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REAL HORROR: an EVIL DEAD “super fan” is rebuilding THE CABIN!


Good morning boys and ghouls, there is someone I absolutely need to introduce you to. Someone, who apparently is a bigger Evil Dead fan than I am! [Blasphemy, I know!] I don’t want to wait around so let’s get right into it. Please allow me to introduce you to Mike, the man who runs EvilDeadWorkshed. Mike – like most of us – is a lifelong and self-proclaimed Evil Dead enthusiast who makes replica chainsaws from the series. Pretty cool stuff, but the main reason I want you to know this guy is because he’s undertaking an incredibly important challenge that is valuable to the horror community. Calling this “project:” Operation: Evil Dead Uproot, Mike has found the original filming site of Evil Dead II and decided that it needs to be salvaged and preserved, making sure sure that it will forever live on for those who wish to proclaim their love to the beloved film. WAIT WHAT?

you can read the whole story here, but here’s the basic version: Mike has been in touch with the owners of the property where Evil Dead II was filmed, which for those unaware, is in Wadesboro, NC. Ever since 2011, Mike has been meaning to visit the location, if only to step foot where Evil Dead was filmed. One day, the owners warned him that they, “…will be clearing the area where the cabin ruins are located in order to harvest the trees for local firewood businesses.” For Mike, the thought of this was too much to handle. “After having a long conversation with the owners, I have been given permission to come to the site and remove ANY and ALL Evil Dead II structures that are able to be saved prior to the devastation of the site area,Mike explains.


an AWESOME floor plan of the cabin – in film – by Patrick Soucy.

Unfortunately in 2014, the cabin collapsed due to a “…micro burst that hit [the owner’s] property“, so collecting and saving everything has proven to be somewhat of a difficult process. The frame of the work shed was so rotten and so damaged by termites, that Mike came to the logical conclusion to leave it behind and will build an identical frame upon which they’ll attach the original outer planks. As for materials and items from the cabin, he and his friend were able to gather as much as they possibly could, which in itself – is extremely impressive!

Of course, the million dollar question comes up: why does this matter? Luckily for you, Mike has an answer for that too! As Mike himself explains, “I am not making any money off of this. I spent a shit load of money to do this. I’m doing this for everyone. Bringing the secret and private site out of the woods and into public view. I plan on trying to bring some these structures to some of the [Western Pennsylvania] Comic-Cons.

That’s right! Depending on how everything goes – and you’re in the area – you might get a chance to interact with these original props and structures from Evil Dead II! Unfortunately being Canadian, this will prove difficult on my end..unless Steph and I went on a road trip; but knowing that someone is doing something many of us wouldn’t even fathom makes Mike one hell of a guy. From his official page, here’s a complete list of the items that were saved from the film’s site:

  • The entire Workshed [Complete Exterior and Roof Metal] Due to framing rot, the workshed collapsed during this process
  • The fake foam tree [180 degrees of the lower 5 feet of one tree]
  • 1 large Cabin window [kitchen area]
  • Cabin rear door frame with one door hinge and one screen door hinge still attached
  • Rear interior and exterior door trim
  • Interior base boards
  • Interior window frame [next to back door]
  • 1 Cabin window [rear room left of the rear door]
  • 5 bundles of cabin flooring
  • 3 large sections of interior walls
  • Cabin roofing
  • Roofing nails from the workshed
  • Cabin roofing cap
  • 3 remaining chimney stones [painted styrofoam]
  • Exterior Cabin wood [various locations]
  • Exterior Cabin plaster
  • One 55 gallon drum inside of the workshed [Resin labels – possibly used for the trees]
  • One 55 gallon drum found 100 feet from the back door [appears to be the one Ash tripped over]
  • The complete upper West wall of the living room [above where the cellar door would have been]
  • Roofing slats from the Workshed
  • One break away Ram-O-Cam door with a hinge attached
  • 90% of all remaining coal rocks where Ash buried Linda
  • A very large amount of window glass
  • The rear stairs framing
  • One rear stair
  • Small and Large pieces of white interior wall

Once again, I highly recommend heading to Mike’s page where he documents everything he did, because it’s extremely impressive. We’re talking about the endeavors and skills of a true horror fan and he deserves our thanks! Below, I’ve included a few pictures that Mike has posted, showing us fans the site now and his progress.




So there you have it, proof that you – nor I – are the “ultimate Evil Dead fan”. I think that as I’ve shown here, Mike from EvilDeadWorkShed takes that spot pretty easily. The question remains though: what do You think about the concept of rebuilding an iconic Cabin? Is it something that needs to be done? Or an unnecessary piece of work? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you find yourself to enjoy what I do on here, then please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [we’re now at over 150+ likes – let’s reach over 200!]

