American Guinea Pig

[very] NSFW: Bouquet Of Guts & Gore gets itself a grotesque trailer


Oh yes. this is happening. and no, I’m not that excited for it.

Inspired by the original Japanese Guinea Pig movies, one of which famously is known for having led Charlie Sheen to call the FBI under the impression it was a real snuff film! This “chapter” promises a “bouquet of guts and gore”, [hence the film’s title] and have thus released an extremely NSFW trailer. [due to the graphic content of the following video, you might have to sign into Youtube to confirm your age]

Looking at the trailer above, it shows that some horror fans really can’t get enough of the gore. and for that reason, they will try to find the goriest film[s] they can find – whether it’s for entertainment purposes or to shock friends and/or family. Eventually, if they were to look hard enough, they’d come across The Guinea Pig films. [also known as “ギニーピッグ” or “Ginī Piggu”] Because not much is known about this “sequel” other than what the trailer has shown us, let’s talk about the original film[s] for a bit.


a face only a mother could love..

The [generalized] plot revolves around a man dressed as a samurai [played by Hino himself] kidnapping a woman, drugging her and taking her to his home. When they arrive, he then proceeds to dismember her and ends by finally adding her body parts to an extensive collection. These films are actually a seven-part series [yeah! you read that right! there are seven of these films!] of controversial Japanese gore horror films, which were made from the 1980-1990s. The series went on to become a blemish on the horror genre globally, mainly for the fact that the producer needed to prove that nobody was actually hurt or murdered! The producer of these “films”, Hideshi Hino, has claimed that the original concept for the movies, was to create a film adaptation of his manga work. The special effects were explained in the 1986 documentary Making Of Guinea Pig.


the “official” poster for the upcoming film..

So the real question here is how do you feel about this “movie” ? is it just mindless violence; or is it “art”? Let me know in a comment or two below! Also, note that I kept putting the word “movie” in quotations during this post- before I get a 1000000 questions as to why, it’s just that I really wouldn’t consider this cinema/art.. be sure to follow me over on Facebook, less than 40 more likes until 100[I’d really appreciate it if you hit that “like” button!]