film study: let’s talk about Halloween III: Season Of The Witch

whether you like this movie or not, Halloween III: Season Of The Witch definitely has it’s fan base. It wasn’t your typical Halloween sequel but it was labelled as one. it didn’t even have Michael Myers.. instead, we got a mask-making company as a villain who has the plan to kill millions of American children with something sinister [I prefer the term: “special”] hidden within their Halloween masks. I mean, what the fuck? that doesn’t sound right? So, as I sit here typing this; drinking my pumpkin spice latte, [hey now! it’s Halloween, I’m allowed officially now] I can’t help but be curious why it’s so different than the other Halloween films! Which is what we’re going to find out in this post – starting now.

it’s important to know that [as I’ve already mentioned] there’s no signs of Michael Myers anywhere in the film. [he’s not even mentioned by name] However, there’s a reason for this: [deep breath~] as a whole, Halloween was originally supposed to be an anthology series – meaning that each with each Halloween film, a different horror story would be made. As it turns out though, the first film proved to be a huge success and as a character, Michael Myers became the next big thing in horror! [sitting along side with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees] The production team decided that due to his popularity, they should do a follow up of his story with Halloween II, in which Michael was supposed to die at the end. [but we all know what happens with popular horror icons. cough~ Jason!] Naturally, when Season Of The Witch rolled around, audiences were offended that the iconic Halloween villain was left out. From that point, Halloween became a series only about Michael, which he came back in time for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers [just in time to make it seem like he was never gone from the series as a whole.] if you really want to push the envelope though, Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers tried to add a connection to this film, since Curse Of Michael Myers had a pagan cultist in the film named “Mrs Blankinship“. In Season Of The Witch, the main villain at one point refers to having an appointment with a certain Mrs Blankinship. [coincidence? I didn’t think so]

I kinda want the skull one..minus the death that comes with it.

Going back to Season Of The Witch, [which was the point of this post] it’s actually quite a shocking film: with violence, gore, all happening mainly to kids! It’s mind numbing-ly creepy to know that there’s a company [in a film] known as Silver Shamrock who overly advertise these “special” masks: which come in the forms of Jack-o’Lantern, Skull, and Witch. therefore, children really want these masksonly to get killed by them. I mean, I understand it’s a horror film, but fuck that’s dark.. It isn’t your standard movie death either, [it’s not like you just wear the mask, and then fall over dead] sometimes it involves insects/snakes – crawling out of your skull! [curious to see? see it in GIF form here! not for the squeamish] If that GIF wasn’t enough, sometimes; this happens too – so be careful out there! [did I mention that Halloween III is fairly obscure?]

HALLOWEEN III even has itself a cool poster!

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch is a strange sequel, [as far as sequels go] it doesn’t have everyone’s favorite silent killer. It’s titled Season Of The Witch, but features no witch, but instead a mask company. However, this shouldn’t stop you from seeing it – it’s still a great film, but definitely isn’t for everyone. [some may find it strange, especially for a Halloween film] If you aren’t busy tonight [October 31st, 2014] it’s actually going to be playing on AMC at 7:00pm so I’d say hit it up if given the chance! Also, I’ve included the original 1982 trailer for the film below, so click the play button, and prepare for a really tripped out looking Halloween film!

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Initially, this post was going to strictly be about a certain film that I absolutely love to watch around this time of year, [I won’t mention it by name, since I’ll be using it anyway] but that changed pretty damn quick when I realized that there’s more than just one horror anthology film that I enjoy. Therefore, I’ve hereby decided that for this post, there won’t be just one film mentioned, but five! I’m going to jump right into it, so hold on to your guts, cause these are my top five horror anthology films! [but obviously, in no specific order]

Let’s start off on a film I knew almost nothing about: V/H/S/2. I had seen the first V/H/S film and I can’t lie, I wasn’t overly impressed by it. I understood what it was, and what it was trying to do: but it didn’t really phase me, as it just felt strange. However, when I saw the second installment, I was blown away with the quality of it, the fucking insanity that the film [as a whole] was, but most of all – the genuine creep-out feeling I had in my stomach during Safe Haven [as depicted above] was just too real, I was amazed at how well the story was executed. Bring on V/H/S/Viral

Creepshow is one of those films that deserves so much more love because it’s so damn unique to anything I’ve really seen up until now: plus being made by George A. Romero and Stephen King ? Sign me up! The best short is easily the one Leslie Nielson, titled Something To Tide You Over. Creepshow 2 was also fairly good, and worth a watch as well!

If you follow me over on Facebook, you should totally have expected this one to come up: Trick ‘r Treat. It’s one of my favorite Halloween films as it takes place on the holiday, and has a bit of everything for everyone. Even the spirit of Halloween shows up [appropriately named “SAM” for “SAMHAIN”] which is a definite plus. Can’t forget the fact that Anna Paquin shows up as a super-hot werewolf. I mean, check her out here!

