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Friday Fun Fact: 13 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About Friday The 13th [franchise]

Hey everybody; Guess what day it is? How bout you, Jason? Can you tell us what day it is? Is it really Friday The 13th already? Okay, let’s do something different: today is Friday, so this can technically be counted as a Friday Fun Fact; so what better film to talk about than the one with the same title as today’s date: Friday The 13th. If you’re a fan of slashers, You probably love the entire Friday The 13th library – even if they got a little over the top after a while or maybe you’re just curious about how the movie got it’s title. Either way, Unlike most Friday Fun Facts where I only post a few pieces of trivia, today we’re talking 13 things that you [probably] didn’t know about Friday The 13th – as a franchise.


In case you haven’t seen the movies, and you’re worried you might get confused later, here’s the list of the Friday The 13th movies – in order. Think you’ve got it? Okay when you’re ready, let’s begin! [this is gonna be a long one]

  1. Friday The 13th
  2. Friday The 13th Part II
  3. Friday The 13th Part III
  4. Friday The 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter
  5. Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning
  6. Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
  7. Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood
  8. Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
  9. Friday The 13th Part IX: Jason Goes To Hell
  10. Friday The 13th Part X: Jason X
  11. Friday The 13th Part XI: Freddy VS. Jason
  12. Friday The 13th Part XII: the remake

[01] Jason’s name was originally Josh:

According to the original script for the movie, Jason’s name was planned to be Josh. If things had worked out the way Director Sean Cunningham had initially expected, the name Josh Voorhees would have quickly been forgotten. [which was the plan all along] Cunningham didn’t plan for sequels, let alone so many, and besides – in the first film, “Josh Voorhees” wasn’t even the real killer! At least this saved us from getting a movie known to the world as “Freddy VS Josh,” am I right?

[02] Freddy Krueger almost ‘attacked’ Jason earlier:

In 1987, if things had gone as they were planned, one of The Nightmare On Elm Street films was supposed to include a flashback scene showing Fred Krueger as a counselor working at Camp Crystal Lake. Fred was going to be shown molesting a young Jason Voorhees, which would therefore add more to the sympathy for Jason that tends to be something we, as horror fans, feel for him.

[03] 13 different actors played Jason Voorhees:

  1. Friday The 13thAri Lehman as the boy who jumped out of the water at the end
  2. Friday The 13th Part IISteve Daskawisz played the murderous Jason with the sack on his head
  3. Friday The 13th Part IIWarrington Gillette played the unmasked Jason near the end of the film
  4. Friday The 13th Part IIIRichard Brooker plays Jason, and becomes the first man to wear the iconic hockey mask
  5. Friday The 13th Part IVJason was played by stuntman Ted White
  6. Friday The 13th Part V – Wait, the killer wasn’t Jason in this film. He wasn’t in this movie, was he? He was actually; in a few flashback scenes where he was played by Tom Morga
  7. Friday The 13th Part VIC. J. Graham reprises his infamous night club impersonation of Jason for this movie
  8. Friday The 13th Part VII – This film marks the first appearance of Kane Hodder as Jason, a role he would hold for three more movies in the franchise
  9. Friday The 13th Part VIIITim Mirkovich plays Jason after he was reverted to a boy by the toxic waste bath.
  10. Friday The 13th Part XIKen Kirzinger stars as Jason for most of the Freddy vs. Jason action
  11. Friday The 13th Part XI – Stuntman Glenn Ennis stands in for Ken Kirzinger for some of the more physically difficult portions of Freddy VS. Jason
  12. Friday The 13th Part XII – In the remake film, Caleb Guss portrays Jason as a little boy..
  13. Friday The 13th Part XIIDerek Mears performs the role of adult/murderous Jason throughout most of the film.

[04] Camp Crystal Lake is a boy scout camp:

This one is more well known but for those of you who didn’t, the filming location for Camp Crystal Lake is Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco – a Boy Scout camp near Blairstown, New Jersey. The camp still serves as an active Boy Scout camp to this day.

