Kevin Smith’s “Yoga Hosers” releases FIRST CLIP:


Remember Kevin Smith‘s Tusk? It’s difficult to believe that came out four years ago, isn’t it? I remember when it was first released, I had read somewhere that Smith had claimed that Tusk was only the “beginning of a ‘Canadian Terror’ trilogy.” I looked into it, and I found out that this was fact. As it turns out, The plan is for a trilogy of films, all set inside the same universe. Today’s movie, Yoga Hosers, features the returning characters of the two convenience store girls – Colleen and Colleen[Depp & Smith‘s daughters] along with Johnny Depp returning as Guy LaPointe. The rest of the actors will be different characters; according to Smith, he wanted to bring everybody back since they got along so well in Tusk. Now the cool thing is, he also said there would be other references to Tusk in this one [he said people refer to the “Manitoba Manatee” to which the girls reply “it was a walrus”.] I don’t know much about the 3rd movie other than it will be titled “Moose Jaws” and is supposedly to be like Jaws but with a moose. [why are you so surprised?] All this information is coming from when he has talked about it on his podcast.

The important thing to remember is that this clip was shown at Sundance this year, and like most of his films, Kevin Smith is a writer you either love or hate. In his new installment Yoga Hosers, we follow “Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie, two teenage besties from Winnipeg who love yoga and live on their smartphones. But when these sophomores get invited to a senior party by the school hottie, the Colleens accidentally uncover an ancient evil buried beneath their Canadian convenience store.” In this first clip from the film, we see Colleen and Colleen talking to the “school hottie” about a certain party, and for some reason – it tries to look all..artsy? [I don’t even think that’s the right word for it] Let’s check it out below!

Now, maybe it’s because I’m not a teenager anymore, but I’m really confused by the conversation that’s shared between all these teens. Although, from a film point of view, maybe that was the point; maybe we weren’t meant to understand to show that teenagers are not understandable..or maybe I’m looking too hard into it.

Ultimately, I’m excited for this to get wide-spread release, I was excited for Tusk, [hell, I was part of the #WalrusYes movement] and I love the feel that comes from this clip. I know it doesn’t seem like the biggest and best new film from Smith, but it’s important to note that it seems these movies – Tusk, Yoga Hosers, Moose Jaws – are being made for him. He’s not looking for high class fame from them, he’s not trying to say he deserves every award by making them; if anything [to me anyway] it comes off as he’s doing this for fun; for himself. I think that’s what film making should be. Yes, do it for the fans as well, but for the most part – do it for you. [that was deep]

[left to right: Harley Quinn Smith, Lily-Rose Depp]

Like always, this is where I turn to You: are You planning on seeing Yoga Hosers when it receives wide-spread theater releases? Why or Why Not? Based on the poster, [which the above picture is taken from] it certainly has a color palette of the 1970s, which could be a good or a bad thing. If you’re interested in learning more about the Sundance Film Festival, make sure you check out their official page here!

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WEIRDO’WEEN #23: Bloody Knuckles [2014]

weirdoween2015I sure hope you’re all excited because for today’s review, I’m writing something special: something that isn’t released until October 27th, 2015! This means, it’s a film I received in the mail, and it’s not just a horror movie – it’s a horror comedy[and not a boring, generic one either!] I watched it yesterday, and I can hereby say it’s crude, dirty, inappropriate, and down right hilarious! [fun for the whole family?] It makes fun of contemporary issues involving freedom of speech, has a romantic sub-plot that isn’t boring, and some very special effects. Oh! and it’s also a Canadian film, so that earns it points in it’s own right! This movie, is none other than Bloody Knuckles!

Bloody Knuckles follows Travis, an underground comic book artist who happens to enjoy drawing anything, and everything; that could be considered obscene. But, when one of his comics insults a Chinatown crime boss, a gangster punishes Travis by sawing his his drawing hand clean off – leaving him with nothing but a stump. Naturally,  this leaves Travis to retreat into a life of alcoholism, and it seems that he’s given up on drawing comics. After all, the last thing he needs is his other hand cut off! But suddenly, his hand returns from the grave..and wants vengeance! Although I had heard nothing about this movie prior – not even the trailer! – but after watching it in full; I was really glad to receive this one – because it’s quality entertainment! I know what you’re thinking: a cut off hand, running around and causing havoc.. sounds a lot like a certain other horror movie, doesn’t it? Something like..Idle Hands? While some aspects may seem similar, Bloody Knuckles stands as it’s own film, and it’s one hell of a ride!

weirdo'ween-#23First of all, it goes without saying that this film delivers a strong moral to each and every one of it’s viewers: don’t draw an underground comic about a Chinese crime lord or you’ll get your hand severed with a portable band saw! [as if this wasn’t already obvious] It’s an easy enough thing to learn, since that’s the lesson learned by our ‘hero’, Travis, when the latest issue of his indie comic – titled Vulgar Invasionscatches the eye of a Mr. Leonard Fong: a ruthless businessman and the head of a violent street gang. There’s a ton of nods back to older 80s horror, such as the over the top acting and the excessive blood spilling. However, the most 80s thing about this movie is the gang members, who look awesome while being decked out in tank tops, dragon bandannas, and other “hood” attire. If you look carefully enough, one of them even wears chain-mail! It’s absolutely ridiculous, and it’s so awesome to see in action!

