HOWARD THE DUCK wasn’t THAT bad of a film, right?


“are we really about to delve into this film?” yes. yes we are!

We’ve all heard the stories and we’ve seen it on people’s top 10 worst film lists; but after his cameo in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, I took it on myself to find myself a copy of the
dreaded film known to the world as Howard The Duck. It was done by George Lucas so I mean, that alone should mean something, right? When I finally had a copy in my hands [and for only $10 too!] I knew that it was gonna be entertaining, even though it was considered a flop to many. I put off watching for a good while — mainly cause having to work; but when I actually sat down and watched it in full, guess what? I actually enjoyed myself. At least to a point.

The film opens up with Howard getting home from work, sitting on his couch reading “Rolling Egg” [get it? Like “Rolling Stone”? talk about a bad pun..] which he quickly switches out for reading PlayDuck [I’ll let you do the fix for that one yourself] when the entire room starts shaking. Howard assumes it’s an earthquake [Duckquake?] and is promptly dragged into orbit and ultimately, Earth [and the visuals are the absolute worse during this scene.]

The thing about Howard The Duck is that it is a bad film, but it’s a cult-classic. It’s humor is just so cheesy but I managed to laugh. It has it’s strong points, but ultimately – I understand why it was considered a flop: to start, it’s kind of difficult to relate to Howard. He’s a humanoid duck who drinks beer, smokes cigars, and is a master of something he calls ‘Quack Fu’. Secondly, the acting. At times it’s ‘alright’, other times..not so much. But the biggest thing I simply cannot forgive is ‘Duck Tits’. It’s shown only briefly, but as Howard is hurdling through space and time; he shoots through a female duck’s bathroom — while she’s bathing! Those that have seen the film know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, just look below:

yeeeeeeeeeeeah. not feeling this one…

Who the hell said this was a good idea?! It’s not ‘comedic’, or even clever; it’s just…weird. [and not in a good way, either] I can officially say I’ve seen ‘duck boobs’, and I’m not amused; I mean who would?!

The one saving grace in Howard The Duck is a character known as Beverly: Howard‘s love interest in the film. She’s the one at the top of this post with Howard. She’s in a band, [known as ‘The Cherry Bombs’] sings about stuff no one cares about, and is a human. While she is annoying, she seems to actually care for Howard when no one else does — and she’s a babe too, so that helps our cause dramatically! just look at that rocker hair, though!

what a babe! ..I meant Lea Thompson I swear!

Now the million dollar question is: can Howard The Duck really be as bad as everyone says? I found it entertaining, but it had it’s faults. [The final ‘enemy’ is terribly CGI’d.. I didn’t expect perfection, though.] ultimately, it’s well deserving of it’s cult status: it definitely is a “love or hate” kind of film, and I definitely fell in between the two. What about you? Did you enjoy the film? If you haven’t seen it, would you? Let me know!

Also, as much as I doubt it’ll happen — I wait patiently for the day we get a real remake of the film. With the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY version of him. Hey! a guy can dream, right? …right?