The House With 100 Eyes


If you follow me on Instagram, chances are that you saw this picture that I had posted a few days ago – stating that it was a “hint” to something new to come to warrenisweird. Now although movie reviews aren’t new, and are in fact something I do all the time, this film is a little different than the others for one reason: The House With 100 Eyes hasn’t been released yet on DVD/Blu-Ray: which – other than Netflix or the movie theater – is how I watch most films these days, especially as someone who collects movies.

Now before you jump at me about how I must have downloaded the film, or I “ripped” it, I want to nip these rumors at the bud and explain: I’ve actually been working with a distribution company called Artsploitation Films to receive ‘screener’ copies of their movies before it’s widespread release – which in return – I’ll review here on the blog. Bear in mind, not all of them are horror, but a good number of them will be, so don’t be surprised if one day I review something non-horror related movie. Being as they’re a company from the USA – and I’m in Canada – I also have to wait in order to get them mailed to my address, so patience is definitely a virtue here.

So there you it is; my “big secret” of the day, week, month, whatever you want to call it:  I will be reviewing a few films that haven’t been released yet, and this will become a more common thing around the blog. It just depends when the screener arrives, or if one is on the way. I hope this clears things up with what this new thing I’m going to be doing for a while now is, and hopefully you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them! Please remember though, if you enjoy the review enough, and you find yourself interested, be sure to snag a copy of the film once they’re released, whether it’s DVD, Blu-Ray, digital copy, or however you see fit: it really does help the movie makers, which I’m a huge supporter of, and as movie fans: you should too. Obviously, this won’t be the only thing that happens on warrenisweird, but rather, a new ‘segment’ to the blog, for lack of a better term. Regular posts will still appear as often as possible, but for now, let’s move onto the main event of the day: the actual review of The House With 100 Eyes!

Meet Ed and Susan [above]. They are your typical suburban married couple. Susan is the perfect trophy-wife for someone like Ed, she seems to “get him”, and they do everything together.. everything. The House With 100 Eyes is their life story, where they attempt to create the ultimate “film” [for their dying fans!], complete with behind the scenes footage and even a director’s commentary – all the features you’d expect on a regular DVD: but that’s just extra, because everyone knows you’re here for their main attraction: The world’s first triple feature: Three victims, Three murders, One night!

Before even the first shot, we’re told that the film we are about to watch is ‘edited’ from an actual snuff film, that it was ‘found’ by the producers, and that it’s based on actual events; with religious music playing over the words. When the beginning of the movie officially starts, it feels fairly slow to set the pace. With Susan and Ed filming themselves in first person view, which the most of the movie is, Ed begins to tell the camera that they plan to make “an adult movie”. But of course, this is no ordinary movie, because it’s the most terrible type of film: a snuff film. Ed makes a comment or two about how they plan to go further than any other film of this nature has before by filming the entire process: from how they choose their victim to the “finale”. But like I said above, they change it up, and instead of one victim, they are including three victims, or as they refer to them, cast members. It gets almost scary in a sense because we hear Susan and Ed talk about killing people and filming the deaths just as they would if they were discussing something as natural as planting a tree or going for a leisurely stroll. It’s on the outside that they look like a normal, happy couple – but clearly that’s just a front to cover where evil truly lies.

Eventually, we learn that every day they can, our favorite couple drives the streets, looking for their “cast members” for their next “feature film” – telling people that they can make quick money. Along the way, we notice it’s not as easy as it seems to be made out to be: With a few either wanting to leave, or just plain ignore their offers of fast-cash. but after a few trial and errors, we meet Jamie, Crystal [as seen above], and Clutch. We see Ed lure them into his van with the promise of $500 for showing up to their show, and being as they are desperate for cash in a town they don’t know, the three agree to go back to Ed and Susan’s House. Once back at the home, [and after a few drinks] Susan and Ed waste no time introducing their ‘staff members’ to their homemade torture chamber[s] amongst the walls of the House. Jumping right into the action, they begin torturing and tormenting each one of them with smiling faces, and cameras everywhere[I took the “100 Eyes” to be the cameras] These victims go through a number of horrific experiences [including, but not limited to, cutting stomach fat out and being force-fed it] with what looks like no chance, or hope, of survival. The worst part is, there’s a high chance that no one will even know they are missing.. making the movie feel painfully real. Their will to survive push them to at least try to make it out alive, but we all know in horror films – except for a typical “final girl”, the rest are pretty well finished for good.. Scene by scene, Susan and Ed vent their pain, anger, and frustration at humankind onto their play-things – all while their 100 cameras are filming. If they’re lucky, maybe the fans will send them some cold, hard earned cash for their efforts; assuming it all went to plan.

The House With 100 Eyes is definitely not a movie for everyone: it’s brutal, it’s violent as all hell, and it’s terrifyingly real. Not surprisingly though, some scenes will offend some viewers, but fear not: it all has its place in the movie. With graphic violence, blood/gore, fast-paced action and a disturbingly evil feeling plot, It’s clear that Jim Roofthe writer and actor of Ed – was hoping to open people’s eyes to the depravity that is out there – no matter how much we deny it. and he succeeded. The film is clear with it’s showing that even a small cast is the perfect way to do a film like this, and with most of the movie taking place in the dark of night, visual effects and camera work are/is insanely good at feeling realistic – it just feels like it helps turn the “House” into a scary, creepy atmosphere for a killing floor! If this movie sounds interesting enough for you, I’ve included the trailer for the film down below, just be sure to check out THE HOUSE WITH 100 EYES when it’s released on DVD and Blu-Ray June 16, 2015!