SAW: LEGACY [VIII] Plot Details Revealed?


Imagine with me for a moment: a film series that has lasted seven films, with the seventh being called “The Final Chapter”, but somehow; another sequel was on the way. Impossible? Not quite. At least, not for the SAW franchise, because sometime next year [presumably around Halloween] we are getting another sequel/addition to this seemingly never ending cycle of films. The question on everyone’s mind though is if it is a sequel, a reboot, or a continuation; because with a title like SAW: LEGACY, it does not tell us much. It is no surprise that rumors and secrets circle this film because this is not the first time I have written about this sequel, just look at the SAW VIII tag on warrenisweird but today, I have a new exciting development to add to this tag: plot details..At least, that’s what they are being called since we have zero knowledge about this new film as far as trailers/screenshots/anything.

According to sources, SAW: Legacy is going to begin with bodies turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely and gruesome end. [No doubt as a result of their “tests”] But as the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But as fans know, this is impossible.. The man known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade[see SAW III] Could it be that another apprentice has begun his/her version of the works of Jigsaw, or perhaps even someone within the investigation? Before people start jumping on the bandwagon of [spoiler] Hoffman surviving the sequence at the end of The Final Chapter, it’s also noted that Costas Mandylor [who played Hoffman] or Cary Elwes [who played Doctor Gordon] will not be returning to play their respective characters, who [spoiler] both ended up becoming apprentices of Jigsaw in previous installments. As for the original Jigsaw, it is rumored that Tobin Bell will be back in some way, shape, or form. [Don’t be too surprised if it is only through flashback sequences]


I guess what I am trying to say is that I am feeling the same way as most people in the horror community: just what the hell is SAW: LEGACY going to be about, and what could the story arc follow? Personally, I want to know what Doctor Gordon was doing after the end of the “Last” SAW film; but if he is not set to star in this film – it raises even more questions: is this “new” Jigsaw a copycat? A new apprentice? Another cop? Or maybe someone new we have yet to know anything about. Let me know who You think it could be in the comments below, and if You are not sure who to guess; let me know if You are looking forward to another SAW film!

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When you visit warrenisweird, what do you enjoy reading the most? Upcoming horror news? Maybe the occasional movie review? Well this post is going to be a little different than usual because today, while we are talking something horror/Halloween related – we are talking food..specifically, Doritos. From Japan. [wait, what?]

Yes. Leave it to Japan to – once again – give us food and snacks that we didn’t know we needed in our lives: in this case, it is a vampire defense system and packaged as a brand-new type of a chip that I used to eat all the time during my childhood. But this is not the friendly Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese flavors that came before; no, this new flavor  is all powerful garlic, and because Halloween, they are stained an charcoal black to give it that “scary factor.” Hopefully I am not getting you too excited, because unfortunately, there’s no word of this product being sold outside of Japan. But they are available to be ordered on napaJapan – though quanities might be limited! Or, if you want to track down someone in Japan to send you some, there’s actually an app that does just that; though use this method at your own risk! I guess you also want to see the chip bag in all its glory, don’t you? As expected, the bag has imagery of a vampire, a spooky castle and some bats.


Naturally, like any other garlic product, after eating these, your breath should ward off any and all vampires who come your way.. and probably everyone else around you, though don’t worry: Refinery29 has a quick remedy for that.

Naturally, like all things obscure and weird, I would love to try these chips – I’m strongly considering ordering some from napaJapan in order to try and possibly review them on here! I know this post was fairly short and to the point, especially considering the length of some of the other posts I write, but I have been busy with work, [For those that do not know/are new to my blog] and college 2017 prep. I am applying to College this upcoming week, and have been working a lot to prepare for that. Between two jobs and that, I have not had much time to sit and write. [most of my “sit down and relax” time is spent sleeping or watching Netflix actually] For the ones who are waiting for Weirdo’ween 2016, I am not going to be writing a review a day [like last year] but instead only a few reviews over the span of October – with one coming up tonight! [STAY TUNED] But let’s back up, where were we?

