REAL HORROR: The Road Virus: Reading Is Infectious


Good morning Boils and Ghouls. I have a special treat for you today that does not deal in horror movies, but rather horror books. Reading horror has always been a medium in the genre that I took a while to get into, but as soon as I met friends like Stephen King or R.L. Stine, horror took a new turn in my life: it became almost educational. After a crazy work week involving staying slightly later than being scheduled and finishing my application to school; [September 2017] I received an email from a fellow reader about something that he and his friend are doing. It is something I had never heard of and I am definitely backing soon as I get paid next week.

Introducing The Road Virus: a mobile [fringe] bookstore with a specialty in horror. [now you’re talking!] Meet Em and Sade, two best friends who love books. It makes sense, as the two spent their childhood[s] in bookstores and libraries. With Sade being an author, and Em being a former librarian, the two set out on a course – a lifelong dream to own their very own bookstore[s]. However, due to their location, it became almost too difficult to do from scratch; especially for two people. So they came up with an idea: buy an ex-bookmobile and convert it into a full time living space and bookstore, which would in effect get rid of the need for pricey rent of space. The chance to combine the ideas of running their own bookstore as well as living in a self-sustainable manner is exceptional, and a really fantastic way of looking at things. Focusing on mainly horror, the duo also carry other genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, crime/thrillers, true crime, queer studies/lit, and more.There is, however, a catch. [isn’t there always?]


The simple fact is that owning such a vehicle [bookmobile] is no cheap task: in their KickstarterSade and Em explain that they put a lot of money into their [lifelong] project, and I don’t mean just buying the bookmobile itself; we are talking about vehicle fixes, as well as stocking up on books themselves. [because they are bound to sell out fast!] They know exactly what they are planning, as well as having the massive drive – no pun intended, but doing something like this is no easy task. The biggest risk is a single point of failure; their home, business, and vehicle will all be in one place. Because of this, we fully intend on sharpening our personal mechanical and general home-repair skills. Not to mention that one of, if not the biggest challenges facing independent bookstores these days, is the constant growth of online stores like Amazon which has books are available almost immediately; not to mention they are shipped right to you at home!

So here’s my request: help out The Road Virus. I am not asking you to donate your life savings or even $100, but even just ten dollars [or anything you can offer] is plenty. The two involved, Sade and Em, are great people who deserve everything that they have planned. It is a great idea that needs to recognized, it will be an adventure that is for sure, but they understand the risks involved. Again, I will be helping them out as soon as I get paid [next Friday] and if you could help out as well, I – as well as The Road Virus – would be eternally grateful. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter as well as their Website for more information on the project. And if you are reading this Sade and Em, keep fighting the good fight – there is not enough of us horror/sci-fi fans who appreciate good literature. Thank you for everything you are doing/continue to do.

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