as if a frozen little girl wasn’t creepy enough, right?

While there are already seven Silent Hill games before this one; Shattered Memories is the one of the only ones I’ve actually beaten all the way through, at least more than once. One thing to consider while playing is that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a remake/re-imagining of the first Silent Hill game. The game came out for Wii/Playstation2/Playstation Portable but for the sake of this post — I’m going by the one I have, since it’s the only version of it I’ve played: the Wii edition. Our story begins like any other Silent Hill game, a person [it’s been both a man and a woman in the past] and their daughter driving, until an accident spins them out of control. It’s only when the individual wakes from the accident, that you have the realization that your daughter is gone and you’re in a deserted town called “Silent Hill”. While I’m sure the game is more or less the same over each port, I like the version on the Wii mainly because when you’re playing, you use the Wii-Remote as a flashlight/cellphone moving the controller around like an actual tool you need. If that wasn’t enough to feel like you’re becoming the character, when you boot up the game and it’s loading, you get this on your screen: 20141003-085013.jpg I remember first seeing that ‘warning’ and wondering just what was I getting myself into. It almost make me nervous to play because I’ve never seen anything like it when playing a video game. As it turns out, during certain points of the game, [it feels like an interactive cutscene] you are in an office re-telling a psychologist what you went through in Silent Hill — asking questions like “have you ever cheated on a lover?” or even “did you really love your daughter?” to which you shake the controller up and down to say “yes” or shake left and right to say “no”. He also has you pick cards from a deck and other strange things but these choices in-game are important: as they determine what the game does to you..becoming, quite literally, your own personal nightmare.


yep, yep, yep, and maybe?

The game has a couple endings; so by answering “tests”, like the one above, the game basically creates a custom game based on how you respond. I remember the game being really emotional the first time I played it, being that my ending was that Harry — the main character you play as — had killed his wife and daughter, and after realizing what he had done: killed himself. The whole game, I was a “supposed” spirit who had disconnected himself, trying to find his daughter due to regret. As for the whole psychologist part? turns out [according to my play through] it was the psychologist trying to piece together what Harry had said to him during their sessions before all this happened! [before he snapped] I mean, What. The. Fuck. So if you like horror gaming and you feel that you can handle the suspense, definitely give Shattered Memories a go, just be sure to answer as truthfully as you can during the psychologist’s questions — it definitely amps up the creepy-factor. There’s also a new “Silent Hills” playable trailer out for Playstation4, so if you get the chance; you should totally Youtube that! And this post concludes “horror gaming”, at least for now– but who knows? It just may come back another day. But for now, new posts will be about what I know best, horror films and “film studies”, etc!


horror gaming: SPLATTERHOUSE

going through my extensive collection of video games, I came across one in particular that I haven’t played in a long time, but definitely feel the need to start up again: SPLATTERHOUSE. it’s a horror stylized game which I think deserves more praise than it probably actually received on launch. Although I know there was already three classic SPLATTERHOUSE games, the version I’m going to be talking about is the 2010 remake for Xbox360/Playstation3. As with the movies I talk about, take it as a general rule that there will be spoilers about. So put on your Terror Masks and hold on tight Rick-o, cause this is gonna be a fucking bloodbath!

In game, you follow the story of Rick Taylor and his girlfriend Jennifer. [above] They’re on their way to what can only be described as the creepiest [but coolest] looking mansion, as Jennifer was offered an internship with the [evil] scientist inside. When the two lovers arrive, they are almost immediately attacked by these grossly disfigured beasts, and Jennifer is taken away; all while Rick — that’s you — is blacking out in a puddle of your own blood, left for dead.

When you finally come to, [granted, you’re on the verge of death..] you hear a voice calling Rick‘s name; reminding him that Jennifer needs his help, and the only way to save her is to put the Terror Mask [as seen above] on. The mask, which you learn was the one talking, mentions that you’re going to go through a painful transformation; but you’ll be given the power to save your love. The twist is, you have to kill the monstrous beasts from earlier — along with many others, collecting their blood. [you know, cause the mask asked you to; completely normal] when Rick puts the mask on, he completely changes.. into this new “form” :

Only then do you get to pick up your controller actually and play, starting with the objective of killing a bunch of monsters! [everything mentioned above is the opening cutscene] the story of the game is fairly extreme, with tie-ins to other horror films! one particular level — in the boiler room, if you look carefully enough you can actually see a Freddy glove on top of a furnace, making it my favorite little easter egg in game. There’s also a lot of reference to The Wicker Man [the original film, sorry Nic Cage!] especially during the game’s final cutscene.

