POP! VINYL has such sights to show you: TEN Vinyl Figures I NEED to order

Whether you know them by name, or just for their cutesy figures, Funko is a pop culture licensed-focused toy company that holds more than 150 licenses including: [but not limited to] Lucas Films, Marvel, Hasbro, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, DC Comics, NBA, Sanrio, and Disney. They are considered the number one vinyl collectible seller in the world with over 10 million units sold in the last three years.. As it stands, I’m also a huge fan of these because they even make horror themed figures, making some of our scariest and feared characters, into adorable cuddly guys. Who would have thought you could want to cuddle with characters like Pinhead from Hellraiser? I certainly didn’t.. Unfortunately, I only own one [with plans to get more] right now, one of Beetlejuice; which happens to be one of my favorite Tim Burton films. [see my figure here]

This got me thinking; I know there’s figures for many movies, but just how many of them do I really want; and given the chance; how much is it going to cost me? I decided to pay a trip to Funko website and see just what kind of figures they offer. Maybe this can be taken as an almost catalog of sorts, mentioning the items I want – but probably won’t be getting.. at least for a long time. Keeping with the horror-theme of the blog, I will be sharing only the horror themed figures that I like. So here we go: the 10 Pop! figures I desperately want. [note: many of the figures are $9.99]

A Nightmare On Elm Street : Freddy Krueger

as obvious as obvious gets, A Nightmare On Elm Street is one of, if not my, favorite horror film. Freddy is both terrifying with his burns and claw glove, but he’s also so adorable you want to pinch his cheek..but with burns like that, the skin might peel sorry..that’s gross! With a cheap price of only $9.99, how could you possibly go wrong?!

[order Freddy Krueger here!]

Trick ‘r Treat : Sam

Trick ‘r Treat is to many, including myself, the definitive Halloween film. It’s funny, it can be scary, and it even has a moral behind it! the figure of Sam, [short for Samhain] is as adorable as he is in film. Though with that logic, he’s probably as dangerous as he is in film as well. If you want Sam as much as I do, he’s gonna run you $12.99 and is available for preorder now: with shipping dates starting in July.

[pre-order Sam here!]

SAW : Billy

perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve always found Billy to be the real unsung hero of the Saw films. In theory, he is the one who tells the victims how to save themselves so they can go on with their lives.. that’s heroism, isn’t it? Just me? sigh. Anyway, Billy comes as just the character without his signature tricycle, but looks just as menacing as always. Coming in at $9.99, Billy is here to help you make a decision: buy or die!

[order Billy the Puppet here!]

House Of 1000 Corpses : Captain Spaulding

now, anyone who’s seen House Of 1000 Corpses knows that Spaulding is fucking crazy. with his laugh, his creepy American clown suit, and his damn good chicken; It isn’t until the film’s sequel, The Devil’s Rejects that Spaulding really shines. Easily one of the most vicious killers on this list. Captain Spaulding will cost you a grand total of $9.99

[order Captain Spaulding here!]

Scream : Ghostface

as proven by my last post, Scream has officially become a newer favorite [I had only seen it once before, and that was a while ago..] The craziness of the film as a whole, the horror movie references, and most of all: the screams. Ghostface is one of a kind, and with his vinyl figure being so cute, I can only imagine a horde of them running at me. At only $9.99, Ghostface is essential; especially being my new found love in horror.

[order Ghostface here!]

Frankenstein : Frankenstein’s Monster

arguably the coolest classic monster film, [and my favorite] Frakenstein is pretty bad-ass. Even this figure captures his creepy, signature walk with his “zombie walk” hands up. Usually, I’d complain about the fact that he should be in black and white, but the real reason he’s not – is because he glows in the dark! For that reason, Frankie is going to cost you a little more at $19.99 !

[order Frankenstein here!]

The Bride Of Frankenstein : Frankenstein’s Bride

Naturally, if I was going to buy Frankenstein, I’d probably be the type to order both, and get his Bride as well. I’d have them sharing a shelf, standing side-by-side: because as with Frankie, his wife glows in the dark too! Of course, the glow in the dark aspect raises the price, so this pretty lady is going to cost you $16.99

[order Bride Of Frankenstein here!]

Army Of Darkness : Ash

Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy is one of my favorite horror heroes, he’s even got a chainsaw for a hand.. if that’s not convincing enough; he also has his signature boomstick, which is a selling point alone for me. Being as he’s a popular figure, he’s a little on the steep side at a whopping $12.99 , but if you like Evil Dead enough, you’ll find a reason to buy it. I know I will..

[order Ash here!]

The Crow : The Crow

does The Crow count as horror? ..Cause I’m going to count it as horror. I haven’t seen the film in years, but I’d certainly grab it on DVD if I had the chance. The real reason I’d get it though would be to honor Brandon Lee‘s untimely death, because as cliche as it sounds – it happened too soon.. Time will tel how the remake will be; after all, Tom Hilddleson is in talks to play Draven.. but that’s a story for another day. Either way, this figure will cost you a grand total of $8.99 which is a steal, compared to some of the others on this list.

[order Crow here!]

The Silence Of The Lambs : Hannibal Lecter

Before the TV show Hannibal, the character was in a film that horror fans should know by name already; The Silence Of The Lambs. Or as I called it, just another movie that scared the crap out of me when I was younger. The coolest thing about this figure is the fact that he’s got the face mask on, and he’s strapped to the dolly/chair device. making him as dangerous as he is cute.. so long as he doesn’t eat my liver with a nice chianti.. you’re looking at $9.99 to not get eaten by this man.

[order Hannibal Lecter here!]

Through picking and choosing through ten Pop! Vinyl figures that I like, and would want to buy, I’ve only come to one real conclusion: I better have enough cash to buy them all! and these are just the horror ones! Obviously, this is just a taste of what Funko has to offer, with bobble-heads, figures, and even stuffed figures known as “Fabrikations” ! They’re a really cool company I strongly recommend looking into; even if you feel the need to spend tons of money! So now I turn to you, the reader, which figure[s] would you want to order? Are you all about the glow in the dark Frankenstein, or maybe Pinhead? Maybe one I didn’t even mention?! Let me know in the comment section below:

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