[05] Jason was going to wear an umpire’s mask:

Until the umpire mask was dropped because of the time it would take to create the visible portion of Jason’s deformed face beneath the mask. Instead, a hockey mask was used because it covers the entire face – no makeup required! Good thing too, cause that hockey mask is just so damn iconic.

[06] Several ‘Parts’ do not take place on Friday The 13th:

With a movie series like this one, it’s easy to assume each and every movie takes place on Friday the 13th, but that’s not exactly the case. Friday The 13th and Friday The 13th Part II both take place on Friday the 13th. However, Part III takes place immediately after the end of Part II and continues through to Saturday [the 14th] and Sunday – the 15th. Part IV begins immediately after Part III, which means it begins on Sunday the 15th and mostly takes place on Monday the 16th. In Part VI, one of the deputies says that the date is Friday the 13th…I hope I didn’t lose you there, I pretty much lost myself for a second as well!

[07] Jason’s Mother only showed up for a new car:

Betsy Palmer, who played Jason’s mother, only agreed to appear in the original Friday The 13th because she needed to buy a new car. Already a movie and television personality, Betsy Palmer didn’t just appear back in the 1970’s. When Betsy’s agent offered her the role of Pamela Voorhees, Betsy’s first thought was to reject the offer. Luckily for us, her car broke down and a new one was going to cost her around $10,000 – which, evened out as that was the exact amount she was offered for the honor of getting her head chopped off by the character of Alice.

[08] Camp Crystal Lake is rarely the setting:

Quickly. Right off the top of your head: what movie setting do you think of when you think “Friday The 13th”? I’m betting you said “Camp Crystal Lake,” didn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong [for the most part] because if you watch and think about it, very few of the movies take place at the infamous death camp.

Of course, the first film in the series takes place at Camp Crystal Lake, but it’s not until Jason Lives that we finally return to Camp Blood. That, and the remake from 2009.

[09] The forever lasting hockey mask:

It’s a rare thing in movies to carry the same prop forward from one movie to the next, yet that’s exactly what happened with Jason’s hockey mask from Part III through VI. Pretty impressive stuff if you ask me!

[10] an actor from the movies was also in the TV series:

Remember this guy? It’s older Tommy Jarvis from Part V! Oddly enough, after all the movies were finished, he appeared in the Friday The 13th TV show as a constable in the episode titled: “The Baron’s Bride”. [see him in the show here]

[11] Freddy Krueger appears in two Friday films:

Although technically one of these films is a spin-off, [Freddy VS. Jason] Freddy also appeared at the end of one of his own films – snatching away the mask, dragging it to Hell!

[12] Kane Hodder played Jason, Krueger, and a victim:

Did you know there was an actor that played Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and a victim of Jason‘s all in one movie? Seriously: Kane Hodder, mostly known for his portrayal of Jason in Parts VII through to X, also played both Freddy Krueger [the gloved hand, in as seen above – in 11] and an unnamed security guard who gets slaughtered by Jason.

[13] Jason seems to prefer Blondes:

As a movie with this many sequels will tell you, it’s worth dyeing your hair and putting on a dress if Jason is killing everyone around you. Almost every ‘final girl’ in the Friday franchise has been blonde or some deviation. Don’t believe me? Here’s the list of [blonde] survivors:

  1. Friday The 13thAlice Hardy [well, it was kind of a blondish brown hair color, but still!]
  2. Friday The 13th Part II – Ginny Field
  3. Friday The 13th Part III – Chris Higgins [her hair is more brown than blonde, but at least it’s a light brown]
  4. Friday The 13th Part IV – Trish Jarvis
  5. Friday The 13th Part V – Pam Roberts [it wasn’t Jason doing the killing, but she was still blonde]
  6. Friday The 13th Part VI – Megan Garris
  7. Friday The 13th Part VII – Tina Shepard
  8. Friday The 13th Part IX – Jessica Kimble
  9. Friday The 13th Part XI – Lori Campbell

Needless to say, if you’ve made it this far, you’ve done quite well for yourself! This is arguably my longest post yet, and I swear they won’t be this long all the time. I just figured why not mention 13 things for Friday The 13th? Even if these movies got extremely cheesy over time, they’re still some of the greatest slashers in the history of 80s films.