Now I turn to You – the reader. Are You interested in Black Doritos? Why or why not? Maybe you’re a huge fan of Garlic and are curious about this “version” of a classic type of chip; or maybe – like myself – you like new things, and find yourself curious.. Let me know in a comment below, and if you enjoyed this list; go and follow me over on my Facebook page! [we’re at over 150+ likes – let’s get to 200!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been “gone live” online; and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. So go follow over there too!



Annoucement: something a little different — an update

If you’ve been following warrenisweird for awhile now, you probably have noticed that there’s one category of post that doesn’t come up as much as it used to: Journals. They used to be more frequent, and they used to be a ‘once and a while’ sort of thing, to keep you – the readers – up to date with what I have been up to outside of the blogging world. However, I hardly post these anymore; and they’re something that I feel doesn’t fit the general theme of my blog; even if it is about myself. So as an effort to use it more, and a way to steer away from that kind of post here, I plan on not posting any Journal posts on here anymore, though the ones I’ve already written; will remain..and the Journal posts will cease to exist. Or will they? What I mean by this is that, I’m not saying that I’ll never writing anything about myself and updates about myself again, I just mean that they won’t be featured on warrenisweird, and that’s where Medium comes in..

Medium works in a way that makes anyone feel like they’re an author of their own story, without the hassle of feeling like they need to build an audience in the blogging atmosphere [blogosphere?] It’s been called “a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends.” Which makes sense, since one of the co-founders of Twitter designed it. Although it’s a blogging platform designed for smaller stories that “make your day better and manifestos that change the world,” it has it’s way of helping you find the right audience for whatever you have to say. I think that’s what attracted me to it – I could say what I want, how I want, and whoever is interested; can read it. If not, they move on in their lives and it doesn’t affect them. Which, in turn, doesn’t affect me. It’s pretty great for that reason. Surprisingly, I’ve actually been on Medium for awhile now – check my profile here –  but I never ended up using it, since I’d tend to write elsewhere: whether Facebook or warrenisweird. Don’t think I’m going anywhere, because I’m definitely not; I’m just trying to say that warrenisweird is going to be strictly horror related posts now, and personal things – like what I’ve been up to outside of blogging – will be on Medium. With all that said and done , I just wanted to share this, I know it’s probably not the post you expected from me today, but here it is. I promise come the next post, it will be horror-related, but I just wanted to share this in case someone was wondering why there hasn’t been any Journals as of late. In fact, be sure to catch up on what I’ve been posting over on Medium by reading my most recent post, titled “A Twist Of Fate.” It’s essentially an update on one of the biggest things happening in my life right now, which has me both excited and nervous. [but also, something that’s been a long time coming]

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Michael Dougherty’s “Krampus” film gets THREE teaser cards!

heeeeeeeeeere’s Krampus!

Before I talk about the Dougherty‘s new anthology horror film, I think it’s best if I explain just what [the] Krampus truly is. c’mon guys! it a Christmas related demon-thing: it’s pretty damn relevant, right? So let us talk about this “Anti-Claus”, and then we’ll get into talking about the movie. hold on to your seats, this is going to be a fun, and dangerous, one!

According to German-speaking Alpine folklore, [the] Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure. The traditional story behind Him is that [the] Krampus will punish children during the Christmas season who have been “naughty”. This is such a contrast with Saint Nicholas, who [in opposition to Krampus] will reward the “good” children with gifts. Some regions in the Austrian diaspora actually ‘believe’ in similar “Christmas demons” to the point where [the] Krampus is one of many partners to Saint Nicholas. Where the origin of the this “Anti-Claus” is unclear; but some folklorists have suggested that it started back in Pre-Christian times. Sometimes, there’s even parades in which young males dress themselves as [the] Krampus, during something called the Krampuslauf [the GermanKrampus run’], occur yearly in some Alpine villages; in fact, [the] Krampus is often featured on holiday cards which are called Krampuskarten – one of which, I’ve included below:

that’s..pretty damn terrifying.