They just don’t make movies like Tales From The Crypt anymore. Before the classic HBO series [which I wasn’t aware lasted over 7 seasons!], there was this film: It wasn’t like the show at all since it was mainly about a bunch of weirdos sitting around while the Crypt Keeper [but not the one you’re thinking of] makes them explain, and tell their dark secrets to one another. Although not as awesome as the show, this film is worth watching.

I can’t deny the fact that this one is a bit of a cop-out, since I technically haven’t seen it yet: ABCs Of Death 2. However, based on the trailer [and the post I made about it here] it looks about 100 times better than the original film. As I said in the post, I wasn’t really a fan of the first; I felt that the director’s got away with a lot that some shouldn’t have [can you say “P is for PRESSURE”?] however, the trailer for this one makes it look fantastic, at least in the sense of being better than the first!

So here we have not one but five Anthology films that I recommend. While I’m not entirely sure if they’re all available on Netflix, [or Hulu, or what have you] I can say with certainty that they are enjoyable enough to deserve a viewing. I also want to apologize for the delaying of posts occasionally, [especially lately] something happened in my personal life [Stephanie and I are fine, I swear!] and it’s taking some getting used to, hopefully it passes sooner than later.


I’ve been nominated for a “LIEBSTER award” !

When I woke up yesterday [before work at 8am] I noticed my iPod going off saying I have a notification. Sure enough, I had a comment notification from WordPress. [from none other than this individual; THANKS AGAIN!] It read that I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award . Not knowing what it truly means, I did some research. really is so I did some research before starting this post and came across some info. according to Wordingwell, the Liebster Award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It has a set of rules [so like Fight Club?], and that you’re meant to follow them. by doing so, you agree to send the ‘award’ to 11other people – so long as they have less than 200 followers. After thanking the person who ‘nominated’ you, you have to answer 11 questions that were posted by the ‘nominator’ and then nominate 11 other people to do the same [with your own questions]

So let’s get on with Tidlidim‘s questions! This ought to be an interesting one, so here goes everything! Please note: the questions will be in bold, and my response will be italicized.

Ready, Set, Go!

1) How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

“weird.” I’d assume that much was obvious.. haha!

2) What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

Surf Clams. I’ll try anything once – and in this case: once is enough.

3) What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?

“Guardians Of The Galaxy”. no question; read my reasons why it’s fantastic here!

4) List 3 things that are on your bucket list.

put simply; have a family in the future, have my own ‘basement theater’ & meet Stan Lee.

5) What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done as a kid?

I totally cheated on a math test in grade 2 and I [and the one I cheated from] were the only ones who got it right. got detention for the week for that one.

6) What’s the item you carry around with you most of the time?

especially when I’m ‘on call’ for work – I have to have my phone on me almost all the damn time.

7) Could you live without the internet? In what ways would your life be different?

honestly, I feel terrible for saying it, but I doubt I could survive without it. I’m just so used to having it at my disposal that without it, I would feel confused. If I didn’t have it though, I think life would be almost simpler, and even that hurts to admit.

8) What’s the best photo you’ve ever taken? Or if you don’t use a camera, what’s the best photo someone has taken of you?

I’m only mentioning this one cause I forgot all about it until I found it on my hard-drive. [I’m the guy on the right] FOLLOW THE GUY ON THE FAR LEFT HERE!

9) What is the thing you’re most afraid of? (physical things)

Clowns. I’ve covered this topic a ton.. next question, please!

10) You’re an actor/actress and you get the role of your dreams. Who would you be?

I always liked the idea of a superhero who has recently retired from ‘superhero-ism’ due to PTSD. I think it’s an interesting concept that should be explored in film. So to answer the question, I’d want to be a superhero, preferably Spider-Man – Superman is a nerd.

So now that I’ve answered all 11 questions – which were harder than I thought they’d be – I’m now supposed to nominate some people to do the same [hopefully I even know 11 people]

The people I’d like to nominate are the following:

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Basically, Emily

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Your task is simple, to answer my following eleven questions [which obviously, because it’s me, will revolve around films], and pass your own onto 11 people of your choice. good luck!


What is your favorite film of all time?

least favorite film of all time?

who is one actor that everyone loves but you hate?

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If you were to write your own script/story line for a film, what would the film be about?

continuing off the last question, who would you want to star?

Favorite film from the last 10 years?

which actor would you kill to meet?

What film has the best score, in your opinion?

What’s a trope in a movie you can’t stand?

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THANKS FOR READING [and once again, thanks to Tidlidim for the nomination!]

JOURNAL #5: “learning why Spider-Man will always be my hero.”

I’ve mentioned it before but Spider-Man is my favorite superhero – He has been since I was five years old. I’ve watched all the movies, I read the comics, and yes I even love the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon. [I have the whole series on DVD!]  just watching him swing around, beat up bad guys, and make terrible jokes has made me into the person I am now. Last night however, I had the pleasure in [finally] watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2  and it got me thinking, why else do I like this character? I thought about it long and hard, and have come to some conclusions why I would choose Spidey over the likes of Superman or Batman any day. Please be aware – this post will have spoilers for the Spider-Man movies, comic books, and the character in general. Otherwise, if you’re okay with spoilers and other super hero stuff, read on!

lemme lay it down for you

like many of my favorite characters, Spider-Man is extremely fallible. I mean, sure – he has super powers [does whatever a Spider can], and he has the smarts; but ultimately – Peter Parker [depending on what form of Spider-Man you read/watch] is just a kid. He’s been Spider-Man since he was a young teen, and has grown both as a hero and a person. He’s not like Iron Man or Batman in the sense that he doesn’t have a ton of money [before being hired by Tony Stark – in the comics – he just took pictures of himself as Spider-Man and sent them to The Daily Bugle for some cash] or really – anyone.