Though, I still stand that Freddy won the battle – just saying – I hope by the end of this [very long] Friday Fun Fact, you learned a thing or two about our masked monster who truthfully – isn’t really a monster at all: Just misunderstood. What was your favorite piece of trivia? Did you know Jason had an infatuation with Blondes? Perhaps this means that they really do have more fun?


WEIRDO’WEEN #20: FRIDAY THE 13th [1980]


While in retrospect, this review would have made sense for #13, today’s movie involves a boy who drowned and his angry Mother. It all starts one summer at Camp Crystal Lake, where a group of young counselors begin to get ready to lead campers. Unfortunately for these teenagers, someone isn’t happy about what’s going on in the camp and enjoys playing a game of “kill the counselor.” As bodies fall to the ground and the number of deaths keeps rising, it becomes quite apparent that no one is safe. Like yesterday‘s review, Everyone has heard of the movie I’m about to talk about; if not only by title.

Also, like yesterday’s review, today’s film had numerous sequels – some better than others – and a remake. So without further ado, let’s talk about a series that I enjoy, just not as much as Nightmare: Friday The 13th

weirdo'ween-#20The movie takes place in and around Camp Crystal Lake: the site of the drowning “death” of a young boy, several fires, and a double murder. For this reason, it earned the nickname “Camp Blood“, and has been closed for decades, only now being renovated in an attempt to reopen it and turn it back into an relaxing summer getaway. Ramblings of the town drunk, Crazy Ralph, tells the new group working there that they are all “doomed”, though they go on ignoring his drunken ways. But when a series of murders begin during a torrential rainstorm, who is responsible? Could it be Crazy Ralph from earlier, since he seemingly always is prowling the campgrounds? Or is it an unseen killer?

For a movie with such a low budget, [only $550,000] the film has a brilliant, and old fashioned sounding soundtrack, with it’s violins screeching at key moments in the action, just like Psycho did 20 years earlier. One of the most memorable and effective uses of soundtrack on film I can think of. The girls are cute without being overly pretty, and the guys are able to joke around without being complete assholes; unlike the movies of today.

Even when characters are outside at the actual lake, or out in the woods, Friday still has that claustrophobic feel, with the action taking place in tight, and often crowded feeling corners. The thick woods prevent them from getting very far away, and with the night time rainstorm only seals them in tighter, making escape almost impossible. If you were to go back and look at the 1980 critical response for the Friday The 13th, you’ll notice that the film was widely panned by critics, with many taking exception to the more over the top gore and camera angles of the film.

It’s fair to say that Friday The 13th may not be original in its own right, with Halloween having only been made two years earlier, and borrowing things from Psycho. But as a whole, it’s actually not a typical slasher movie, since it’s villain isn’t revealed until near the end of the movie, and then we ultimately find that the antagonist is far from a Michael Myers clone, but more of a psychopathic killer. This film is infinitely more cerebral than its typical “slasher” movie counterparts, even if it did get a ton of sequels; which happened to be a thing in the 1980’s. And as much as the camera angles might have been controversially irritating at the time, the first-person views from the angle of the killer and the conventions with it marked the start of a new movement in cinema, one that certainly has often been imitated even if it’s rarely done as effectively as it is in the opening scene.

also, Kevin Bacon shows up..and dies. sorry, ladies.

Then there’s the special effects. Friday The 13th was a landmark film for Tom Savini. As if he wasn’t already great, he further proved his ability to get the most effect out of the least financial situation. Savini will go down in history as one of the greats in special effects – and Friday The 13th helped him prove his mastery of the art.

One thing this movie handles well that I really appreciate is it’s pacing. It isn’t slow, but it also doesn’t move too fast; making it easy enough to follow. It takes roughly 20 minutes to get to an actual death scene, but this gives the movie enough time to flesh out some characters without taking too long to add unneeded exposition or add too much than what is actually needed. I feel like the movie did a good job of focusing on what was really needed, while fleshing out the kill scenes in an orderly fashion. That’s something that makes a horror movie “good.”

