal film The Green Inferno in an interview with the LA TIMES, explaining that the characters we’d be seeing on screen were his “versions” of what SJWs [or in full: Social Justice Warriors] truly are. These “Social Justice Workers” are called this because that’s just what they are – people who go online anonymously and find offense at every single little thing and are prone to engage in lengthy [and often time hostile] debates against others on a range of issues concerning social injustice, identity politics and even political correctness.. Or in this case: the dehumanization that is The Green Inferno. Apparently, as if timing is everything, a group of actual SJWs have created a petition trying to boycott the film, or worse: cancel it from being released entirely! Calling it ‘dehumanizing’ and ignorant, the group [who call themselves “Boycott GreenInferno”] wrote up a complaint addressing it to Eli Roth himself, hoping that they’ll get 1000 [or more!] supporters – The worst part? they have nearly 600 already! Here is the entire complaint in full, according to the petition itself, and make of it what you will:

“Films like this have always portrayed negative stereotypes against indigenous people as brute savages. These films have psychological effect as indigenous people have been through colonial trauma assimilating to white culture being taught self hate. Westerners are unfortunately ignorant about Amazonian indigenous cultures and depicting them in such a violent story dehumanizes their peoples and couldn’t be farther from reality. Shame on you. As a storyteller, you hold a great responsibility to influence others. Propagating such hate towards peoples who have been ravaged and raped for decades by white supremacist culture is not constructive in our fight to save the Amazon. Most indigenous communities are more in tune with nature than you’ll ever be, and would never conceive of such violence for profit. It’s a shame, we should be creating stories than accurately depict indigenous way of life which is holistic, sustainable, spiritual and harmonious with our earth and brothers and sisters. If you want to save the Amazon and stop China from buying leases to drill oil, make a story depicting the corporate shills for the murderers that they really are. You don’t have to create racist, offensive, inaccurate crap to get people to care about the most bio-diverse place on the earth. And if you really want to make a difference, give your money to organizations like ours who are the people on the ground standing up for indigenous rights and making tangible change. Indigenous peoples are the key to preserving the Amazon. If we don’t respect and empower them, we will lose the lungs of our planet. They should be honored and respected. Eli Roth has decided to glorify the White Savior Industrial Complex that has plagued indigenous people since the early colonialist days of “kill the Indian, save the man”, while the indigenous people are, of course, cannibalistic savages.” – Amazon Watch

An update to this petition even explains that The Peruvian Government is going to be taking actions that are potentially catastrophic to the indigenous tribes in the area, stating:

“In January of this year [2014], The Peruvian Government greenlighted the Camisea gas project’s expansion to the lands of “uncontacted” Amazon tribes, despite the UN’s recommendation that they first provide an extensive study of the threats the expansion would pose to the aboriginal people. This expansion gives Pluspetrol [Argentina], Hunt Oil [USA] and Repsol [Spain] permission to detonate thousands of explosive charges, drill exploratory wells and move hundreds of workers into the Nahua-Nanti Reserve for isolated and uncontacted tribes. This move by The Peruvian Government will expose the indigenous people to diseases that they lack the immunity to fight off, it will destroy their homelands and their entire way of life.”

But then it continues to state that the biggest problem here is still Roth’s upcoming movie, not the actual actions of these Governments. Because, as we all know, a movie depicting a savage cannibalistic tribe is far more damaging than these real life tribes actually being displaced and their native lands destroyed..[if you couldn’t already tell: sarcasm~] If not obvious, at least in The Green Inferno, these people actually go to the Amazon to try [and ultimately: fail] and help protect these tribes. That doesn’t sound like White Savior Industrial Complex, that’s a group of people not hiding behind their computers, leaving angry/hate filled comments on everything and actually going out into an unknown land and trying to do something good. I mean I get it, based on the trailer; they acted much too quickly by not taking the time to actually fully learn about what they’re trying to save. By them judging before learning the truth is what costs them their lives in the film: Wait a minute, this sounds familiar..? Thanks Boycott GreenInferno for proving that in his own special way, how right Eli Roth actually is, without even realizing it!

