real horror: North Carolina Woman Buys Used Freezer, Finds Surprise Inside


but what could today’s “prize inside” be?

I have a confession: I have an unhealthy obsession with going through sites like Kijiji and Amazon for used Blu-Rays or anything pop culture related. Although I browse them constantly, I’ve actually only bought something once. It was an Ash action figure from Evil Dead II and I absolutely love it – it’s even still in the packaging! [this is the one I bought!] However, we’re not talking about me, but rather, an unnamed woman from Goldsboro, North Carolina: She was buying a slightly used deep-freeze freezer, which she bought from her neighbor for only $30! But that’s when things got weird.. really fast; and I don’t mean it in the way we – here on warrenisweird – appreciate.. She might have even believed the seller when they asked her not to open the freezer right away, because, as he claimed, it was being used as a “time capsule” for a Sunday School project. It would have gone so well.. Except she probably would have reconsidered this sweet deal when she finally opened up the freezer and discovered something [unexpected] inside: the frozen remains of a human being.


source: WNCN

“A church was supposed to come to pick up the items inside the freezer,” the woman told WNCN News, stating that the neighbor had asked her to wait until the church arrived before opening the deep freeze up. Ultimately, “The church never came.” In the three weeks that passed afterwards, the neighbor had since moved away, claiming they were going to live closer to their mother, who was staying at a rest home in West Virginia[making the reasoning behind selling the freezer sensible: they were “just downsizing”] The woman also mentioned that she hadn’t seen the [now deceased] elderly woman since September. As expected, once she saw what was inside the freezer, she immediately called 911. “I have a serious problem,” she told the dispatcher, describing what she’d found, while repeating “I am freaking out.”

When they arrived, Police on scene had confirmed that the contents were in fact parts of a human corpse; which the woman later identified as her neighbor’s mother. The North Carolina Medical Examiner’s office also confirmed the identification.

“She sold me her frozen mother for $30,” the woman told WNCN. “How do you do something like that?” According to the Medical Examiner, there are no signs of foul play, but the Police are treating the incident as a felony. Watch the news report on this “real horror” down below!

I guess at the end of the day, the moral of this story is that you should always look at things you’re buying with the seller when buying from someone. Even if it’s something small, like a DVD – maybe the disc isn’t in the case and you’re assuming it is..until it’s too late. Or maybe your neighbor is selling a freezer…that happens to have a dead body inside. [too soon?]

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REAL HORROR: The Circle – The Dyatlov Massacre

Maybe it comes with being a fan of horror – specifically slashers – but when it comes to films that are based on actual events, I tend to be extremely picky. I’m one of those movie watchers who watches to escape reality, not sympathize with it. But sometimes, a ‘true story’ film catches my attention, and the upcoming  film known as The Circle is one of them. The film makers are saying that it’s going to be based on the unsolved mystery of The Dyatlov Pass Incident/Massacre, which happened over 50 years ago! Wait, you’ve never heard of the situation? Let’s look into a little back story about this infamous incident:

The Dyatlov Pass Massacre was an actual event that ended quickly with the deaths of nine [out of the total ten] skiers in the Northern Ural Mountains on the late night of February 2, 1959. This ‘incident happened on the Eastern side of Kholat Syakhl. Since then, the mountain pass where the incident occurred has been called Dyatlov Pass after the hiking group’s leader, Igor Dyatlov.

What makes this all weird is that investigators of the scene had determined that the skiers had torn their tents from the inside out in order to escape from an unknown, but seemingly obvious, threat. They concluded that they had fled the campsite [with some of them barefoot!] under heavy snowfall. When their bodies were found, they had shown no signs of struggle, but two of the victims had fractured skulls and broken ribs, without any bruises.. Confused yet? It get’s weirder.. Apparently, The Soviet Authorities had also determined that an “unknown compelling force” must have caused the deaths; and because of this, access to the region was consequently blocked for hikers and adventurers for just over three years after the incident. What is known though, is that because there is next to no survivors, the order of events remains uncertain – even to this day – though several theories exist, from a possible avalanche, to more extreme beliefs such as a hostile encounter with Extraterrestrial Life! I know, I know; this is all exciting stuff, but I’m here to talk about the movie – remember? [if you’re interested in learning more, click here to read an awesome article by Historic Mysteries]

Back to The Circle though – The creators are actually going to be setting up a Kickstarter campaign to help with funding for the production costs and what have you, which will be launched on this July 14 2015 [next Tuesday!] So why now? Why, after 50 years are this film makers looking to make a film on an unexplained incident that most people haven’t heard of? According to their website, it’s a simpler reason than you’d think.. According them, the timing is perfect. They claim that the story must be told because 9 tragic deaths demand it and these 9 silent voices “cry for it“. but most importantly: the world wants an answer, The families of the murdered students deserve an answer!

