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Nosferatu remake in the works?

To this day, it actually surprises me that there hasn’t been remakes of the silent film Nosferatu: A Symphony Of The Night. The film — which came out in 1922, still holds the title of being one of the creepiest vampire stories ever put to screen. However, many film enthusiasts feel that, while the 1922 film was as creepy as it gets, [especially for a silent film!] a newer and updated version would be a fantastic idea! and there’s only one man in the people’s minds for Count Orlok; none other than Doug Jones. [who fans know as the man behind the masks, in Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, etc]

David Lee Fisher seems to think Doug is the right candidate too as he’s just launched a Kickstarter campaign for something he calls “Nosferatu: The Feature Film Remix starring Doug Jones with even a picture of Jones with [what looks to be] a new and improved looking Count Orlok!


yes? no? comment why or why not!

Over on the Kickstarter page, Fisher had this to say about his plans to remake the classic vampire film:

“The goal of this project is to produce a feature-length, faithful homage to this classic masterpiece through use of an updated story structure, plot pacing, visual effects, and importantly sound and music,” says Fisher. “We believe this ‘fresh take on an old tale’ will bring something new to devoted fans and excite an entire new generation of audiences as well.”

With the film getting closer and closer to it’s last day to back the project, if you like the idea of a new Nosferatu film, now is the time to act! the real question however, lies with you: are you going to help back this project, therefore; helping it get made? Do you feel that Doug Jones is the right candidate for the job of the infamous Count Orlok? If not, who would you chose for the role? Let me know in a comment or over on Facebook!