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warrenisweird’s top five “final girls” in horror

I’ve always been a sucker for the “final girl” in horror films: she generally comes off as the scared/weak one but ultimately decides to face her fears to destroy the bad guy once and for all. From Sidney in the Scream franchise to Laurie from Halloween, there’s been a fair share of bad-ass women in horror, especially in the last few years. Another important part of the trope is that the “final girl” is usually super attractive, which is not a bad thing at all! [with Laurie and Sidney being no different to this “rule”] However, since today is known to Internet users as “#womancrushwednesday” and we’re talking about women in horror, I figured I’d combine the two and make a short list [consisting of five] of some of my personal favorite “final girls”. [which follow the tropes above — yes, even including the “attractive-ness” of the women, so guys: take note!] I’ve also included the trailers to the movies the girls are from, cause y’know.. just in case you were curious enough to check their respective films out for yourself!

Starting off with a character from a movie that I had to watch a couple times to fully appreciate: Erin from You’re Next. This movie follows a couple who are visiting their family during their parent’s anniversary. however, when they sit down to eat dinner, they are attacked by men in sheep, wolf, and other animal-like masks. Erin makes quick work of the masked men, even after learning the reasoning of their arrival — did I mention she’s Australian? check out the trailer for You’re Next here.

We all know Nancy from A Nightmare On Elm Street so it’s no surprise she’d end up on this list. This “version” of Nancy is from the older Elm Street films, as she’s much older than the younger version of herself that gets licked by a telephone [while talking to Johnny Depp no less!] Nancy is always near the top of my list when it comes to “final girls”, anyone who can “pull” a killer out of her dreams to try and kill him off is enough to get my vote! haven’t seen this classic? check out the trailer for it here.

Chances are if you have been following warrenisweird for a while now, you would know that Cabin In The Woods is probably one of my favorite horror films from the past 10 years.. if not my absolute favorite. Therefore, adding Dana was a given since she’s so extreme — only Dana would shoot one of her best friends to save humanity. [even if she didn’t go through with it] it’s also worth noting that the first time we see her in the film, at the beginning, she’s in only a t-shirt and panties: score! [thank you, script writers!] exciting enough? check out trailer for this movie here.

Choosing another character from a movie I absolutely loved from recent horror comes Mia, our addicted turned Demon [Deadite, anyone?] from the recent Evil Dead remake. Mia has a tough time in this film: from addictions to cocaine, to turning into a demon, to dying; Mia went through a lot. If that wasn’t enough, she even goes so far as ripping her own arm off [from under a truck] to save herself from a Demon, only to shove a chainsaw in it’s throat: which goes so far as to make the sky bleed. damn.. if you think that sounds insanely violent, you should check out the trailer — here. [you might have to sign in due to age restrictions..sorry about that one, kids!]

My final choice is one some may not know, but should definitely watch when given the chance: Mary-Beth from Hatchet II and Hatchet III. from shooting Victor Crowley in the face [multiple times too! as in, until he was a gooey mess!] to beating him repeatedly — with her bare fucking hands, Mary-Beth is someone I’d totally want on my team if I were facing a crazy swamp man with a hatchet face. If that isn’t enough to sell you on her, Mary-Beth even joins a guy by the name of Reverend Zombie [who ultimately turns out to be a bit of an asshole by the end of part III] check out the trailers for Part II here, and then Part III over here.

[writer’s note: please take note that by watching both trailers, you’re agreeing to possibly seeing spoilers in both trailers to the first Hatchet film]

Obviously these are just a few of the many “final girls” in horror films: they all fall into their own category, and for that — I applaud them. So how about you, dear readers?? who are some of your favorite “final girls”? Do they fit some of the typical tropes? leave me a comment or two and let me know! be sure to find me on Facebook and give me a “like” there and to share with all your horror-loving friends!