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Horror Movie Challenge: round two [part 3]

So here we are, the end of yet another challenge. We’ve answered all the questions except for the final ten. [if you missed part 1, click here. if you missed part 2, click here] From asking about an animal, to asking what the cheesiest film I’ve seen is; I’ve answered some strange questions during this challenge. But enough babble, it’s time to finish this thing off; starting the end with question 21:

Question 21: A horrible twist:

While definitely not a film for everyone, The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence was a film that was creepy, beyond gruesome, and in general – just fucked up. However, after seeing everything that Martin [above] had done, it cuts to being all in his head [a really tired twist in my opinion]

Question 22: Best movie based on a book:

I’ve talked about it a bunch so I won’t talk too much about it, but Let The Right One In is so damn beautiful it hurts. [read my thoughts on the film]

Question 23: Scariest old person:

though there’s  probably many I could mention, Mrs. Ganush from Drag Me To Hell is probably my least favorite old person in a horror- probably cause of her damn expressions..well played.

Question 24: A movie you expected to be bad, but enjoyed:

the Evil Dead reboot was a film I wanted to hate so badly, but couldn’t help but praise after it’s release. The only reason I went to see it was because Bruce Campbell had said to give it a chance. best decision ever!

Question 25: A franchise you don’t like:

while I actually enjoyed the first two films, I grew tired of Friday The 13th and it’s sequels really quickly. With yet another reboot/sequel in the works, I rest my case. [I just don’t like how Jason gets his face melted off at the end of one film, only to be perfectly fine and killing in the next..]

Question 26: Worst sequel:

I liked American Psycho. I also think Mila Kunis is an absolute babe. [like so many other guys] But a sequel to American Psycho featuring Mila Kunis as a killer just because she happened to be a victim of Patrick Bateman, and somehow escaped?? no. just..don’t.

Question 27: Favorite Stephen King movie:

Carrie. no questions, just a choice I was guaranteed to choose.. Seriously though, this version from 1976 is an absolute blast – if you do watch the remake, just know that it’s essentially a carbon copy; like, shot for shot.

Question 28: A great zombie movie:

Without a doubt, I can definitely say that I like zombie films. they’re usually gory as hell, and just all around fun. If I had to choose one of the greats, I’d go with one of my personal favorites: Dawn Of The Dead.

Question 29: A movie you refuse to watch:

I like gory films. I even like really messed up films from time to time. but, A Serbian Film is a film I haven’t seen and don’t plan on watching. There’s already a ton of controversy behind it [can you say “eye socket” or “newborn”?] It just feels like it’s “fucked” for the sake of being “fucked”. Yeah, No thanks..

Question 30: One you need to watch ASAP:

The real problem with this question is that I can fill it with a ton of films. Død Snø 2: Red vs Dead is one of the big ones that I’m definitely looking forward to finally seeing [hopefully this weekend!] Another film that I really need to get on seeing is The Babadook.

With that, the second challenge is complete! With all 30 questions answered, We saw some weird questions come up. What would you put for your answers? Do you agree with some of mine? Let me know in a comment or two, or even on Facebook. While you’re over there, why not smack that “like” button? By doing so, you’ll see things not found here on the actual blog! Join me tomorrow where we start back to regular posts! Thanks for taking the time to deal with me answering 30 completely random questions about different horror films! and as always,