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Give Foreign Horror a chance! warrenisweird’s top 05 FOREIGN films:

When it comes to brutality in foreign horror, there are two types of fans: The first type will see a trailer or even a GIF online and giggle to themselves for a minute before coming to the conclusion of, “I NEED to see this wacky, and over the top gore-fest NOW!”, They’ll go to their local movie store, [I’m not the only one who still buys movies, right?!] grab the unrated copy, and rush home to go on a insane roller-coaster ride of utter brutality for 90-some minutes!

and then there’s the second type: These are the ones who also love what they’re seeing on their screen, but something will jump out at them. Specifically, the use of subtitles. To these horror fans, the very thought of having to read subtitles while watching a film makes them shudder. With a feeling of dread washing over them as they wonder how bad the dubbed voices will be this time.. I can see where you’re coming from, but unlike you, I was never really like this, [having the closed captioning on as a kid, being as I have deaf parents helped] but often times; the laughable dubbed versions of otherwise amazing movies felt like the film was [for lack of a better word] ruined. There would be some kind of infernal wish there was just some way for the real acting to shine through the bad dubs. I’m not trying to say all dubs aren’t great, but let’s face the movie facts, here: something will always “feel” off when you’re watching an actor’s lips move, but the words are out of sync with their screams! [..I mean dialogue] Somewhere, in the process of changing from their natural accent to English, the characters in the film you’re watching loses their natural charm.. it’s as if you’re no longer watching the actor[s] giving their body and soul to their job; but more like of a bad ‘out of body experience’.

In some of the more extreme cases, some horror fans will even go so far as to shy away from foreign horror entirely, just to avoid the terrible voice overs and the need of having to read subtitles, and in my opinion, this is the worst thing you can do as a horror fan: limit your horizons. In the list I’m going to share below, I’m going to try and make a case for subtitled films, and try and find a way to make those Type twos make the switch over to accepting subtitled horror for what it is: I’m going to present you with my personal 05 favorite foreign films you NEED to watch with subtitles, as always – these films are in no particular order.. and please, don’t let the subtitles scare you away!


Battle Royale:

Battle Royale is Kinji Fukasaku‘s adaptation of a novel about a dystopian society where the Japanese government kidnaps a class of middle-school students and puts them on an island.. the twist is that on that island, these students have only 3 days to slice, dice, shoot, and stab each other to death until only one student is left alive! If they try to escape though, [or if more than one student is alive at the end of their time limit] the explosive bomb collars that are placed around each of their necks will detonate, causing an obvious mess!

[check out the trailer for Battle Royale]


I’ve talked about it before, but this is easily one of my favorite foreign films: though it could be considered more thriller, I Saw The Devil follows a secret agent who blurs the line between good and evil in his pursuit of revenge.. it’s brutal, it’s insane with it’s acting, and the climax is just mind numbing!

[check out the trailer for I SAW THE DEVIL]

Dead Snow:

this movie had to make the list, especially after watching it’s sequel, Dead Snow 2: Red vs Red [expect a review on Letterboxd soon!] last night! Dead Snow follows a group of medical students as they find themselves confronted by an unimaginable evil: Nazi zombies! It’s cheesy, it’s gory as hell, and it’s Norwegian!

[check out the trailer for Dead Snow]


Arguably one of the more “realistic horror” films I’ve seen in a long time, Audition is beyond fucked.Without giving too much away [it’s more of an experience, rather than a movie] Audition follows a widower. this widower reluctantly agrees to an offer to “screen girls” at a special “audition”, which was arranged for him by a friend to find him a new wife. However, the girl he ends up liking is not who she appears to be..

[check out the trailer for Audition]


coming from France, Inside is one of the more fucked up films on this list. It follows a woman on the brink of motherhood Four months after the death of her husband, is suddenly attacked in her home by a strange woman.. who just happens to want her unborn baby.

[check out the trailer for Inside]

Obviously, this is just five of many different foreign films: from zombies to crazy women wanting unborn children; if I’ve learned anything from watching foreign films, it’s that they don’t hold back the terror/violence. Hopefully by the end of this piece, you’re more open to watching subtitled films.. because they’re a marvel to behold! If you enjoyed reading this piece, head over to Facebook and click the “like” button on my page. By clicking “like”, you’ll see every post the moment it’s been posted; if that’s not convincing enough, I also share things that will not be featured here on the blog, and be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same!