Overall, Friday The 13th‘s story telling is exceedingly well crafted and works greatly with it’s pace. While the story may be somewhat basic and straightforward, it’s the execution that really helps the final pay off. Not only is it well made, but it’s fun to watch, and like Nightmare, it’s important to the horror genre – without it, we wouldn’t have some of the great films that we are now familiar with in the horror category. There’s a reason it spawned ten sequels and a remake. People like these movies. As long as there’s a Friday The 13th on the calendar, the tale of Camp Blood will almost always continue.

So although I’m clearly a bigger fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, Friday The 13th is just as important as a film series. It has fear, it’s violent, and it’s got everything you could want from a horror film. Although this one went on for ten sequels – that did suffer from sequelitis – the films are more than just violent, hockey masked killers.. they are legitimately fun to watch; even if they are laughable by today’s standards. So check Friday The 13th out, and enjoy watching teenagers getting slaughtered by hockey masked villain!

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this ending always makes me jump..screw you, Jason.



top05decapitationsBelieve it or not, this post is actually inspired by a friend of mine who once said to me “you can appreciate a good decapitation in a horror film.. I can respect that.” After careful consideration, and looking back on some of my older TOP 05 posts, I realized – I never did a list based on some of my favorite decapitations in horror movies. according to Urban Dictionary, a decapitation is described as “the removal of the head which normally consists of some idiot hacking off the head with an axe directed at the neck area.” So, here is the part where I list some of my personal favorites. these are the ones that have stuck in my mind the most over the years, so although these may not be your favorites, they’re some of the ones that have had the most impact on me. So here we go – warrenisweird‘s top 05 decapitations in horror – in no particular order, of course!


The Omen:

Starting off with a classic, The Omen somehow made this shot look graceful, with knocking someone’s head off with a bit of building material look majestic, what with the disembodied head performing 360 spins and turns. I remember seeing this for first time when I was younger and being surprised that a scene could even be filmed that way.

High Tension:

Coming from a movie I’ve watched more times than I can count, [that’s not a bad thing..] High Tension is a film that wins for having such a fun feeling to it’s filming style. The story follows a serial killer who breaks into the home where Marie [and her friend/her family] is staying, only to start killing everyone. At least he was polite enough to ring the doorbell. In the above scene, Father has his head jammed between two staircase rails – unable to move – and our killer decides on smashing his head with a dresser. I mean, really?!

Cigarette Burns:

Coming from the first season of The Masters Of Horror TV series, and directed by Master John Carpenter, This one hour movie [“episode”] follows a guy who is looking for a rare print of a movie so evil that anyone who watches it supposedly descends into a uncontrollable psychotic frenzy.  During his search, he meets many terrible people, including someone who ties him to a chair and forces him to watch someone get decapitated. It’s not exactly a quick/clean cut either, there’s quite a bit of hacking involved.

“C Is For Capital Punishment”ABCs Of Death 2:

Unlike the first ABCs Of Death film, I actually enjoyed the sequel. For what it is, this sequel actually had decent shorts, with nothing too extreme or strange. Being a short that was hinted at in the trailer, I had high hopes for this part of the film. Thankfully, I felt that it paid off – giving a darker feel to a not so gruesome story. [I mean, it is gruesome, but compared to some of the other shorts in the movie – this one isn’t too bad] Just watching the axe get caught in the guy’s neck, only to be jerked out looks extremely painful..

Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan:

Although I’m not the biggest Friday The 13th fan, I feel that this particular scene never ceases to make me laugh. It doesn’t help that with a title like Jason Takes Manhattan, you’d expect to Jason running around New York kill a ton of people – not spend the entire film on a boat, only to arrive in Manhattan in the last few minutes.. anyway. This scene follows Julius, a boxer who thinks he can stand up to our masked killer, but when he tires himself out from flailing for an extended period of time; Jason takes his turn and…this happens. Sure, it’s cheesy as hell; but I love it. It’s something that needed to happen to make this terrible film bearable.