There’s also a fuck-ton of collectibles too, like different weapons, references to the original three 16bit SPLATTERHOUSE games, [which you actually unlock after beat the main story, which is fucking awesome!] and saving the best for last — Jennifer‘s pictures. For those who haven’t played SPLATTERHOUSE, one thing you’ll notice during cutscenes is that Jennifer seems to love taking pictures of herself with Rick, but it also seems of herself. As you collect pieces of her pictures in the different levels [you have to find them, sometimes they’re hidden!] you piece together her ‘shots’. as you unlock more and more pieces, they become fairly NSFW as well! what do I mean? let me just show you: [there is over 10 pictures to complete]

So in the end, SPLATTERHOUSE is a fucking awesome game — especially for us horror fans. The boss battles are extremely violent, the kills are gorier than even some movies I’ve seen, and the references to cult classics just make the game even more enjoyable. If those three reasons aren’t enough, there’s unlockable boobs, and classic 16bit games to play too. Join me for my next edition of “horror gaming” when I tackle a game that friends have asked me loads about — the infamous SAW games. [also available on Xbox360/Playstion3]


this INSANE Australian “Evil Dead” Blu-Ray set is coming!

many horror fans [myself included] absolutely love the original Evil Dead trilogy [The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn, Army Of Darkness] they are extremely campy, have a ton of blood/guts to satisfy the biggest of gore-hounds, and features The Chin himself — Bruce Campbell. The trilogy has been released a numerous amount of times together on DVD and/or Blu Ray but never has a set included the 2013 remake of Evil Deaduntil now.

Exclusive to Australia and coming in November, is the Evil Dead anthology! This means that [being exclusive to Australia] that the only way that you can play the discs is if you have a region free player… or you’re from Australia! I’d say that this set is like all the other Evil Dead sets but also includes the remake, except that’s not true — this set comes with a lot more than just that!

As you can see from the picture above, this set looks like it’s going to fantastic for fans of the films! The set comes with a fuck-ton of goodies, which I’m about to explain in detail.. So listen up you primitive screwheads and grab your boomsticks, cause this is gonna be fucking awesome!

• let’s point out the most prominent part of the set, first: the Necronomicon. Besides looking fantastic, it’s actually a book [I mean, it obviously that makes sense right?] with about 16 pages, each filled with original drawings from the film! If you think that was the best part already, you haven’t heard [or is it ‘read’?] yet!

• the second part worth noting is the dagger. It’s actually a replica from the film, coming in at about nine inches. It is supposed to be almost identical to the one in the film, making this a worthwhile collector’s item!

• speaking of props from Evil Dead, let’s move onto the discs. Besides coming with the four films [I’d love if they were all in unrated format too!] we’re actually getting treated to two unreleased films! let me break this down a little bit better, below:

• for starters, we’re getting a documentary called “Invaluable”. It’s about the set designer Tim Sullivan from the original films and how he came to be the most ‘invaluable’ part of the films; without him, the films wouldn’t have looked [and probably wouldn’t have felt] the way they did!

• the second unreleased film is one that hardcore Evil Dead fans will recognize. We are finally getting a home release of “Within The Woods”! For the ones who don’t know of this ‘short’, it’s a [very] rare film made by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and a few others. It was also extremely low budget, but it’s an important film because it was what eventually evolved into what we now know as The Evil Dead.

So what do you think of the set above? Obviously, if you’re as big of an Evil Dead fan as I am, you’ll find a way to get your hands on it! remember though, it is exclusive to Australia so if you don’t already have one, you’ll need a region-free Blu Ray player to play these awesome films! This set is being released in early November so keep your eyes peeled for it!