I mean, okay. I guess I understand why people wouldn’t like this movie; it clearly involves brutal death scenes, people being eaten, [presumably eaten alive] it’s essentially Eli Roth‘s love letter to Cannibal Holocaust – which in itself got banned, and it’s destined to be bloody as hell. But I mean, come on it bothers me that people are willing to hate the concept enough to try and ruin the film for everyone else. I feel that it’s one of those “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” concepts. It’s simple, really. If you want to call a horror movie ‘dehumanizing’, you may as well call all horror films dehumanizing – since people usually get mutilated/die in those movies too..just look at the SAW franchise! [with any luck, there was a group trying to boycott those films too..] The Green Inferno follows a group of student activists who travel to the Amazon to save the rainforest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.. The film is set to open in theaters on September 25th 2015..unless, y’know – that group manages to get what they want.. ugh.

if you’ve made it this far into this long post, I’ll leave you with one burning question: do you feel that The Green Inferno SHOULD be banned? Is it a film that is ‘pushing the boundaries’ too far? Or do you feel that this group of over 500 people is overreacting to a movie? Let me know your thoughts on this petition in the comments below, I’d love to know if anyone feels that the petition is valid. Also, If you found yourself to enjoy this article, please take a minute and follow me over on Facebook where you can click thelikebutton on my Facebook page. By clicking “like”, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted. I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you guys to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share the page with your family and friends!


One of the perks about writing about horror films is that occasionally, film makers will send me copies of their film to review – it’s not a paid gig, and I don’t expect it to be: I do it for the sheer entertainment of it. Whether it’s horror or otherwise, I’m always up for watching something to help someone get noticed in the film industry. It’s generally by email [where I get contacted through my contact page] and I’m asked if I’m willing to do a review, which I’m not one to turn down. It’s kind of like when I wrote the last film study, I was requested to write my thoughts on the info-graph and without hesitation, [because I thought it was interesting] I jumped at the opportunity. Same goes for movies, I’m not against reviewing every film I can, it’s just a matter of if I can get to each [and every] one of them, and having time.

One such movie I was asked if I was willing to review was called The Sky Has Fallen, and the request to review was coming straight from the director/writer. I had never heard of such a film, but armed with the knowledge that it won “Best Horror Feature” at the Horror Freak Show Festival in 2009, and that the director insisted on only using practical effects; I was sold already. I looked into it a little, [not the trailer though, I wanted to go into the film blind] and found out it started out on Kickstarter, and already had a ton of people praising either the film, or the fact that Mr. Roos [the writer/director] was using practical effects, which one fan even called “a dying art” – which I must agree with. Roos also seemed to be a reader of warrenisweird, because he had mentioned in his email that he had read my thoughts on [bad] CGI, and even agreed with me! I was beyond excited for this film. With this excitement [and free time] ahead of me: I dove into the horror award winner, known only to me as: The Sky Has Fallen.

for an indie film – these effects are flawless.

The movie begins with telling us that the world has [more or less] ended, and that within a couple of hours, a new disease has wiped nearly the entirety of humankind. Trying to avoid this “infection”, people have started to evacuate cities, fleeing to remote locations such as back woods, or by the river. Some survivors have also claimed that they have been seeing mysterious black figures carrying away the dead and actually experimenting on them. Now, our two “heroes”: Lance and Rachel, are determined to fight back and plan on killing The Leader of these creatures before the rest of humanity disappears: for good. As you can tell from the above picture, the practical effects I was told about are beyond what I expected; with an almost Sam Raimi feeling attached to them. This is a great thing, as I’m a huge fan of the original Evil Dead trilogy, and Raimi is a practical effects master! [as far as I’m concerned] I would have loved to see more of the make up effects though, because as the creatures show up, you could tell that there was great effort put into the detail, but as soon as you want to get a clear look, the camera either looks away, or pans to another scene. If I had to make a constructive criticism on one thing though, it’d be that the back woods they were walking through could have used more scenery. By this, I just mean that most – if not all – the film takes place with just trees as background. If we saw maybe some survivor huts, or some sort of structures to add more to the feeling of moving forward; giving the characters a feeling of traveling further into the woodlands.

The other thing is the acting. Overall, it’s mediocre at best, but as a lower budget flick; I’m not overly surprised. The dialogue, however, is where I have a slight complaint. It’s just how the actors deliver their lines: they’re almost over-dramatic bursts.. This can be overlooked thanks to the special effects and the story, but it’s something that sometimes feels out of place at times. My absolute favorite thing about this film [besides the use of practical effects] is that the story was not fully explained. Although that can sometimes be a downfall – especially in the horror genre – I like that other than talk of: a plague, some zombie-like beings, horrible and violent deaths, and something weird happening to humanity. That’s really the only explanation we’re given. It’s strange and obscure, but we never really know what’s actually going on or even why these two “heroes” were immune to.. whatever this virus really is: It’s subtlety at it’s finest.

