Insidious: Chapter 3 trailer to come out on Friday?

[note: the source of this information is from this article]

I may be alone in this, but I actually enjoyed the first two Insidious films. [at least, until Darth Maul’s brother showed up..] However, according to an article on Shocktillyoudrop, [as found above] a trailer for a third Insidious is set to be released in front of the [really bland and boring looking] film Ouija which is set to be released this October 24th – which is actually this coming Friday. This actually makes quite a bit of sense, since Ouija is a Blumhouse Production [which in turn is a joint company with Platinum Dunes, who helped release the Insidious films]

Of course, being as Insidious: Chapter 3 isn’t set to be released until May 29th, 2015, not much is known about the film except for that Leigh Whannell is directing/writing the film [again] and that the main three [Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, and Leigh Whannell] are set to reappear as their characters from the first two films. [as seen in the picture below]

left to right: Leigh Whannell. Lin Shaye. Angus Sampson

Another important piece that we know of is it’s a prequel – to the first movie [groan] In the film’s plot, we’re introduced to a new tale of terror involving a teenage girl and her family, [most likely the one from the ending of Chapter 2..wait, what? that doesn’t make sense..does it?] taking place before the haunting of the Lambert family in the first two movies, therefore we’ll probably be shown even more mysteries from the demon’s hell-like world: The Further.

Again, I’m perfectly okay with a third film, because as much as the second film wasn’t fantastic, it was half decent. [at least for what it was..] I just hope we get more from Darth Maul this time, [sorry, the WIKI page calls him “The Lipstick Demon”..weird] since it seems he’s the guy behind everything. [just me throwing a little guess in, don’t hold me to it!]

Also, just for the sake of throwing it in [since I mentioned it a little], if you didn’t know what Ouija is about: It’s a film that follows a small group of friends who learn that they have to face their most terrifying [but not really terrifying] fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board. scary? not really.. [trust me, the trailer makes it not as creepy as they lead you to believe]

So now I turn to you horror fans: How do you feel about a third Insidious film? Did you enjoy the first ones? what did you like/dislike? I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the name Lipstick Demon, right? let me know in a comment or two, and be sure to find me on Facebook!