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film study: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [1990 vs. 2014]

like most 90s kids, I grew up watching the Ninja Turtle films so much, it actually felt unhealthy! It quickly became one of my favorite films of my childhood – even today, the film stands as a nostalgic piece of my past. I loved the characters, the villains, even the awesome [though, extremely idiotic] Foot Clan! and then there were talks of a remake [you know, another one..]

Until recently [yesterday, in fact] I had little to no intention of seeing this remake — the trailer looked like every other action film on the market lately, and the turtles looked..alien-like. But as a Turtles fan, I bit my tongue, and accepted this ‘re-imagining’ of my childhood. In this post, I will be talking about the two films, both the 1990 film and the new 2014 reboot. Due to the fact that I grew up with the 90s film, I’m going to try and be as unbiased as possible..


DJ Mikey in the hiz-ouse!

Starting with the new film, I want to begin by saying it wasn’t a bad film and it got some key points right – it just didn’t feel like a Turtles film. [the story-line was wrong, the Foot Clan are now terrorists with guns? and worst of all – Shredder looks like a damn Transformer]

Let’s look the main thing that was done correctly which I believe the most important [though small] detail: April O’Neil‘s coat. Yes – her outfit.

When I remember April O’Neil from the comics/cartoons/90s films, I think of the photo on the left – her Channel6 jumper and her iconic red hair. But yet, when we look at Megan Fox in the new film [on the right]: she may not be a Ginger, and although it has been ‘modernized’ — she has a yellow leather coat on which I like to believe was clearly a nod to the classics!

20140815-113544.jpgAs seen in the picture above, the other great thing about the 2014 film is that we saw each Turtle with their own ‘strengths’, which gave them [albeit, small] depth as their own character. [Leo – the leader / Mikey – the ‘surfer dude’ / Don – the geek / Raph – the brute] although, spoiler: I don’t ever want to hear a Turtle talk about Megan Fox being so hot that his shell is ‘tightening’ ever again.. it’s fucking creepy.

This may explain my love for the original film[s] — they are cheesy, the characters aren’t that creepy, and the Turtles were guys in suits created by Jim Henson’s creature shop! It doesn’t help that I saw the classics first, which I guess makes me a bit more biased.

So was the 2014 film worth seeing? In my opinion, it was only worth your time to say you saw it. [I was fortunate enough to see it for free] it’s got smart ass Turtles, overly sexual Turtle [I’m looking at you, Mikey..], and some half-decent fight scenes. Oh, Megan Fox and Will Arnett are in it too, so that certainly helps. [it ended on a cliffhanger too – hinting at SUPER SHREDDER for the sequel in 2016]

So did you see the new Ninja Turtle film? What did you think? Worthwhile, or meh? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below!

Also, as this is my weekend to work [all day/night tonight to Sunday], there might feel like a lack of posts until Monday morning. By then, I should be back in full swing with new posts, etc.

Until my next post though,