Ultimately thought, in an age films are filled with CGI – which I absolutely detest –  it’s so freeing to see that practical effects are still something people play with. It’s something we need more of, even if CGI can fix what practicality can’t, it’s the effort and the time that’s put into it that makes it feel so special. The Sky Has Fallen isn’t the most perfect film I’ve ever seen – but it’s great to look at visually, and for a low budget film; it’s brilliantly put together. It’s a great first [full length] film from Director Doug Roos, and I look forward to his next film[s] ! If you like zombies, swordplay, and violence – check out The Sky Has Fallen over here: it’s not free to watch, but it’s definitely a fun film to spend an hour and a bit on. Definitely Recommended.

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Death House [2015] gives me HIGH HOPES..

In recent years, horror hasn’t been as good as it should be – we’ve seen many terrible flops, and far too many haunted house tropes. [I’m looking at you, Paranormal Activity] However, what if I told you that there’s a movie coming soon that is like The Expendables in context, but instead of action stars, we got horror icons? According to IMDB, that’s what Death House is going to be..just hear me out – it’s hopefully going to be better than it sounds.

Already in pre-production, Death House boasts some impressive names from classic horror already, including: Robert Englund [..I know you know who I’m talking about when I mention Englund‘s name], Gunnar Hansen [notably remembered as the original Leatherface], Sid Haig [Captain Spaulding, anyone?], Doug Bradley [also known as Pinhead], Bill Moseley [Otis Firefly, the devil himself], Dee Wallace [she’s been all over the horror map], Danny Trejo [the ‘Machete’ wielder], Kane Hodder [you probably know him best as Victor Crowley] and even Michael Berryman [can the original The Hills Have Eyes get some love in here?] I mean, doesn’t this sound great? Maybe. Or at least, so far.. The plot that IMDB offers isn’t exactly enough to give us something to go on, but it was written by one of the writers/director himself:

“Two federal agents fight their way through nine levels of Hell inside a secret prison known as the Death House. A facility-wide prison break turns their flight into a tour of horrors as they push toward the ultimate evil housed in the lowest depths of the earth.”

please note: this is just a random prison, not a set picture..

We’re also told that The Four Horsemen are the most notorious serial killers of all time..at least, in the story this movie takes place in. Robert Englund’s character’s weapon of choice is fire; Gunnar Hansen‘s character has an unquenchable thirst for human flesh; Bill Moseley‘s is a surgeon, and tends to focus on mutilation and torture; and lastly – Doug Bradley‘s character shares a bond with spiders, particularly the Brown Recluse Spider, whose poison he is happy to dispense among those unfortunate enough to meet him. All four of these killers are ‘safely’ housed in a maximum security wing in the basement of the infamous Dodhoff Prison, aka The Death House.

Earlier, I said that it sounds like it’s going to be a decent film so far, and I meant that. It may sound great, knowing that there’s a ton of famous horror actors coming on board; but it’s not only the actors we have to think of – but the story. Englund is a great actor, but he’s been allowing himself to be in semi-okay horror lately. As for people like Hansen, when was the last time you recognized him in a movie that wasn’t related to Texas Chainsaw somehow? I’m excited for this film, but I’m also extremely nervous; knowing it could very easily flop if done wrongly. I know that Bruce Campbell is also planning a movie involving a group of horror icons, but this one isn’t it; whether or not this [or for that matter, Campbell‘s version] is going to work as well as people hope it will. I guess we’ll have to wait for more information to come to light, because there’s not a lot on Death House that’s been released yet.

if Moseley‘s character doesn’t look even close to Otis – above – I’m going to complain.

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‘IT FOLLOWS’ is the most UNSETTLING film I’ve seen in a long time

I didn’t know anything about this film when it was first announced – I knew it by title, and I had even seen the first trailer.. But ultimately, it told me nothing, and raised a few questions: what was It? why was It Follow-ing that girl? It told me zero about the film; which got my attention more. After working every time I planned to see it, to not being able to find it in a theater nearby [had to take a bus 45 minutes, nearing the highway exit to Montreal]a friend and I finally went and saw the suspenseful masterpiece known as It Follows.

It Follows comes off as an obvious nod to late 70s to early 80s movies, and it is insanely well done. It’s cinematography could be considered masterful, the plot is brilliant, the FANTASTIC music that sounds like it’s out of Suspiria , [oh god, that music though: it’s perfect] and even the fact that it’s actors were people that I didn’t recognize – It’s all something I really enjoyed.. as in it really well thought out before bringing the film to the screens! The film was eerie, suspenseful, and best of all – real.

Our story begins with a [fairly attractive] girl by the name of Jay. It’s the beginning of fall; [early October, I’d say] so you’d think life should be about going school, meeting boys and weekends out with friends.. But, after a somewhat innocent sexual encounter with her older boyfriend, she finds herself haunted by strange visions and the dreadful sense that someone, or possibly something, [it] follows her everywhere she goes: and follows her it does..