Now obviously, decapitations are a dime a dozen, especially when horror films feel that they need a quick kill to keep the audience entertained. These are just a few of the many I could have mentioned so here are some honorable mentions, even though I never really do this sort of thing..

30 Days Of NightBilly‘s death

Deadly Friendthe basketball scene

Hobo With A Shotgun Ricky as not Ricky

So now I turn to you, the reader of this article. What’s your favorite horror movie decapitation? Was it on this list? If not, let me know in the comments below! I would love to know which ones are your favorites, especially if you can think of one that I wouldn’t have considered! Also, if you found yourself to enjoy this film review, please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 100+ likes – only 15 more and we’ll have reached 130!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends!


film study: DEADLIEST horror movie villains [ranked by KILL count!]

Look at the picture above. Which iconic horror villain stands out the most to you? Some of these guys are the epitome of horror: Ghostface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason, Billy, Leatherface and Chucky. They are all fairly formidable foes on their own, but which one is truly the most deadly? After talking through email with someone [whom I won’t mention by name due to obvious privacy reasons] from the website buycostumes, they actually made an info-graph back in 2014 explaining which horror villain is considered the “most deadly” – at least by their kill count. When trying to export the info-graph here, the picture kind of shrunk [making it hard to read] so I’m going to break it down by horror villain, in order. With this graph, this individual and I agreed that I’d talk about it here, mainly because it’s definitely something that could be up for debate amongst horror fans, and not everyone who reads this will agree! So strap your boots on tight, kiddies: this is gonna be a long one.

[click this info-graph to see the original post by BUYCOSTUMES]

Let’s start from the top of this ladder of villains with: Pennywise, from It. Probably my least favorite on this list for the fact that I have coulrophobia. Clowns in horror isn’t really something new, but Pennywise is probably one of the scarier ones. If you want to get down to the ‘technical’ stuff, It‘s villain wasn’t always a clown, but an entity known as It, which is a shape-shifting being that can take any form it chooses; Clowns just seem relevant.. According to the graph, Pennywise isn’t nearly as violent as the others, as his kill count is at only 09. In his defense though, he did only have one movie under his belt.

Jumping from 09 kills to 22, we have The Candyman, from you guessed it; Candyman. If you’re unfamiliar with the movie [and its two sequels], Farewell To The Flesh and Day Of The Dead, the basic thing you need to know is that The Candyman is a demonic being that can be summoned by saying his name in front of a mirror five times. If you’ve ever heard of “Bloody Mary”, this is  pretty much the same concept, just with a guy with a hook for a hand instead of a woman in the mirror..

Remember Chucky? Everyone remembers the first time they saw Child’s Play: it’s actually creepy [in it’s own right] with a killer “Good Guy Doll”; where the spirit of fictional killer by the name of Charles Lee Ray puts his soul into a doll to try and live ‘forever’. I assure you, it’s a lot better than I make it sound, even if they do get a little ridiculous after the third film. Chucky has killed over 30 victims over the span of his six movies.

If you’ve never seen his films, I’m about 100% sure you’ve at least heard of Leatherface of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame. The original film is gritty, it’s raw, and it’s really fucked up. In a good manner of speaking, of course. His real name is Jedidiah Sawyer, but that feels like a mouthful in it’s own, so let’s stick with Leatherface, shall we? Over seven movies later, [with a new one on the way] Sawyer has claimed himself 31 victims [beating Chucky by ONE]

Hellraiser has arguably one of the cooler villains on this list, because Pinhead is completely different than everyone else on here. I mean, think about it: he’s another worldly being who has a thing for pain, pleasure and most importantly; [Lament Configuration] puzzle boxes. nine films later, Pinhead has shown such sights to 35 people! [and that’s not including the books!]

If you know me well enough, you know that one of my [many] guilty pleasure film horror series is very clearly – the SAW series. Even if Billy isn’t the “technical” killer [the traps are] his “playthings” have been through seven movies and put in traps over 40 times, with only a [very] small number of survivors..

