[ART] David Szilagyi’s “Nightmare Fuel Pokemon”


Between working both jobs, and applying for an English class – which will upgrade my English mark, and thus, allow me to reapply for college in 2017 – you could say this week has been pretty hectic. However, during my time applying for this English course, I thought back to my High School days [I’m going to redo grade 12 English in July for 3 weeks – I did pass it before, but with a terrible mark due to not caring for school at the time – hence, the “upgrade”] and the things I enjoyed doing/watching; at least to get into the mindset of being in school again. One such thing that crossed my mind was none other than Pokemon. You know exactly what I’m talking about: they’re generally cute little monsters that 10 year olds go out and capture – and do battle with their friends! I used to love Pokemon. I mean, I still enjoy it; just not as much. It’s still a fairly popular topic though, with both a TV show [still!] and games coming out almost yearly. In my case, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of fan-created Pokemon [known across the internet as “Fakemon”] and/or the fan-art in general. A lot of people try to them as “life-like” as possible, and for some Pokemon – as I’m sure you can imagine – is a horrific idea! [unless, like me, you like creepy and horror-themed monsters] And then there’s David Szilagyi – an artist online, who like us, enjoys Pokemon. He even enjoys drawing Pokemon.. in the most fucked up way imaginable. [be sure to check out his Patreon page]

You see, concept artist and freelance illustrator David Szilagyi is on a mission – to ruin your cherished childhood memories, one twisted picture at a time. Using his love for Pokemon and the work of Stephen Gammell – who you might remember from Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – Szilagyi‘s most recent project has him trying to re-draw the entire Pokedex.. in the most nightmarish way possible! [For those who keep up with the games, we’re currently standing at over 730 Pokemon Monsters..that’s a lot of drawings]
Chances are, you’ve even seen his art already online, seeing as he’s pretty popular. If you like his art, I strongly suggest supporting him at his Patreon page above – he releases two new pictures each week, and even a comic in the same horrific style. [but that’s only for supporters] Now onto the main event, the actual drawings. Remember, they aren’t the cute and cuddly monsters you once knew. They’ve..changed. For ease of posting, and saving time, I have included the original starters [and their evolutions] that Szilagyi has created in his “special style.” For all of the art he’s drawn, check out his ArtStation page; which includes more than just Pokemon.










Not exactly as you remember them? According to David Szilagyi, that’s the point – to be as terrifying as possible! Today’s question is a simple one; so long as you are/were a fan of Pokemon. What “type” is your favorite? Is it Squirtle‘s WATER type, or are you more of a Charizard FIRE type? Or maybe you’re a fan of another type; like STEEL or PSYCHIC? Let me know in the comments below! I’ve personally always been both FIRE and DARK, but I guess that comes to be expected of me – Charizard, Umbreon and Duskull are among my favorite Pokemon of all time. In regards to the me doing an “upgraded” English course, [that I briefly mentioned above] it will be taking up a good amount of my time, with work happening afterwards so I may not be as frequent on here in the month of July [however, I am still active on Facebook – sharing posts, etc – when I’m not able to write something on here: the actual blog] Also, Stephanie and I are in Niagara Falls next weekend, since it’s going to be our one year wedding anniversary – crazy! I KNOW! But, I’ll be writing another post before we leave [Saturday July 2nd is our departure date – we’re back on the 5th..with English starting on the 6th…jeez, what a month July will be, and it’s not even here yet!] Anyway, I’m rambling, and that wasn’t the intention, so I’ll just leave you with a fan art rendition of one of my favorites, because if I’m being honest – I just really want an Umbreon.



REAL HORROR: Self-Portrait…made of BLOOD


Just like we learn in grade 09 -at least, I learned it in grade 09- Art is an expression of the human mind. It’s different to everyone, and it can leave you confused or sometimes, in awe. But what if a piece of art left you stunned..because it was like nothing you had ever seen before? Especially if that type of art was a self portrait, but was not as simple as just drawing your own face on a piece of paper. Today, we are going to talk about a different type of self portrait, which was titled “Self“. Ever heard of it? It’s not exactly a new piece. If not or even if you have, READ ON:

Back in the early 90s, British artist Marc Quinn started one of the most bizarre art projects in history – making detailed self-portraits.. from his own frozen blood. You read that right, his own frozen blood. He has actually been making a “new one” every five year or so since then. Yes, I will admit they’re strange, but there is actually a reason behind why he makes them!

According to Marc Quinn, he created his “Self” portrait series as a way of recording the changes of his face throughout the years of his life, and if you look closely enough at the four blood portraits [which I’ll share below] he has made so far, you’ll notice that his face has in fact matured over time. [although that is to be expected] You would think that he could have used a more common material for his artworks such as paint or something more solid; but realistically, the message wouldn’t have been as powerful as using his own blood. As said by Scientific American magazine,

“by crafting these heads out of his own blood, Quinn reconnects us to the the fact that in the fullness of time, no artist’s attempt at immortality through self-portraiture will prevail. And of course the series will presumably end in the course of the artist’s life, so the artwork’s time-dimension has a death of sorts as well.”


Self 1991

For each of his frozen portraits, Quinn claims that he uses anywhere between four and five liters of his own blood, which is extracted over a period of five months. [thankfully, not all at once!] After creating a detailed mold of his face, he then froze the blood to create his “portraits.” As expected, they are to be maintained in refrigeration units at a constant temperature of -15 degrees Celsius, to prevent them from melting. His latest “Self” sculpture is held alongside other famous portraits at the National Portrait Gallery in England, while some of the others have been actually been bought by foreign galleries. [or private collectors] Quinn has also said he likes to employ biology and genetics in his works, in order to expresses how art and science work together. As an artist, he has worked with a variety of other more “conventional” materials, such as glass, gold and ice. Be sure to check out his otherSelf” portraits, down below!


Self 1996



Self 2001



Self 2006


Can you imagine making a self-portrait of yourself..made of your very own frozen blood? What do You think about Marc Quinn‘s “art”? Is it an awesome new spin on a familiar concept, or is it something that is considered too creepy to be in a museum? [or even bought] Let me know Your thoughts down below! If you want to check out Quinn‘s other artwork, be sure to check out his website as well!

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