[ART] David Szilagyi’s “Nightmare Fuel Pokemon”


Between working both jobs, and applying for an English class – which will upgrade my English mark, and thus, allow me to reapply for college in 2017 – you could say this week has been pretty hectic. However, during my time applying for this English course, I thought back to my High School days [I’m going to redo grade 12 English in July for 3 weeks – I did pass it before, but with a terrible mark due to not caring for school at the time – hence, the “upgrade”] and the things I enjoyed doing/watching; at least to get into the mindset of being in school again. One such thing that crossed my mind was none other than Pokemon. You know exactly what I’m talking about: they’re generally cute little monsters that 10 year olds go out and capture – and do battle with their friends! I used to love Pokemon. I mean, I still enjoy it; just not as much. It’s still a fairly popular topic though, with both a TV show [still!] and games coming out almost yearly. In my case, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of fan-created Pokemon [known across the internet as “Fakemon”] and/or the fan-art in general. A lot of people try to them as “life-like” as possible, and for some Pokemon – as I’m sure you can imagine – is a horrific idea! [unless, like me, you like creepy and horror-themed monsters] And then there’s David Szilagyi – an artist online, who like us, enjoys Pokemon. He even enjoys drawing Pokemon.. in the most fucked up way imaginable. [be sure to check out his Patreon page]

You see, concept artist and freelance illustrator David Szilagyi is on a mission – to ruin your cherished childhood memories, one twisted picture at a time. Using his love for Pokemon and the work of Stephen Gammell – who you might remember from Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – Szilagyi‘s most recent project has him trying to re-draw the entire Pokedex.. in the most nightmarish way possible! [For those who keep up with the games, we’re currently standing at over 730 Pokemon Monsters..that’s a lot of drawings]
Chances are, you’ve even seen his art already online, seeing as he’s pretty popular. If you like his art, I strongly suggest supporting him at his Patreon page above – he releases two new pictures each week, and even a comic in the same horrific style. [but that’s only for supporters] Now onto the main event, the actual drawings. Remember, they aren’t the cute and cuddly monsters you once knew. They’ve..changed. For ease of posting, and saving time, I have included the original starters [and their evolutions] that Szilagyi has created in his “special style.” For all of the art he’s drawn, check out his ArtStation page; which includes more than just Pokemon.










Not exactly as you remember them? According to David Szilagyi, that’s the point – to be as terrifying as possible! Today’s question is a simple one; so long as you are/were a fan of Pokemon. What “type” is your favorite? Is it Squirtle‘s WATER type, or are you more of a Charizard FIRE type? Or maybe you’re a fan of another type; like STEEL or PSYCHIC? Let me know in the comments below! I’ve personally always been both FIRE and DARK, but I guess that comes to be expected of me – Charizard, Umbreon and Duskull are among my favorite Pokemon of all time. In regards to the me doing an “upgraded” English course, [that I briefly mentioned above] it will be taking up a good amount of my time, with work happening afterwards so I may not be as frequent on here in the month of July [however, I am still active on Facebook – sharing posts, etc – when I’m not able to write something on here: the actual blog] Also, Stephanie and I are in Niagara Falls next weekend, since it’s going to be our one year wedding anniversary – crazy! I KNOW! But, I’ll be writing another post before we leave [Saturday July 2nd is our departure date – we’re back on the 5th..with English starting on the 6th…jeez, what a month July will be, and it’s not even here yet!] Anyway, I’m rambling, and that wasn’t the intention, so I’ll just leave you with a fan art rendition of one of my favorites, because if I’m being honest – I just really want an Umbreon.