While it felt somewhat obvious that the “big bad” in this film was an STD, [STI ?] and David Robert Mitchell, the director/writer, did an amazing job at keeping this “villain” hidden in plain sight. At times, the camera wouldn’t even be focused on two characters talking, but to an unknown individual in the background – it’s subtlety, and it’s key in this film. It’s like Hugh [the asshole boyfriend who “passes” the evil along to Jay in the movie] said: “It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.” We’re quite literally told what “it” is, but through common knowledge, not through the movie: and I like that; subtlety. I could have gone into how she tries to pass it on to others [who end up dead afterwards] and how her sister and her friends try to help her come to terms with everything by “fighting the villain” but that’s something you’d have to see the movie for; it’s important, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not really the point I wanted to bring across in this post..

The other cool thing about It Follows is that for a film that was done so well,  it surprisingly it only had a two million dollar budget, which for films these days, that’s nothing. It Follows is absolutely nuts and deserves the praise I read all over the internet beforehand. It’s not so much horror – since I wouldn’t say it’s scary – but it’s more more suspense, and unsettling very unsettling: with every camera shot, every view from Jay, watching this film makes you feel involved – like no matter what you do, no matter what happens: you’re trapped in this world of evil. It ends on kind of  a cliffhanger; showing that for all we know – the evil hasn’t left. and that realistically- knowing what the evil is- it never really will.. Of course, this helps make it feel depressingly real. But you know what? I liked that fact. I like that it may be “okay” for Jay, coming to terms with it by the end of the film- but that doesn’t mean that this “villain” doesn’t exist elsewhere.. It Follows is getting a sequel, I know that much for sure: whether or not it’ll play out the same, or if it’s following someone new; is left to the writer. In short, watch this movie – watch it and feel unsettled..feel what Jay felt – and be in agony afterwards. Be advised though, this is not a feel good movie.

This is what a suspense film should feel like.

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2015 is shaping up to be a good year for us horror fans

Another year has come and passed, and here we are — somehow, already living in 2015. This past year has been an interesting one, with it’s ups and downs; but here we are. Looking back, a lot has happened: Stephanie and I are moving, [by the end of this month] workplaces have changed, and a good chunk of interesting films have come out. 2015 is looking to be no different; with a new theme on this blog, a new roof above me next month, and a new side project [more on that on a later day] to go along with warrenisweird — 2015 is going to be a good time, I can feel it! [yay! positivity!]

As I said above, there’s a lot of good horror films coming out this year — and today, I’m going to be talking about some of the ones I’m most excited for this year; starting with a film known as “It Follows“.

By now, I’m assuming most people have heard of this one. The movie is about a girl named Jay, who believes fall should be about school, boys and weekends out at the lake. But after an [what she thinks is an] innocent encounter, she finds herself seeing strange visions and an having indescribable sense that someone, or something, is following her every move. Faced with this horrible feeling, Jay and her teenage friends must find a way to escape the horrors that seem to be only a few steps behind them. What makes this movie seem so appealing is the fact that it has mostly unknown actors in it, and if that’s not enough: people who have seen it at film-festivals are already giving it a 10/10. It Follows is set to be in theatres February 4th, 2015.

Remember way back when I talked a little crowd-funded clown-infested, horror movie called “31” ? Well, it’s officially coming this year! [presumably on Halloween] Taking place just days before Halloween, five people are kidnapped and held hostage in a place called “Murder World”. While trapped, they must play a violent game called ’31’ where their mission is to survive 12 hours against a gang of evil clowns. “KILL OR BE KILLED”. I’m a huge Rob Zombie fan — both in film and music and with him calling this his “most brutal film to date” gets me all the more excited [even if there are clowns involved..]

Probably the one I’m most excited for, if just for the plot: Cooties is about a mysterious virus hitting an isolated elementary school, the kids inside transform into a feral swarm of mass savages. An unlikely hero must lead a band of teachers in the fight of their lives. Basically, we have a zombie flick..with kids as zombies! Throw in the fact that Rainn Wilson and Elijah Wood are in this, and I’m down! [did I mention that Leigh Whannell— writer of SAW and INSIDIOUS wrote this?!]

clearly, this isn’t all the movies that I’m excited for coming up in 2015: but with being at the beginning of January, I’m sure there will be loads more to talk about when the time is right. Here’s to a new year on warrenisweird and if you’ve been here since the beginning or even if you just got here by accident: I want to thank each and every one of you. as always,