It all starts when Fong doesn’t like what he sees in Travis’ comic. Naturally, like every other crime boss you can think of, Fong has him abducted and responds in kind by sawing his his drawing hand off – as a “warning.” The severed hand is then thrown into the nearby sewer and Travis is left physically – and emotionally – crippled. He turns to malt liquor [a lot of it] for comfort. After one particularly drunken night out on the town, after getting kicked out of his local bar, his lost hand returns to try and persuade Travis to get revenge on Fong and continue work on the comic series together that they started so long ago. With a somewhat crude mind of its own, Travis’ undead hand is both a friend and an enemy, who seems to always have the best intentions in mind ..maybe.

One of the cool concepts this movie plays around with is the idea that when the undead hand first arrives, it makes it way to communicating with Travis through a Text-To-Speak program on the computer. It makes it seem quirky, and almost unexpected. But, I guess if you’re a sentient hand; [kind of like The Addams Family‘s Thing] you have to find ways to “talk”. The humor in the movie feels like it’s a finely tuned blend of absurd, gross, and surprisingly clever; though at times the film does try to be too inappropriate. For example, there’s a character that’s like who looks like Lord Humungus’ homosexual brother – though I feel like that was intentional. [the character in this movie goes by the name of Homo Dynamous: see the similarities yet?] But, aside from the gory and funny aspects, Bloody Knuckles has a story to tell and it tells it well. Travis’ relationship with his stepbrother is genuinely endearing, and his blossoming romance with Amy, a young journalist doing a story on his comic is just plain adorable! [let’s be honest though, Amy – is pretty damn hot]

In the end, Bloody Knuckles is a really fun film to watch. I’m so thankful to Artsploitation Films for sending me a copy on Bluray, and I’m hoping to see more from the Director, especially being a Canadian myself! It’s a crude, gory, and enjoyable movie to watch with friends, or even to laugh at on your own. It’s definitely not for everyone [some of those jokes will offend someone] but if you can handle racist jokes that result in someone’s hand being chopped off; you’re in for a special treat this Halloween!

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TERROR IN THE SNOW: top 05 horror films from CANADA!

canadianhorrorAlthough it’s not the first thing you’d think of when you’d think of my home-country of Canada, [I tend to think “snow”] we actually make a lot of horror films! The best part is that many of them are recognizable by a larger set audience – even if you didn’t know they were made in Canada! We have had some of the best films the horror genre has had to offer, and that’s why I feel like I want to talk about Canadian horror. Specifically, five of my favorite horror films made here in the White North. Be sure to stick around, cause you never know if you’ll be surprised at some of these Canadian gems! Not surprisingly, many of the films on this list were filmed either entirely, or in part, in Toronto, Ontario.


Splice was a weird, albeit exciting film about two young scientists who are told by their employers to quit their research on splicing together DNA. Although they swear that they’ve stopped the work, they secretly continue their work, but this time with human DNA. Filmed mainly in Toronto, Ontario; Splice also was filmed – in part – in Hamilton: just outside of Toronto.


based on the video game of the same name, Silent Hill didn’t get the attention it deserved; since a lot of gamers found the story to be incorrect, or just terribly adapted. As a fan of the games myself, I actually found the movie refreshing – giving the sleepy town of Silent Hill a new spin. Like Splice, this movie was mainly filmed in Toronto, Ontario; but also had scenes shot in Winnipeg, Manitoba!


arguably my favorite horror-comedy in a long time, Tucker & Dale VS Evil is a film everyone that enjoys the horror genre should see at least once. It’s funny, it’s vicious, and it’s got heart. I won’t explain what happens in the film, because it’s best going in blind – let’s just say I was told about the film, I watched it on Netflix, and then promptly ordered immediately after seeing it. The film was shot entirely in Alberta.


one of my more favorite films on this list ever since I bought a shirt from Fright-Rags with the same image above printed on it. [order that shirt here!] Videodrome is probably the weirdest thing you’ll see on tape/dvd/bluray. It’s a film you have to watch more than once to “feel” like you understand it – even if you don’t. It follows a sleazy TV programmer who begins to see his life and the future of media spin out of control when he acquires a new kind of programming for his station.. It was filmed in various sections of Toronto, Ontario


I’ve talked about it before, I’ll mention it again, Mary Mason [above] is extremely hot.. like, ridiculously. The Soska twins definitely grab my attention every time they cast Katharine Isabelle in one of their films, her acting is just as good as her looks. American Mary is no different: It’s gory, it’s entertaining, it’s even a little sad by the end of the film. Totally recommended. Unlike many of the other choices on this list, this film wasn’t filmed in Toronto, but rather Vancouver, British Colombia!

Obviously, there are a dozen and one other Canadian films out there, I just decided to mention my favorite five. Hopefully this list showed you that there are actually well known movies that were made in the Great White North, especially big named movies such as Splice or even Videodrome! Because there’s so many more Canadian horrors, I may just have to a part two to this list. But only if there’s enough demand for it. What Canadian Horror film is your favorite? Tucker & Dale? maybe even Silent Hill – or, is it not mentioned on this list? Let me know in a comment, below! Also, if you found yourself to enjoy this piece, please take a minute and follow me over on Facebook where you can click the “like” button on my Facebook page. By clicking “like”, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted. I also share things that will not be featured here on the blog.  So be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share the page with family and friends!