WEIRDO’WEEN #18: C.H.U.D. [1984]

PLEASE NOTE: If you follow me on Facebook, I posted saying that this was technically supposed to be posted yesterday, and with Firefox being lame, my entire post deleted itself and didn’t save a draft copy! I was also extremely busy after getting frustrated, as I was part of something all day so I didn’t get home last night until about 10:30pm; therefore, I’m stuck writing two reviews today, starting with yesterday’s now; and today’s tonight. [if that makes any sense]

Thanks for understanding, and now-

on to the actual review!

weirdoween2015It’s always in New York isn’t it? [sorry, any New York readers] It’s either Monsters, Aliens, Super heroes, or anything else that isn’t supposed to happen in the world..

Today’s [although, technically yesterday’s] movie review also takes place in New York, specifically – New York City where a group of bizarre murders seem to point to a group of grotesquely deformed homeless people living in the sewers. To find out what’s happening, it’s going to take a courageous policeman, a photo journalist and his girlfriend, and a nutty bum – who seems to know a lot about the creatures then he lets on, to try and figure out just what is going on, and how to stop them from continuing.

The movie itself isn’t a masterpiece to say in the least, with it’s small budget and little to unknown actors but, it has itself a cult following that the fans love – for being less than good. But for as awkward, terrible, and weird of a film it comes across as – I enjoy the movie. That’s right, I enjoyed C.H.U.D.


C.H.U.D. or Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, is an odd film. It’s notorious for having a low budget… but the story is alright, and the sewer sets look decent when they crawl to the underground. Daniel Stern is the cook/manager of a soup kitchen who is wondering where his assorted homeless buddies have disappeared to. But it’s Christopher Curry who is very good as a police officer searching for his missing wife. These scenes with Curry and Stern are funny [and not only due to the bad acting] and it’s interesting to watch their friendship develop as they deal with the rampaging CHUDs. One interesting note: watch for John Goodman as a cop, being as this is one of his earliest roles, he does get slaughtered in a diner. It’s cheesy, but it’s entertaining to say in the least. It’s not a bad scene, it just could have been..more.

If we were to look back to when the movie was made, the creature effects were actually quite least for what they were. But, of course, with today’s standard – they are quite primitive looking and they feel like they’re out of date. The music score in the movie bears typical tones of 80’s horror music, being symphonic in a way that will almost always lead up to the scares. And it does work well, think about it; without such music, horror movies would be less interesting to watch.

Unfortunately, this is where the entertainment value drops – dramatically. The problems are high with movie, with it’s direction feeling like it’s lacking, the pacing being really off, and one of the biggest flaws is with it being it’s basic story construction. Simply put, there are too many characters. Kim Greist is an alright person to look at, but her character is really tacked on – I mean, she just gives us a pretty face to put in danger.. She and John Heard have no chemistry whatsoever, and it’s damn near impossible to believe they’re supposed to act as a couple. Even if these kinds of problems are found in some of the most watchable of horror films, why is it so noticeable here? One flaw, that people bring up a lot is that C.H.U.D. just isn’t scary or even remotely exciting.. The C.H.U.D. “monsters”, who we learn are actually homeless people exposed to radiation, look kind of cool. [see above!] But they don’t seem to move fast enough to be a threat to anyone under age 80.. It’s as if the movie itself relies on their sharp claws and teeth to make them seem formidable; which doesn’t work as effectively as one would hope. We don’t see enough of them in action either, and when we do; it’s only body parts and wounds that are shown on their victims. If you know even a little bit about movie editing, this is a sure tell sign of a very low budget.

Also, because of it’s alright script, why wouldn’t the government, who’s working with big industry types, be the big bad? One concern/complaint I have is by the end of the movie, after things seem to going for the worse, the head of the chemical company is killed – and then the film concludes abruptly. Wait. What this implies then is killing man in charge of all that chemical waste was all that really needed to be done in order to stop the C.H.U.D.s? But, what about all of the other monsters still left in the sewers?? Other than the one beheaded by Ms. Greist, I don’t recall seeing any of the others killed! Is that the movie’s way of saying that there is a homeless problem in New York City? That’s…kind of strange actually. I don’t get it.

