Guardians Of The Galaxy

Why ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ DESERVES it’s praise

being as I work all this week, I figured this [now passed] weekend was perfect time to do some things that have been scratching at my head as of late: like go and [finally] see the new Marvel film — GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. this is going to be a short-ish review so be aware that there will be spoilers after the jump, and that the full review will be found [after I type it up] over on Letterboxd here. Now, let’s talk about some space heroes, shall we? SPOILER WARNING!

The film opens up on a depressing note, with young Peter Quill watching his mother die of cancer and to make matters worse — he doesn’t know who his father is.. [but us comic book fans do, don’t we?] after running out of the hospital, young Quill gets picked up by what can only be described as the coolest alien spacecraft ever! 20-some years later, Peter is doing well; gathering interesting artifacts on different planets and pawning them off for profit – too bad the one his latest score is HUGE SPOILER ALERT! something Marvel calls: an Infinity Stone.

Now the thing about GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is the fact that they’re so much more than just a group of misfits — more than a: half-human, two alien beings, a talking raccoon and a walking/talking tree; they become like a family to one another.. In the end, they actually need each other for survival. It feels real, it definitely tugs at your heart strings- in more than one way. Guardians is funny, sad, quirky and has a ton of fun being so. [don’t even get me started on that soundtrack, it’s perfect for the film]

Now what separates GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY to most other Marvel films is the amount of cameos in the movie itself. From one of the Chitauri from The Avengers [you gotta look quickly – it’s in one of the glass cases during the scene with ‘The Collector’] to talks of the other Infinity Stones within the Marvel cinematic universe. The best cameo [in my opinion anyway] was the one at the end — after the credits. It’s a special little quirk, which many people may or may not have understood. That cameo was by none other than this guy!

for those keeping points at home, that’s none other than fucking HOWARD THE DUCK! he hasn’t been in a film [let alone as a cameo] since his movie in the 80s – which was a commercial flop unfortunately, but look at him! he’s nearly perfect! he looks and acts [all in a span of 30 seconds] like he should have been back in the 80s! but what does this mean though? does Marvel have a plan for a new Harold The Duck film? Or was it purely to see who’s wise enough to notice who he is? Let me know what you think of this in the comments!

So does GUARDIANS deserve it’s fan base? definitely. is it the super hero film of the summer? absolutely! So do yourself a solid and go see it — it’ll tear at your heart strings, but you’ll enjoy every minute of it! [and with a grand total of 121 minutes of super heroes goodness.. who could say no?]

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