why “BIG EYES” is going to be FANTASTIC! [Dear Mr. Burton]

I don’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned it on here, but I’m a fairly large Tim Burton fan. I have been since I was a kid with films like Batman, Beetlejuice, and Nightmare Before Christmas. As I grew up, I started growing with the films of Burton – always watching his newest film and eventually calling myself a fan. [I do own all his films on DVD too] However, by becoming a fan of his; I also [inadvertently] became a fan of Johnny Depp. While not a bad thing – everyone is entitled to a favorite actor – I began to attach Depp to Burton specifically: as many people have started doing..

enter Big Eyes Tim Burton‘s new film: It’s his first biopic, since  Ed Wood  which was released 20 years prior to this film. It’s one of Burton‘s first fully human  film in a long time [without the creepy atmospheres that I grew to love so much over the years] – and you know what? I’m thinking that I’m okay with that. The film is also [based on]  a true story – being the story centered around the awakening of painter Margaret Keane, her phenomenal success in the 1950s, only to go through the subsequent legal difficulties she had with her husband, who actually claimed credit for her works in the 1960s. If you look at the IMDb link for the film, you’ll also notice that this film does not have Johnny Depp or even Helena Bonham Carter, but instead, we’re treated to actors such as Amy Adams and even Christoph Waltz!

While some may see this as a risky move, making a film without his main two actors; [best friend/partner] I think it’s going to be fantastic! It’s truly a switch from what we’re used to – and it looks fucking great! The first trailer has actually been released but I was a little slow getting to it [because of work, etc] but now that I’ve officially watched it – I can’t get enough. as a horror fan, I never thought I’d be excited for a biopic! Maybe it’s cause Burton‘s name is attached though. If you haven’t already seen  it, I’ve included the [first] trailer for Big Eyes below. Let me know in a comment or two what you think!