C.H.U.D. is one of those movies that is hard to recommend because it isn’t that great: it’s cheesy, it’s ridiculous, and it’s a cult classic for a reason. It isn’t a gory film, or even remotely scary; but for some reason [probably for how bad it is] it’s enjoyable. So if you’re looking for a movie to waste some time, and you don’t care about the fantastic writing skills – why not try it out? If you don’t make it all the way through the film though, I’ll understand. Y’know, maybe I should talk about an actual good movie next..

But, If you have an idea for the next weirdo’ween review[s], please let me know which movie[s] you’d like to see next! If you found yourself to enjoy this particular review – and want to see more – then take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 120+ likes almost at 130!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; as well as links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends! Join me tonight [to make up for having to rewrite yesterday’s] when I talk about weirdo’ween #19! – STAY TUNED!


WEIRDO’WEEN #0.5: An Introduction/Tim Burton’s Hansel and Gretel [1982]

weirdoween2015In all my time blogging about movies and movie-like news, I’ve learned one thing: people seem to love movie reviews. Whether it’s whenever I post one here on warrenisweird, or on my Letterboxd account, it’s something that people seem to love..or love to hate, which is a good -or a bad- thing. I enjoy writing them, and it gives me a feeling of excitement knowing that there’s at least one person out there that either agrees, or disagrees with my thoughts on a film. Thus, me doing something new during this, and every upcoming, Halloween Season.. I call it: weirdo’ween!

Usually – as an almost tradition – during the month of October, I watch more horror than I usually would, in order to get myself pumped for the 31st, when I usually watch Trick ‘r Treat. [I often consider it the definitive Halloween movie] Therefore, since tomorrow marks the first day of October, I have to prepare myself to watch; I already have a list written up of what I’ll be most likely be watching [as subject is to change at any time] and as someone who enjoys writing reviews [and you all seem to enjoy reading my thoughts on them] I will be watching -and then writing a spoiler filled review- of a movie every night, ending with Trick ‘r Treat on the 31st of the month. Naturally, this means the reviews might come off as long sometimes, depending how much gets said about each one! If at any time during the month you have a suggestion for the next film/review, be sure to leave it in a comment – because I just might watch it! As an introduction to weirdo’ween, let’s start with a direct to TV special that was never released to the general public, at least not on home video: Tim Burton‘s Hansel & Gretel from 1982! I’m a huge fan of Burton‘s, so this should be interesting, right? well – let’s just cut to the review, shall we? We’ll talk about the obscurities afterwards.

Burton‘s Hansel & Gretel follows two children who are lured into the woods and are left for dead by their stepmother, who claims she cannot feed them. When they awaken, they come up to a house made of cake, and comfortably eat, and meet a woman who invites them to enter her “cake home”. Naturally, these two kids agree to go inside… only to find that this woman is actually a witch. It’s nothing new. We all know the fairy tale. Like expected, this version of the story follows the same structure and, in general, a lot of elements, including parts of the story that are often changed, like the swan scene. But, to many people’s surprise, it does change a few things.. and those changes – are fair sized. For some reason, the main cast is Asian, not a bad thing, just not what I was expecting. To add to this obscure piece of ‘art’, there is martial arts sequences – complete with shurikens. [seriously? what the hell am I watching?!] Remember in the original story, the idea was to to get the siblings fatter and fatter so the witch could eat them? Well, what’s used to fatten Hansel is a gingerbread man -that talks- and demands to be eaten.. We also see one of them getting grabbed by the many hands that are seen attached to a marshmallow bed he was seen sleeping in. I mean, it’s Hansel & Gretel, but it’s really not.. Even the wicked women in this are played by the same person, and it’s a man! In case you’re wondering we even seen him eat all of the scenery – whether it’s meant to be sugar, candy or otherwise.