If you want to learn more about The Circle, you can easily find them on Facebook, and even easier on their LaunchRock page. But now I want to hear from you: what do you think happened during The Dyatlov Pass Massacre? Was it the work of an avalanche? Or was it something more sinister, something..otherworldly? Let me know your fan theories in the comments below! Thanks to Ruth [if you’re reading this, you know who you are] for the tip on this upcoming film, I’m looking forward to what is to come from it!


FORGET chainsaws or knives: THESE torture tools SHOULD be in horror films


Whether we deny it, or just don’t know it; The idea of torturing another person has been around since 530 AD when the great Roman jury supported the idea of torture as being “the highest form of truth”. Defined: Torture is known as the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical [or psychological] pain and possibly even permanent injury to a person, usually to one who is physically restrained. In most cases, the person is under the torturer’s control and therefore, unable to defend themselves against what is being done to him or her. Torturous methods are usually carried out by individuals or groups, and have been throughout history in ancient times to even modern day! Forms of torture also vary greatly in duration from only a few minutes to several days [and sometimes even longer!] The reason[s] for torture can include punishment, revenge, political re-education, interrogation or even coercion of the victim[s]!

Then you get the movies – specifically movies like SAW [for seven movies, with an eighth coming] which we’ve seen multiple different Jigsaw “traps”. While unique in their own right, the classic traps from medieval times make John Kramer‘s traps look like child’s play! Thankfully, “torture devices” in film allow the movie’s special effects departments to creatively figure out the best ways to slaughter people the most over the top way’s possible; by keeping the torture scenes, and their devices, where they belong – in the movies.

Below I have included a list of some of the more intense torture devices of that were actually used on people back in the day.. and yes, while they were used to “torture”, many resulted in death. View at your own risk!

The Breast Ripper:

The Breast Ripper was a device used on adulterous women; the end was heated by an intense flame – it was then that each “claw” was pierced through the soft tissue, resulting in spreading apart the flesh to tear and “shred” the breasts away from the body. If the woman didn’t die, she was certainly scarred for life.

The Heretic’s Fork:

a collar which contained “forks” on each end of the device. One end was to be placed on the chest bone while the other was positioned under the chin. [as seen in the picture to the right] The idea behind it was to have the sharp metal forks pierce the lower portion of the jaw and then skewer through the tongue [and mouth] if the victim’s head were to drop from being tired of being lifted up for too long..

The Scavenger’s Daughter:

A large metal hoop was used in order to “encase the victim at the knees and back”. Slowly, the device was to be tightened in order to squeeze the person until blood flowed from the mouth, nose and other orifices.

The Saw:

Sometimes, an elaborate device like the ones above aren’t necessary – sometimes, all you need is a SAW. this method involved stringing people upside down with ropes as the torturers used a giant saw to bisect the victim down the middle.

The Iron Maiden:

Oddly enough, this device is said not to have ever been used! The idea behind it was that a person would stand inside where large metal spikes were lining the back of the device. [and on the inside of the front door] As the victim stood inside, the door was closed shut – forcing the individual to step back and impale themselves while the spikes came at them from the front. [Some variations of The Iron Maiden had a head piece that contained two larger metal spikes positioned at eye level. This was so when the front end is closed, these two spikes would then pierce into the skull and through the eye sockets!]

Although torture was a very real aspect of our history, it also shows us how much we have evolved and how we’ve become more civilized since those times. Although it may still sometimes happen in other countries, we as horror movie fans must understand the difference between art and reality, leaving the torture to the films. Thankfully, these five devices are no longer in use; mainly because of their intense “teaching” methods! What “tool” did you find the most interesting? Did you enjoy learning about them – or were you already aware of all five? let me know in a comment or two!

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JOURNAL #7: “new home, new job & new beginnings.”

JOURNAL7These past few months, I’ve been hiding something from you readers. It’s nothing super important, but I feel like it’s important that I share my little secret with you. It’s something only family and close friends were aware of, [so if you fit into one of those two categories, you know what I’m about to mention] So here it is. deep breath ~

For those of you that have been with Me on warrenisweird since the beginning know that I work at a funeral home: Acting as one of the guys who goes to the place of death, retrieves the body, and then finally; bring it to the proper funeral home that the family has decided on. Except that isn’t entirely true. At least not entirely true for the past 3 months.

