has someone died from watching horror movies?

Most people — like myself — watch horror movies for the sake of excitement, and thrills. It’s a fun experience, especially getting a non-horror fan to watch a film, just to see them react! But, imagine this friend freaks out more then you expected: causing them to [possibly] lose sleep, have an increased heart rate and have dilated pupils! Was the scare truly worth it? I mean, surely, you’ve heard of the expression being “scared to death”; which, if taken literally — basically means that something is so terrifying that it actually has the power to stop someone’s heart. But let’s be honest here. Has anyone actually been “scared to death” in the literal sense? And if they have — as a movie blogger — could it have been because of a horror film?

NOT what I meant by death by a horror movie..

Surprisingly, it is possible for a horror film to cause an actual death: just maybe not in the way you’re thinking.. as it turns out, if a shock to the system is sufficient enough it can actually be strong enough to trigger a massive surge of adrenaline, which would go so far as to stun your heart so badly, it causes it to stop beating.

But could this happen because of a movie — specifically, a horror film? there’s actually two cases of “death-by-horror”. One of which is a child: 9 year old Stewart Cohan. passed away in October in the year 1956 [read the full news article here], while watching The Creeping Unknown and The Black Sheep. At the beginning of The Creeping Unknown, during the opening credits, the boy collapsed and [ultimately] died, which [naturally] led people to quickly blame the film. When Cohan’s autopsy report came back, the coroner’s Pathologist who worked the case had discovered that the child had an existing heart condition before he even died, [which his parents were not aware of] His heart was smaller than that of a normal heart, which had played a large part in his unfortunate end. Ultimately, the Pathologist came to the conclusion that “the boy died of a heart collapse after extraordinary tension while watching a movie,” which indicates that it was the film that pushed his young body to its breaking point.

The second death-by-horror comes all the way from India back in 2010 [read the full news article here], where a student named M Prabhakar died of shock while watching a set of four horror movies back to back to back to back. Around 11:30pm, reports say Prabhakar went to the bathroom and came out screaming in shock, only to drop dead in the room where his fellow students were watching the movie marathon. If that’s not sad enough, it seems that none of them saw him fall to the floor, and it was only after the fourth movie ended, that anyone came to realize what had just happened. By the time the other students finished the four-movie marathon, the paramedics were [finally] called, and at the end of things, the boy was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.I guess what I’m trying to say is that horror movies have been the cause of [at least] two deaths in the past. If it wasn’t for the increased heart rate, dilated pupils, and even the loss of sleep; maybe horror really isn’t the genre for everyone.. Ultimately, if you’re not sure if a certain type of film isn’t your forte, check what the movie has in store before you watch them — cause sometimes, it could be considered too late: like the unfortunate deaths of Cohen and Prabhakar. Kind of makes you think twice before watching the entire Nightmare On Elm Street series, doesn’t it?