If you haven’t already been able to tell, it’s fairly disturbing. I know you’re probably wondering but before you ask “isn’t this a children’s film?”, the answer is yes, but it is also a Brother’s Grimm story, and don’t forget, it’s also a Burton piece. He’s known for his trademarks, and they’re definitely shown in this short: gothic and surreal set pieces, creative design/visuals, exaggerated features, such as their huge dinner table, and some times, the same object can be both considered creepy, yet cute. In Hansel & Gretel, Father is a toy maker, allowing the viewer to see a lot of wound-up figures, though they’re mostly used in the opening sequence [did I mention that one of these eats another?!] The film is made up of both stop motion and live action; and sadly, you can usually tell where one ends and the other begins.Sometimes, the sets look cardboard-y, and some of the props don’t really feel “real”, although this could be intentional. Lastly, the cinematography is good, showing us how Burton‘s style is going to become in future movies.

Tim Burton‘s Hansel & Gretal is one hell of a movie, and it feels like a dream; you really can’t tell what’s real or not.. it’s obscure, it’s colorful, and it’s dark – and I don’t mean the set pieces. It’s definitely something you have to experience for yourself to get a feel for what I mean, but that could be said about any movie.. So because it’s something that’s only surfaced in the last few years, I have a treat for you: [that won’t be part of the rest of weirdo’ween] Here’s Tim Burton‘s Hansel & Gretel in it’s full obscurity below:

So this was #0.5 of weirdo’ween, with tomorrow being the first official movie review for the Halloween/weirdo’ween season. [weirdo’ween #01] Although I have the first few film reviews planned already, please let me know in a comment or two which movie[s] you want to see reviewed next! If you found yourself to enjoy review – and want to see more – then take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 120+ likes almost at 130!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; as well as links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends!


REAL HORROR: the dentist who creates mutations! [somewhat NSFW]

Ever wanted to make you own monster? Imagine: you could choose it’s number of eyes and/or it’s skin tone; it could literally be your monster. Now, let’s meet Morgan Loebel, a dentist technician from Kansas turned ‘Mutant Maker’. Morgan makes his very own creatures, monsters and mutated masterpieces out of polymer clay, and I must say.. they’re horrifyingly disgusting! [yet, I love the realism] Apparently this guy’s work is nothing new to some, but I’ve only just stumbled upon it and I’m shocked at the details!

After spending over 20 years making thousands of false teeth through his work as a dental lab technician, Loebel seems to have found his true calling after starting to use Polymer Clay back in 2012. Good thing too, because these monsters are probably the most life-like I’ve ever seen.. He claims that spending his days ‘fabricating realistic, detailed crowns, bridges and other dental prosthesis’ played a key role in his ‘progression from dental tech to mutant maker.’ He now makes anything from phone cases, to necklaces [with suspended teeth] to Necronomicon art; and for those curious – I will be posting pictures of some of his work at the end of this post. They’re even available for purchase on His Etsy page, where you can find one of a kind collectables ranging from hand sculpted polymer clay items to original artwork! According to his Etsy page, he’s been asked the same question since the beginning, which he answers with: “yes..all realistic eyes and teeth that are used in my works are handmade and you cannot get them anywhere else but here.” His work takes several weeks to complete, but the end result is staggering. It’s truly unique.

Take a look at the picture above, Morgan made this for a robot art contest online and even claims that he may be putting it up for sale soon! Though, like many of the comments on the photo agree; I feel he should keep it, as a personal trophy of his accomplishments thus far! According to the description of the picture, he always thought nano technology was interesting, With his idea for the ‘robot art’ contest began as a frightening article he had read a couple years ago on how these nanobots could be weaponized! So naturally, this is what he came up with, and I have to say; it’s creepy – but probably how things would turn out!!

Now I know you guys have been patient with my incessant praising of the art, and the explanations, so I’ll give you what you’ve been waiting for: the pictures. shall we begin with a phone case? remember, all the eyes/teeth on these “pieces of art” are fake, regardless of how real they seem to look! [somewhat NSFW]

It’s just mind numbing to realize that the teeth, the eyes, and even the saliva is fake. You can tell that Morgan worked with teeth for awhile, because he certainly knows how to add to the realism.. But, let’s say you like your phone case, and you’re not interested in buying one of the above cases; what about a necklace or two? For your loved one[s], of course!