The thing is [without going into a terrible amount of detail] that I hadn’t worked there since roughly October 2014. A few things had happened, especially during the slow-ish time of the year, which resulted in me no longer working there. [by no decision of mine] Since then, I began working in a retail store’s stock room. [oddly enough, at Stephanie‘s work] constantly thinking of the past year and everything I had learned working for a funeral home, I quickly came to realize just how much I missed it. Doing this funeral job, I felt special – important even. I had never felt that proud of something I had become: someone who feels legitimately helpful to someone in their time of need. In the stock room, I felt like just someone who has to get the super-pricey coffee machines for some rich person. I was pretty well “anyone”. I appreciate the fact that I had a chance to work there, at least so I had some kind of income, but I didn’t feel right – like I didn’t belong. Naturally, I chose to continue to look into other funeral home jobs – especially with my now new-found experience from before.

while this is obviously not the exact one: the morgue was a place I visited frequently at the hospital[s].

Eventually I came across a company [whom I won’t mention by name for obvious reasons] who actually does what I was doing before – except they had been doing it for a longer period of time. I talked with the man in charge numerous times through email, telephone, and even texting back and forth once or twice: and eventually, we set up an interview. [which happened last week] I had felt that it had gone really well.. and for good reason – because as of this Saturday: I start doing what I was doing for that last year: picking up deceased bodies, and bringing them to their respective funeral homes – and I’m so glad to be back in a business that made me feel so important to the world. Again, this news isn’t something super special, but I wanted to share it with what I consider almost my “blog-family” – It’s almost like a weight is lifted, y’know?

Another important thing to quickly bring up is that next weekend, Stephanie and I are moving into a new place. The apartment right now is littered with a fuck-ton of boxes, and it’s only bound to become more crowded. Thankfully, the new place isn’t far from where we are now, but reason this news is so important is because until we’re settled in, I won’t have access to the Internet. Therefore, there may be a slight delay in posts on warrenisweird. [boooo!] I plan to have quite a few queued posts set up so when I do get the Internet back up and running, I can quickly post a dozen posts: at least to make up for the gap from when I couldn’t before..

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seriously. I cannot stress my love for you all. Thanks for everything!


has someone died from watching horror movies?

Most people — like myself — watch horror movies for the sake of excitement, and thrills. It’s a fun experience, especially getting a non-horror fan to watch a film, just to see them react! But, imagine this friend freaks out more then you expected: causing them to [possibly] lose sleep, have an increased heart rate and have dilated pupils! Was the scare truly worth it? I mean, surely, you’ve heard of the expression being “scared to death”; which, if taken literally — basically means that something is so terrifying that it actually has the power to stop someone’s heart. But let’s be honest here. Has anyone actually been “scared to death” in the literal sense? And if they have — as a movie blogger — could it have been because of a horror film?

NOT what I meant by death by a horror movie..

Surprisingly, it is possible for a horror film to cause an actual death: just maybe not in the way you’re thinking.. as it turns out, if a shock to the system is sufficient enough it can actually be strong enough to trigger a massive surge of adrenaline, which would go so far as to stun your heart so badly, it causes it to stop beating.

But could this happen because of a movie — specifically, a horror film? there’s actually two cases of “death-by-horror”. One of which is a child: 9 year old Stewart Cohan. passed away in October in the year 1956 [read the full news article here], while watching The Creeping Unknown and The Black Sheep. At the beginning of The Creeping Unknown, during the opening credits, the boy collapsed and [ultimately] died, which [naturally] led people to quickly blame the film. When Cohan’s autopsy report came back, the coroner’s Pathologist who worked the case had discovered that the child had an existing heart condition before he even died, [which his parents were not aware of] His heart was smaller than that of a normal heart, which had played a large part in his unfortunate end. Ultimately, the Pathologist came to the conclusion that “the boy died of a heart collapse after extraordinary tension while watching a movie,” which indicates that it was the film that pushed his young body to its breaking point.

The second death-by-horror comes all the way from India back in 2010 [read the full news article here], where a student named M Prabhakar died of shock while watching a set of four horror movies back to back to back to back. Around 11:30pm, reports say Prabhakar went to the bathroom and came out screaming in shock, only to drop dead in the room where his fellow students were watching the movie marathon. If that’s not sad enough, it seems that none of them saw him fall to the floor, and it was only after the fourth movie ended, that anyone came to realize what had just happened. By the time the other students finished the four-movie marathon, the paramedics were [finally] called, and at the end of things, the boy was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.I guess what I’m trying to say is that horror movies have been the cause of [at least] two deaths in the past. If it wasn’t for the increased heart rate, dilated pupils, and even the loss of sleep; maybe horror really isn’t the genre for everyone.. Ultimately, if you’re not sure if a certain type of film isn’t your forte, check what the movie has in store before you watch them — cause sometimes, it could be considered too late: like the unfortunate deaths of Cohen and Prabhakar. Kind of makes you think twice before watching the entire Nightmare On Elm Street series, doesn’t it?