REAL HORROR: the dentist who creates mutations! [somewhat NSFW]

Ever wanted to make you own monster? Imagine: you could choose it’s number of eyes and/or it’s skin tone; it could literally be your monster. Now, let’s meet Morgan Loebel, a dentist technician from Kansas turned ‘Mutant Maker’. Morgan makes his very own creatures, monsters and mutated masterpieces out of polymer clay, and I must say.. they’re horrifyingly disgusting! [yet, I love the realism] Apparently this guy’s work is nothing new to some, but I’ve only just stumbled upon it and I’m shocked at the details!

After spending over 20 years making thousands of false teeth through his work as a dental lab technician, Loebel seems to have found his true calling after starting to use Polymer Clay back in 2012. Good thing too, because these monsters are probably the most life-like I’ve ever seen.. He claims that spending his days ‘fabricating realistic, detailed crowns, bridges and other dental prosthesis’ played a key role in his ‘progression from dental tech to mutant maker.’ He now makes anything from phone cases, to necklaces [with suspended teeth] to Necronomicon art; and for those curious – I will be posting pictures of some of his work at the end of this post. They’re even available for purchase on His Etsy page, where you can find one of a kind collectables ranging from hand sculpted polymer clay items to original artwork! According to his Etsy page, he’s been asked the same question since the beginning, which he answers with: “yes..all realistic eyes and teeth that are used in my works are handmade and you cannot get them anywhere else but here.” His work takes several weeks to complete, but the end result is staggering. It’s truly unique.

Take a look at the picture above, Morgan made this for a robot art contest online and even claims that he may be putting it up for sale soon! Though, like many of the comments on the photo agree; I feel he should keep it, as a personal trophy of his accomplishments thus far! According to the description of the picture, he always thought nano technology was interesting, With his idea for the ‘robot art’ contest began as a frightening article he had read a couple years ago on how these nanobots could be weaponized! So naturally, this is what he came up with, and I have to say; it’s creepy – but probably how things would turn out!!

Now I know you guys have been patient with my incessant praising of the art, and the explanations, so I’ll give you what you’ve been waiting for: the pictures. shall we begin with a phone case? remember, all the eyes/teeth on these “pieces of art” are fake, regardless of how real they seem to look! [somewhat NSFW]

It’s just mind numbing to realize that the teeth, the eyes, and even the saliva is fake. You can tell that Morgan worked with teeth for awhile, because he certainly knows how to add to the realism.. But, let’s say you like your phone case, and you’re not interested in buying one of the above cases; what about a necklace or two? For your loved one[s], of course!

I mean, I can only imagine the look on people’s faces if you walked by wearing one of these around your neck! I’m not entirely a fan of the second necklace [above] but I’m sure there are people that do! The last picture I’ll share [I’ll let his pages do the talking for him!] is a commissioned ‘portrait’ he did for someone.. What I’m saying is, that instead of just the face [like the phone cases] he actually made a portrait statue for someone – and it’s probably [in my opinion] the best one yet. Check it, below!

In closing, Morgan Loebel definitely has a ‘certain kind of fan base’, no doubt especially in the horror scene. The details, and the realism just make his art ‘pop’, which shows us that some people are just great at what they do. And just think, Morgan started as a Dentist Tech.. If you still can’t get enough of his ‘work’, be sure to check out his Etsy page or even his page on Facebook, where he sometimes takes requests from fans!

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Alternate Horror Posters!!

alternate-movie-postIf there’s one thing that makes a movie great, it’s the movie poster/movie art. Seeing as it’s becoming a dying art [no pun intended] it really makes it a make or break situation whether or not a movie will be of interest to the viewer or not. For example, would you watch a horror film that has it’s poster being just a black background with just a skull? It may grab your attention, but chances are, it tells you nothing about the film as a whole; so it feels like it gets lost in the translation..

Then there are the good posters; like the ones in the collage above that really stick out and make you want to see it. Even the minimalist posters are kind of cool, in the “less is more” kind of way. I’ve seen some that just feature the killer’s mask, or maybe even just the weapon – and that’s enough to sell me on the entire film! That’s what this post is about: Alternate posters. Why they are different – in a good way. Below, [after the jump] I have included some of my favorite alternate posters from classic horror films. If you like the art, I’ve also included a link to the artist’s page, in case you wanted to see more of their stuff. Enjoy!

Halloween  Salvador Anguiano

The Hills Have EyesAlan Coughlan

The Evil Dead  Edward J Moran

The ExorcistAdam Rabalais

Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes ManhattanKevin Weldon

Ultimately, like I said before, the art of poster making is slowly becoming a dying breed. Even though there are companies like Mondo, who regularly make amazing and passionate one-sheets, it’s a business that the movie studios themselves hardly even take part in anymore.. It’s kind of sad when you think about it – that the real heydays were the 80s, as in 30 + years ago! I have high hopes that poster art makes a come back, but I know it won’t. It’s long gone, and it probably doesn’t have enough demand to bring a “want” back – if I want posters enough, I’ll have to go onto Mondo or another such website. Oh Well.

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the alternate EVIL DEAD [2013] ending that we DIDN’T get

First and foremost, welcome back. For those who follow warrenisweird on Facebook, you are probably already aware that last week was moving day for me. Naturally, this also includes no Wi-Fi for a bit; in this case – six whole days. [I’m totally not used to not having it] It’s been feeling super long without Internet so to occupy my time I’ve been playing the Playstation2, unpacking boxes [still] and working [two jobs] a lot. [I don’t even get a day off this week – I gotta get ready for work after typing this up!] However, now that the web is back at my disposal, I have something awesome to share with you: Let’s talk Evil Dead [2013]. It was a near perfect reboot [though technically a continuation] of the classic trilogy I hold so dear to my heart, and it has a ton of little easter-eggs and nods to the original film[s]. but, the catch that we’re talk about today is an ending – an alternate ending that never happened. Lemme explain..

look at the picture above: do you recognize it? I didn’t think so. It’s taken from a unused ending from the film, which was recently aired in the U.K! The description of this ALTERNATE ending goes as follows:

“Right after what we see in the film ends, Mia makes it out to the road. She’s obviously exhausted and covered in blood. She passes out. A truck with a farmer [who was supposed to be played by Bruce Campbell!] and his wife happen to come across her and they help her into the truck. She’s in the backseat, dazed and confused, as they’re headed to the hospital. Just as the farmer is explaining that she’ll be okay: BOOM! She opens her eyes – she’s clearly a Deadite, she smiles at the camera and the film cuts to black.”

I mean, that sounds fucking awesome! But do you feel the need to have something a little.. more? Thankfully, that’s why I’m here to help: I have video proof of not only this alternate ending, which shows Mia [played by the beautiful Jane Levy] – arm missing and all – on the side of the road begging for help, but also three other scenes which were removed from the final theatrical cut of EVIL DEAD. Check these videos out below, and please excuse the terrible TV-recorded quality! [and points to the original poster of the videos!]

The alternate ending:

deleted scene. part 1:

deleted scene. part 2:

deleted scene. part 3:

needless to say, it seems like these scenes are a hell of a lot more fleshed out, [pun fully intended] especially that ending! I find myself hoping for an extended version of the film to be released, or at the very least – a special edition of the film. Be sure to let me know in a comment or two how you feel about these alternate sequences! As I said above, expect more warrenisweird posts again in the near future, especially now that I officially have the Internet back in full !