I mean, I can only imagine the look on people’s faces if you walked by wearing one of these around your neck! I’m not entirely a fan of the second necklace [above] but I’m sure there are people that do! The last picture I’ll share [I’ll let his pages do the talking for him!] is a commissioned ‘portrait’ he did for someone.. What I’m saying is, that instead of just the face [like the phone cases] he actually made a portrait statue for someone – and it’s probably [in my opinion] the best one yet. Check it, below!

In closing, Morgan Loebel definitely has a ‘certain kind of fan base’, no doubt especially in the horror scene. The details, and the realism just make his art ‘pop’, which shows us that some people are just great at what they do. And just think, Morgan started as a Dentist Tech.. If you still can’t get enough of his ‘work’, be sure to check out his Etsy page or even his page on Facebook, where he sometimes takes requests from fans!

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warrenisweird’s TOP 05 monsters from “Cabin In The Woods”

I’ve said it on here before, I can say it a million times – I absolutely love the movie CABIN IN THE WOODS! It has monsters, it has comedy, it even has Thor [but not as Thor] as one of the mindless teenagers who gets himself into trouble. Being as it’s October, I figure there’s no better time to talk about one of my all time favorite monster-flicks, and talk about the monsters in it! The best part of the film is obviously with the  monsters during the scene with the elevators when all hell breaks loose. However, even based on the betting board [which can be seen in the post I made about the film herethere’s a lot of monsters in the film, almost too many to mention: and only then do they finally appear during the purging scene!

From Werewolves to Aliens to Goblins to fucking Unicorns, there are a ton of different types of beasts in this film. Hell, most of them are references to other films/monster flicks! In this post, I’m going to share my TOP 05 monsters in the film. You just may be surprised by who you see on this list. READ ON!

that’s…something else.

For the first one on this list, you can’t go wrong with some mutants. They have the look of the zombies from 28 Days Later don’t they? Even if they aren’t the absolute worst on this list, I’d hate to get caught by one of those guys – cause that’s just fucking gross..

what a beast..literally.

The Dragonbat was something I honestly didn’t expect to be shown, primarily because it wasn’t bet on during the whiteboard scene. However, when it does appear, it certainly pays off! It looks fucking amazing on-screen and I could only wish it got more screen time.

The thing about these Doctors is that they are clearly insane. they’re blood-splattered, they look like their skin has been removed, and they are just all around look disturbing. They aren’t shown for long, but they are seen relatively quickly, about to ‘operate’ on someone. Points for being creepy, guys!

Another monster that deserved more screen time were the dismemberment goblins! Seen only briefly during the ensuing chaos, they are seen for a split-second driving a cart around, while people are tying to escape. What makes them so special is [as seen above] there seems to be two types: a red one and a green one. Whether there is a difference or not, I suppose we’ll never know.

before you jump at me about how I despise clowns, give me a minute to explain why this one is on the list: This is a list about monsters, clowns give me the fucking creeps, and if you have seen the movie, you’ll know that this clown is invulnerable to bullets! If that’s not fucking terrifying, I don’t know what is. fuck this guy for scaring me!

Now that’s only five of the total count of monsters in this film. While I could have gone on forever, these are just some of the scarier beasts found in the movie Cabin In The Woods. Some honorable mentions can be found below [with pictures – click the name –  for reference]

Which was your favorite monster? Was it the Dragonbat? or was it even the Unicorn? Maybe your favorite wasn’t even listed! [I’m sorry if that’s the case!] Let me know in a comment or two, let’s talk about it! Join me tomorrow for my next post: this time, about a film not many people enjoyed: [but of course, I did..] 2012’s Sinister.