He’s everyone’s favorite dream-invading killer: If you die in your dream, you’re going to die in real life. Of course I’m talking about Freddy Krueger. A Nightmare On Elm Street is what I think of when I think classic slasher film; it has a bit of everything – including Johnny Depp in his first role! nine films and a [terrible] remake later, Krueger has claimed 42 sleeping teenagers and adults alike!

Imagine this: you’re about three feet tall, you’re Irish, and you’ve been kidnapped by an angry and greedy American who wants your gold. Essentially, you’ve become Lubin from the Leprechaun series. Though he may not be the first horror villain that comes to mind since he’s not overly popular, [if not for cult status]  Lubin is actually extremely violent, as proven by his 45 kills over seven [obscure] movies. Unlike others on this list, he doesn’t have a specific weapon choice either. He is the type to use whatever he can find including a pogo stick, which was used to crush a man’s chest. I don’t know if I’m scared or impressed.

As the second most dangerous horror villain, this guy is pretty impressive. Any guesses? Here’s a few clues: He’s quiet, He started killing when he was young, and His movie is named after a special day. That’s right, we’re talking about Michael Myers from Halloween. Not only is his silence scary, but the fact that his eyes seem almost empty makes him more vicious. ten films and a remake [which also had a sequel] later, Myers has claimed over 111 victims! If that’s not concerning enough, I don’t know what is..

Ranking in at number one is a villain who killed over 300+ people, He is extremely difficult to kill. Apparently if you do manage to stop him, sometimes extreme electricity can bring him back from the dead. Basically, you’re dead. No questions asked. Jason from Friday The 13th has murdered more people than anyone on this list over the span of thirteen movies. [which is kind of appropriate when you think about it] Okay, okay – I know that it was his mother in the first film, but come on – he’s still killed many others when He started doing the killing.

As proven by the above [very long] list, many horror icons have a ton of experience in being evil. There’s clowns, dolls, and dreamy killers, [pro tip: that was a joke about Freddy if you couldn’t already tell] and that’s not including horror villains that weren’t on this list [next time, Ghostface, next time..] Do you have a favorite horror icon – Who is it and why? How many films have they had and how many kills? Let me know in a comment below! Also, if you’ve made it this far – be sure to check out the original kill count post by buycostumes [found here] and tell them I sent you there!

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Oh, Mom – You were the woman who held us in your womb for nine [long] months. You are the woman who fed us and shushed us when we cried.. But unlike these Mothers; you seem to have actually cared.  Unlike the ones in horror films and TV shows that have gone and given us a look at the dark side of motherhood over the years.. It’s kind of strange in it’s own right: there’s no horror film called “Father’s Day” ? But yet there are many that revolve around vicious killer Moms. Because I have to work tomorrow, here’s my Mother’s Day post – my top 5 mothers in horror.

NOTE: Amelia from The Babadook was going to make this list, but I felt that since I already wrote up a post on the film, I’d set her aside. Be sure to read that post, over here.


They’re all going to laugh at you if you think that Piper Laurie as Carrie‘s mother isn’t the most extreme holier-than-thou mother I’ve seen in a while, making her one of the most frightening parents in horror history. She has a notoriously bad habit of abusing her daughter, proven by the fact that she’s under the impression that her very existence is wretched sin! Margaret even goes so far as to force her to recite certain passages from the Bible,  lock her in a closet, and endlessly torments her until she finally fights back with her telekinetic powers.. Well, she did have it coming after all this..right?


Anyone who calls themselves a horror fan knows that in the original Friday The 13th, Jason wasn’t the killer [yet] but rather, his mother. According to the plot of the film, Mrs. Voorhees was furious about the oversexed teens who neglected her son as he ultimately, drowned in the nearby Camp [Crystal] Lake. That grin is as terrifying as any old hockey mask!


Like Jason before him, we learn in the fifth installment of his famous series that Freddy also had a mother of importance. We learn that during her time as a nun, Amanda Krueger is locked inside the Westin Hills Asylum with dozens upon dozens of inmates, where she is raped, repeatedly, which ends in her pregnancy. She does give Freddy up for adoption and tries to follow him from a “safe” distance, and to her credit, she even tries to stop him, but realistically, trying to defeat a boogeyman that haunts your dreams is a nearly impossible task; even if you are a woman with divine connections..