Peter Parker has gone through a lot – both as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. from losing [more than one of] his loved ones [his parents, Uncle Ben, Gwen, etc], to feeling lost, to losing himself to the dark of his mind [read the venom symbiote story-arc], to even dying.. more than once too! It shows that even as a young man, he can push through the hardest of situations: and for that, I applaud you.

There’s also the most important part of him, which is what I take from him most: his humor. As we all know, Peter Parker – before the Spider-Man days – was a nerd. he had next to no friends, no one acknowledged him other than his family [Aunt May/Uncle Ben] and they always told him he was more than enough for anyone. When he became Spider-Man, it’s almost as if through becoming a hero, he became someone new. He jokes [almost insults] with villains while he battles them, even when he’s at the brink of death, he still makes time to make a joke out of things [SPOILER: like in Amazing Spider-Man 2, when Electro knocks him down and he’s clearly dying and his first words are “I hate this song”]

It’s through this humor [I like to believe anyway] that he manages to push through the bad, and turn it into something good. [which is something I do all the time, thanks to The Web-Head] even if he helps tons of people, he still lets Uncle Ben/Gwen Stacy’s death linger over his head – but somehow he manages to push forward, hoping one day – he can make it up to them. It’s reasons like this he left The Fantastic Four and quit The New Avengers – the more he cares about someone, the more likely they will die. No doubt he’s bound to blame himself.

In the end though, Spider-Man is still [swinging] around, but it’s not Peter Parker; not anymore. [he died in issue 700] we now have a new Spider-Man, who is none other than Miles Morales – who Peter actually gave his blessing to.  [see Miles’ costume above] I haven’t read any of the Morales time-line but at some point [hopefully soon] I plan to, because although I grew up with Peter Parker, I will gladly accept a new Spider-Man who has been passed the torch by Parker himself.

In all seriousness though, I want to thank you Spider-Man for being my hero. You’ve made me into the man I am today: making me live by the famous words of Uncle Ben: ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”, and without you – I would never have become the person I am now. I may not have super powers, but through your life and your hardships, I’ve learned to be a better person – and to be strong even in the hardest of times.


welcome home. [RIP]



with great power, comes great responsibility.

film study: celebrity crushes and why they’re [completely] normal.. to a point.

We’ve all had them, whether we’re talking Chris Evans as Captain America or even someone from our childhood – we’ve all ‘crushed’ on somebody at some point. Think for about it for a minute: have you ever watched a movie, or a TV show and thought to yourself: “damn.. he/she is something else!? Chances are, that you have – and if you have, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s completely normal to be attracted to a celebrity, even if you won’t admit it to yourself.

Sometimes though, it becomes a problem.. a problem being sometimes it becomes unnaturally unhealthy: which – obviously – isn’t normal. I’ve talked to a few friends and they all admit to having at least one “celebrity crush” while other friends, won’t admit it: saying things like “it’s immature” to crush on a celebrity or “crushes are for kids” But, I like to believe that we’re all allowed to live in a fantasy world of our own sometimes – right?

not the fantasy world I meant. [created by Dan Meth]

The only real answer I can give is “so long as you recognize it’s ‘just a crush’ and nothing more beyond that”. the best way to look at it is to remember that the celebrity probably does not know you exist [heartbreaking, but true] there’s even sites explaining why they can be either healthy or unhealthy [like this site], showing both sides of the spectrum.

Either way, I’m of the opinion that celebrity crushes are absolutely normal [as long as it doesn’t interfere with your “normal life” you live now]  and if it isn’t hurting yourself [or others around you] physically or mentally, you should be fine.

As for me – I have a few celebrity crushes I can think of right off the top of my head.. and I’m going to share them below – these three fall into my three celebrity crushes at this moment in time; obviously though, [I’m pretty well obligated to say] Stephanie is my one and only – and these are only ‘crushes’ that are clearly harmless in nature. Now, onto my current three favorite celebrity ladies!

Ellen Page is one of many reasons I’m glad to be a Canadian. [this was confirmed in the movie “Super” from 2010. you should definitely the film out ASAP if you haven’t already!]

this one is a bit of a cop out, since I’ve ‘crushed’ on her since I was 10 years old, but Emma Watson is a no brainer.. especially thanks to her accent.

switching over to motivation from horror films, I absolute adore Danielle Harris. This one was confirmed by her role in Hatchet Part II!

So next time someone asks you who your celebrity crush[es] are, please don’t be ashamed – it’s completely normal.. as long as you’re not going to the point of ruining your own life for him/her – it’s just not worth it: especially since it won’t help your cause.


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