Digging Up The Marrow

Trailer Thoughts: Adam Green’s Digging Up The Marrow [2015]

Now before anyone jumps at me, I’m fully aware that it’s Friday, which usually means that I’d be writing a FRIDAY FUN FACT today; however a trailer finally came out for what looks to be my most anticipated movie of 2015: Digging Up The Marrow. This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about this movie though, the last time being back in December about it’s group of posters [read the first post here] but with a trailer finally released, [as of today] I can confirm how awesome this movie seems to be shaping up to be! Based on the trailer, the movie is creepy looking, it has the Adam Green charm, and best of all; Adam Green actually stars in the film! [keep an eye open for a mask based on Victor Crowley in the trailer!] For those who don’t know, Digging Up The Marrow‘s official synopsis is as follows:

“What if the ghastly images and abominations haunting our collective nightmares actually exist? Writer/Director Adam Green sets out to make a documentary exploring this tantalizing premise after being contacted by a mysterious ex-cop named William Dekker. Dekker claims he can prove that “monsters are real” and insists these grotesque creatures are actually just forgotten, but hideously deformed humanoids inhabiting a vast, underground metropolis of the damned [known as “The Marrow”]. Determined to expose the truth, Green embarks on a bone-chilling odyssey and gets more than he ever bargained for when he dares to dig up the Marrow.”

The trailer begins with a voice over stating that in every society, there are the deviants; which I assume is referencing the monsters. These monsters are based on the art of Alex Pardee, [who also stars in the film] who also designed the posters in my original Digging Up The Marrow post. [check out Pardee‘s art blog here] With the trailer’s flashing lit up creatures, and dark/moody atmosphere; it’s no wonder why this movie looks so damn exciting – Digging Up The Marrow is starting to look like the Adam Green film fans have been waiting for! [myself included!]

Oddly enough, the movie has actually been in production since 2010, but only recently wrapped up in August 2014. On December 8th, 2013 , as part of film critic Harry Knowles[from AintItCoolNews] yearly Butt-numb-a-thon 24-hour film celebration, Adam Green and Alex Pardee surprised the audience by showing up at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin, Texas at 6:00am only to unveil a “not quite finished” version of the film, though Green specially requested that the audience to not to review the film until it is 100% complete. The comments on the “not quite completed” film after the screening were extremely positive and the crowd reportedly laughed, screamed, and even jumped out of their seats as they watched the film! [this sounds fantastic!]

Words cannot express just how excited I really am for this movie. as a large fan of both Adam Green and Digging Up The Marrow definitely looking to be fucking fantastic, especially for a monster film; which I tend to be a fan of as well! The movie is getting itself a theatrical release on February 20th, 2015 with a planned DVD/Blu-Ray release in late March. But, if you’re still not convinced somehow, check out the film’s official trailer, below and leave a comment or two, explaining what you did or didn’t like about the trailer:



Adam Green’s DIGGING UP THE MARROW is [finally] coming for you!

[I can just imagine this horrible screaming coming from this..thing]

If you follow me over on Facebook, chances are you saw that I posted this picture mentioning this specific post. It’s the first post in a week thanks to working, personal projects, etc [sorry about that – it’ll never happen again, I swear!] and I wanted to make it special; although, my top 07 SAW traps post was pretty fun, wasn’t it? But, enough lingering on the past! Let’s get to today’s post – which involves a movie I’ve been meaning to talk about, but never had a real reason to; until now.

The fact is though, if you know me in real life or you read this particular horror blog, you know that I’m a fairly large fan of Adam GreenI’ve talked about the Hatchet trilogy on here numerous times, [and I’m bound to only write more!] although I wasn’t a big fan of the whole film; I only really enjoyed Adam‘s segment in Chillerama, and Holliston is a pretty damn funny [albeit, horror] TV show. Today, we’re here to talk about Green‘s newest film coming out, which I think sounds fantastic: DIGGING UP THE MARROW.

you can’t possibly tell me you don’t think that’s creepy as fuck.

When it was first announced, I wasn’t sure what to think: other than I’d probably see it – for the sake of the writer/director.. But with the plot now released, [and an official poster or two] let’s just say I’m more than just “excited” for the movie! The film follows actors such as Ray Wise, Will Barratt, and a whole roster full of horror genre favorites and iconic artists all appearing as themselves.. even including Adam Green himself!

“When filmmaker Adam receives a package from a strange man claiming he can prove that monsters exist, he and his crew are taken on a mysterious, fantastical, and terrifying journey into the shadows deep down under the ground below our feet. Digging Up the Marrow is a documentary-style film that blends reality with fantasy in a way that will leave even the most hardcore skeptics believing in the existence of monsters.”

As if all this didn’t sound exciting enough; a favorite artist of mine, Alex Pardee is also taking part in the filmas he’s known for having horror styled artwork; which sometimes blend pop culture with horrific tones. He even did some based on Green‘s films, such as Frozen – no, not Disney‘s Frozen. [check out Pardee‘s art blog here] The film is going to be a fun one, especially for monster movie fans like myself. Unfortunately all we have is the plot and the poster released, with no teaser or released date even suggested: I’m just hoping for a trailer soon.

poster drawn exclusively by Alex Pardee

I’m also fairly curious about how the monsters are going to look: based on one of the posters found above, we can expect [at least some of] them to be found underground; and they seem big too – since the guy with the shovel is basically a small spot compared to the beast[s] below him! and that’s only just one/two monsters [I’m totally expecting a fucking crowd of creatures by the end of the movie!]

So now I turn to you as the readers, are you a fan of monster films? if so, will you go and see the movie that is calling itself Digging Up The Marrow? why or why not? Let me know in a comment or two, or even over on the Facebook page! While you’re over there, be sure to hit that “like” button a few times, or even mention it to some friends or family – I’d sure appreciate it! Stick around for my next post, which will probably be here by tomorrow morning which will obviously – be more horrific fun!

probably my favorite of the released posters.