Watch out for those neighbors. It doesn’t help when you find yourself living in a questionable apartment building where strange events seem to occur almost daily and suspicious people give weirder explanations for those events. Then you get Rosemary and her husband, who become players in the plans of what seems to be a Satanic cult! In the movie, Rosemary has what she believes to be a dream of being raped by a demonic being..except it wasn’t  a dream!


you can’t say you didn’t expect this one on the list: when I think mothers in horror, Psycho is bound to be the first film you would probably think of.  We hear her speaking to him the whole film until we learn that Mother was more or less “created” by Norman’s psychotic cross dressing episodes; Only to be horrifyingly revealed as a skeletal corpse stashed away, fully clothed and all in the cellar!

With so many Mothers being so vicious, it’s a wonder any of these people prospered..albeit – into killers – but still. If there’s any lesson to learn today, it’s that even if your Mother grounded you as a child, she’s not nearly as bad as someone who asked you to kill for her, or at least she didn’t lock you in a closet! Which horror Mom do you think is the scariest? is it Mrs. White? Or do you sympathize with Mrs. Krueger, seeing as it’s technically not her fault that Freddy turned out the way he did? Let me know in a comment or two below or on Facebook!

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[Mother’s Day Horror by chrisraimoart]

horror gaming: [coming soon] Friday The 13th: The Video Game [2015]

Whenever I write a “horror gaming” segment on here, I tend to choose games that have been released already, usually ones that have been around for a fair share of time. However, today’s edition changes that. Today, we’re going to be talking about a game that isn’t released yet, but still has enough of a grab on my attention: Friday The 13th. To give a slight back story, there hasn’t been a Friday The 13th game since LJN‘s NES game that was based on the 80’s movie. [if you really wanted to – you can actually play the classic NES game online here: just click “play now!” on the page] But if what I’ve read is true, this is all going to change this coming year..

According to Friday The 13th creator Sean S. Cunningham, a new game based on the film is in the process of being made by an “experienced game studio” that he left unnamed. He mentioned that this new game is slated to be released in October 2015, and that the best part of all this? Unlike the [not scary at all] NES game, this version of Friday The 13th: The Video Game is said to feature a team of “resourceful survivors” who will be going up against a “player-controlled” Jason Voorhees in an co-operative and/or competitive multiplayer environment! Talk about awesome

Based on the fact that it’s planned for October, the game seems to be planned to go along with with the upcoming Friday The 13th TV series – yeah, that’s a thing – and the newest installment in the film series Friday The 13th 2015[which is being released November 13th, 2015] Although the game hasn’t been “officially” announced to the world as of yet, The game looks like it’s going to be keeping with Jason‘s appeal, as proven by a piece of the game’s concept art which shows how the game is seemingly going to play out. This concept art though, kind of reminds me of the Left4Dead games somewhat, with it’s two “good guys” holding weapons in hiding, while Jasonplayer 1 – is lurking around the corner.. The thing I’m excited for is the fact that even Jason is controlled by a player – instead of the usual, and typical, computer controlled villain. It actually seems that horror games have been gaining attention lately, with games such as Dead Space, Slender, [don’t even get me started on that topic] F.E.A.R, – and the one I haven’t played yet, but need to pick up – The Evil Within; all being increasingly popular. I’m glad that this is a trend that’s picking up. I think a little fear is healthy – especially when it comes to video games. [agree? disagree? sound off in the comments!]

But enough about what I think. How do you feel about the idea of a new Friday The 13th game? Does it look like a horror fan’s dream game, or just something that is a senseless cash-in in the world of slasher films/games? Let me know in the comments! Also, warrenisweird is on Facebook, so check me out over there and smash that “like” button for exclusive news/trivia! There’s just one more question that remains: will you defeat Jason when the time arrives? Only one way to find out!

really?? that‘s what we get for beating the NES game? damn..