Let’s move back to Michael Dougherty‘s film: not much is known about the film [no plot, or anything] other than the release date – which is December 5th, 2015. The film is simply being called Krampus“. and I am fucking stoked. Let me explain why – first off, the name Dougherty should sound familiar, as he’s most known for one of my favorite Halloween films: Trick ‘r Treat. already, that makes Krampus one of my most highly anticipated horror films of 2015! [don’t make me eat my words, Dougherty!] Add to that the fact that it’s his second holiday anthology: [Trick ‘r Treat was bad-ass!] Oh man, I’m totally excited. To get us excited for the film, Dougherty and Legendary Pictures [who are producing the film] have sent us, the fans, some season’s greetings.. in the form of three Krampus teaser Christmas cards.  [just like the Krampuskarten cards that we talked about earlier!] Seriously, they’re fantastic looking: check out these Krampuskarten for the film!



KRAMPUS_FACE_CARDMichael Dougherty has described his new film as a “twisted horror-comedy”, and that Krampus is [naturally] about our favorite holiday Beast who accompanies Saint Nicholas and makes it his business to punish the misbehaved children of the world..

How do you feel about Dougherty‘s new monster film? Is it going to be as fantastic as Trick ‘r Treat? Or is it going to be something more? Be sure to unleash your thoughts down in the comments! I’m for one, super excited for this film, I’m a big Krampus fan, and the fact that there will be a movie based around this Monster, I’m sold!

Be safe this Holiday season, and be sure to watch out for [the] Krampus!


GWAR has a new vocalist – and SHE is in charge!

Although I tend to talk about movies on warrenisweird, this specific post is going to be slightly different than usual in the sense that I’m going to talk about something else: music. When it comes to music, I enjoy most hardcore punk bands [my favorite band will always be Brand New] and some [I’m fairly selective] metal bands. One metal band I enjoy in particular is GWAR. [above] They are known for putting on insanely awesome shows, being the all-singing, all-decapitating, blood-and-guts-drenched thrash metal horror group they are from Richmond, Virginia. [I dare you to look their live performances up on Youtube] The one “character” who was the ‘main event’ of the group was the founding member Dave Brockie: or as he was known to fans – ringleader Oderus Urungus. Out of  costume though, Dave was known as one of the nicest guys in metal, always making sure people were safe at their [always sold out] shows. Unfortunately, Brockie died earlier this year due to a heroin overdose, and GWAR fans had a dark ominous feeling over their heads for a long time – wondering what’s going to happen next for the band..

As it turns out, the band continued, making moves and putting things into motion [which Brockie would have wanted – the show must go on, as they say] and were left with a final, but obvious situation: finding a new front-person. As cliche as it sounds – how could they find someone as intense as Dave? He was extremely well liked, and it would be hard to find someone to replace him that would be accepted as a GWAR member. Well, it seems like after 30 years of playing offensive, shocking music; the band has made what some may see as their most shocking move yet – They found their ‘front person’, and she is in charge.

Introducing VULVATRON: GWAR‘s first lead woman. She’s nobody’s girlfriend, or groupie or background dancer; Vulvatron is in charge. She may be new to the band, but she’s already claiming to be a monster instead of a princess, which makes us realize [especially thanks to her outfit] that she can be as grotesque as her band-mates. Vulvatron is played by a woman named Kim Dylla, an accomplished clothing designer and musician in her own way, and her new status as high priestess of GWAR is going to make some noise. especially in the metal community.

If we could go back to Dave Brockie for a minute or two, he was also in the Ariescope show Holliston, playing Adam Green‘s imaginary friend. Oderus Urungus was also a friend of Green‘s offstage, and as a memorable tribute, Ariescope actually made a tribute video of Brockie [using clips from the show]. See the tribute video [as made by Ariescope] below:

as a metal fan, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I miss you Oderus Urungus, you had a huge impact on many people – including myself. I don’t know where you are, or how you’re doing – but if you’ve made it back to your alien planet of Scumdogia, I hope you’re doing well slaying all the monsters to your heart’s content. [RIP]

and welcome Vulvatron, may you charge forward as new leader of this sick circus known to the world as GWAR. HAIL VULVATRON