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A while ago [as in “February 2nd, 2016 while ago”] I wrote about how it seemed that Saw VIII was going into production under the name Saw: Legacy[There’s already an IMDb page set up for it!] The thing is though, we know nothing about it: Could it be is it a sequel? Maybe a reboot, or some kind of spin-off, and while we – the heavyhearted fans – wait for more information to be released, we do at least have an official release date; and I’m telling you, it’s a familiar one.

“If it’s Halloween, it must be Saw.” Sound familiar? It should, because for many years, the Saw franchise released a new sequel every year around Halloween – to the point of it becoming a tradition, so with the new film coming our way October 27th, 2017: just four days before next Halloween feels pretty right to us horror fans. It feels like it’s welcoming the franchise home, and I like that feeling. a lot. This news comes to us from Movie Pilot, who says that IATSE 873 – a technical union based in Toronto – posted a notice about Saw: Legacy, and that it will be filming from September 12th through October 21st 2017. From the union’s forms, we can see that Dan Heffner and Oren Koules [who have been on board for all the previous installments of Saw to date] are listed as producers. A Director though, hasn’t been chosen yet, but all in due time.


[I quite enjoy the fact that the company is “Tricycle Productions“]

Last we heard, Lionsgate hired Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger to write up the screenplay, and series co-creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell will, naturally, be returning to produce the new film. It’s pretty crazy to consider that it’s already been six years since we had our last Saw experience in a theater with the less than perfect Saw 3D: The Final Chapter. With this upcoming October marking the 10th anniversary of Saw III, it seems appropriate to revisit Saw: Legacy, especially now since some exciting news has come up. Not only is the film actually happening; it’s happening a lot sooner than we might have initially thought. So I guess what I’m really trying to say is, whether or not you want it to happen, we are getting [yet another] Saw film! I’m personally both excited and nervous, because The “Final” Chapter – as I mentioned slightly above – wasn’t my favorite in the franchise [and definitely wasn’t the best way to “end” a series..] but I’m skeptical – I just don’t want this to be another case of sequelitis..even if it feels like it already has.. But could this film be the “true” end? What do you think about having a new Saw films come to theaters, let alone so quickly?

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God I’ve missed you, Billy


five things you MAY not have known about IT FOLLOWS..

Awhile ago, I talked about a movie – which shouldn’t surprise you – a movie that I considered the most unsettling film I’ve seen in a long time. [read that article here] Obviously, I’m talking about David Robert Mitchell‘s latest and greatest: It Follows. The film was boasted about for months on end, so when I finally saw it – I was super excited to know that everything positive I had heard about it, was all true. Hopefully you’ve taken the opportunity to see the film, but if not, don’t worry; I’ve tried to avoid anything too “spoilery” – but I will say that this would make a lot more sense if you’ve actually seen the film..

ONE – The theater from the film [above] is actually the same one where The Evil Dead had it’s original premiere back in 1981:

Early in the movie, Jay and Hugh go to a theater to see a live performance. Strangely enough, the one used is an actual theater known as The Redford Theatre, which can be found in Detroit. If that’s not interesting enough, it’s also where Sam Raimi premiered The Evil Dead in 1981! According to Bruce Campbell, he had attended the theater quite often [as a child] with his parents..


TWO – The Villain is known as “The It”:

though it’s not specifically mentioned in film, we come to learn “the villain” is an STD [STI ?] , but according to the writer/director, it had a fairly bland name – known as The It. In an interview, David Robert Mitchell was even asked if it had a “special name” which he replied with: “We just called it The It when we were labeling it. So we’d just talk about, say, The It on the roof. And then I’d just describe the appearance, whatever it was.”


THREE – The rules that were laid out in the film may not be the actual rules:

Keeping up with It; there’s one point in the movie, where there are rules talked about how the teens think The It operates. The thing is though, they may not be as accurate as we’re led to believe. In yet another interview, Mitchell explains that, “The only rules that we hear are rules that we’re told by a character within the film; who has access to limited information. If you were to look at the film enough, you can begin to understand how he may be figuring these things out and how he has gotten the information that he has. But you also have to understand that they’re not rules on a stone’s tablet; they’re a character’s best guess about what’s happening to them. So, you know, they seem mostly right. But for me, that’s kind of fun, in that there might be some gaps in information, some things that he doesn’t understand and neither do we.”

FOUR – Yara‘s “shell e-reader/phone” isn’t a real thing:

I know, I know: I’m disappointed too. But Yara [arguably the most pointless character in this movie] has this nifty little e-reader/cell phone in the shape of a shell. [as seen above] But the really disappointing part is finding out that the thing doesn’t actually exist. During the same interview mentioned in point three, Mitchell was continuously asked where someone could get their hands on one; which he replied with the sea shell smartphone/e-reader being made up for the movie to keep things feeling “like a dream or something outside of time”. He also claimed that having specific devices in a film like this one can make a film feel dated, so it was fun to “make a device up”.

So to recap what I’ve said before; It Follows was, and is, a fucking great film. it’s not scary in the gore-soaked sense – which most horrors try to be – but more unsettling. It’s got terrific acting, the atmosphere just grabs you from start to end, and that music; ohgodthatmusic. The music alone is so good, I recommend this as your next early birthday gift to yourself – assuming you can get a copy! [it’s only been sold out for forever]

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