Welcome back to SAW-TOBER – the series when I review each and every film in the SAW franchise, in order, and share my thoughts! Today’s edition? SAW III! Was it good? Well, it was certainly better than it’s predecessors, but it still wasn’t “great” by any means.. Remember how SAW II ended on a cliff hanger? [I didn’t mention that yesterday? whoops. It does. Moving on..] This sequel opens up where the second left off – and the first began – we see Detective Matthews chained up in the infamous bathroom with a handsaw and a choice. In a move that could be considered dumb and smart, Matthews cleverly “solves” his problem by breaking his own foot and thus the title screen flashes. The story leaves Matthews in favor of several horrible deaths that aren’t necessary to the plot, until at least 30 minutes into the film. In short, Jigsaw is now on his death bed and apprentice Amanda, remember her?, kidnaps a brain surgeon and forces her to keep Jigsaw alive to watch his latest game. The script then begins to have problems explaining the differences between Jigsaw’s struggle to survive, his latest victim’s progress through a new “game” and [of course] flashbacks; which are there as an attempt to fill in the plot holes of the last two movies.

Let’s stop right there for a minute. The SAW franchise has already become based on creative devices/traps of death and less about the originality of the first film. Because of this, SAW III loses sight of what made the first SAW good: the simplicity of chaining two people in a room with only a handsaw and the tension; created from wondering if they will, in fact, cut through their own legs for “a greater good.” Originally, Jigsaw’s lesson-driven murders were a nice side to the hyperviolence; but as the SAW series continues, the traps become more and more extreme. While they’re visually appealing to a horror fan, it’s the fact that it’s taking away the point of why John does what he does best.. Sorry, had to get that off my chest – let’s continue, shall we?


SAW III follows Lynn‘s – the brain surgeon – “game” which consists of her trying to keep John alive through a harrowing brain surgery. If she doesn’t, the explosive collar that Amanda has locked around her neck – which is connected to his heart-rate monitor – will go off, causing her to [literally] lose her head. Meanwhile, we also have Jeff, the subject of Jigsaw‘s final test, who has to participate in a series of grotesque challenges in the dark reaches of the killer’s torture-chamber “facility.” But Why? What did Jeff do? Well, according to Jigsaw, it’s in order to give Jeff the opportunity to either get back at or forgive a series of individuals who were involved in his young son’s accidental death [he was hit by a car] years earlier. Because Jigsaw is dying, Amanda oversees Jeff‘s misfortunes on a TV screen.

What I did like about this sequel is that Jigsaw puts a lot of emphasis on forgiveness. Just like he did in the first two movies, he seems to claim that the reason he tortures people and makes them face death is to teach them how to “live again.” He insists that he wants them to forgive those who have wronged them [including himself] in order to regain their joy for living.What he seems to forget, is to mention that most – if not all – these “subjects” die trying. Thanks, Jigsaw. In one of the “challenges”, we see a judge who sacrifices his own life to try to save the life of a stranger. Before he dies though, we hear him instruct Jeff, “Vengeance never solves anything. It only makes the pain greater.” We also see – whether it’s because she desires to do so or she’s afraid for her own life – Lynn is willing to do everything possible to give the medical attention to Jigsaw that he so badly needs. These brief [but important] scenes hint to the fact that the two are wanting to forgive – even if it is difficult.


In summation, SAW III continues the tradition of nearly every horror sequel in the genre: it attempts to further their [decent] storytelling by increasing the body count; and like any true horror sequel, it – once again – leaves an opening for another follow up featuring a villain who just won’t die.. even though he does die at the end of this film. As the television previews say loud and proud: “If it’s Halloween, it has to be Saw” and coming from a fan of the series as a whole – that doesn’t mean you should keep making them.

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warrenisweird’s 05 SCARIEST scenes in the STAR WARS franchise


Although my first love is horror, sometimes I’ll watch something involving superheroes, or science fiction. One series in particular [which is one of, if not my, favorite] has been there for me for as long as I can remember: Star Wars. I remember it being something that left me in awe and inspiration as one of my strongest influences in watching the ultimate ‘good VS evil’ trope on screen. Although I absolutely love the series of films now, I actually wasn’t a fan at first: when I first watched The Phantom Menace, I was bored and wanted it to end, though this might be because it’s part of the prequels.. Now, more versed in the world of Star Wars, I can healthily say that it’s my favorite series outside of horror, and even though this IS a horror blog – we’re switching it up for today..kind of.

For a sci-fi series, you have to admit: a lot of people lost their lives in the Star Wars films. Others lived, but with serious injuries. So, With The Force Awakens coming to us faster than The Millennium Falcon doing the Kessel Run sequence in A New Hope, let’s delve into The Dark Side of the series and look at my five scariest/goriest moments in the Star Wars film-universe. Because, let’s face it: Star Wars can be downright terrifying at times – both on screen, and in context. Even in space, no one can hear you scream..wait, wrong movie.

cuhwjxk     Attack Of The Clones – Slaughter Of The Tuskin Raiders:

Remember when Anakin tries to rescue his mother from a troop of Tuskin Raiders, but ends up being a little too late[with his mother consequently dying in his arms] If you do, you probably also remember that out of his frustration and anger, [which Jedi aren’t supposed to feel] angst-ridden Ani goes on a rampage; killing the whole group of Tuskin nomads – including their children who were with them! This, along with other situations he finds himself part of, help his inevitable journey towards The Dark Side.

gowhyreReturn Of The JediThe Rancor Beast:

Let’s be honest: Luke‘s face-to-face showdown with Jabba The Hutt‘s precious little demon pet is both inspiring and completely exciting to watch! I mean, who doesn’t like watching an insignificant Gamorrean Guard get eaten alive? It’s violent, gruesome, and just all around good family fun – right?

plur2wcRevenge Of The Sith – The fall of the Jedi Temple:

Do you know who I consider a terrible person? Anakin Skywalker. Seriously. When Palpatine requests of Anakin [though by this point, he may as well be Vader] to execute a plan known as Order-66. This plan involves going to the Jedi Temple and killing all the kids who are training to become Jedi themselves. It gets more depressing when you consider that one of the young Jedi boys asks Anakin for help, as Lord Vader takes out his lightsaber.. for murder.


dvph079A New HopeThe deaths of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru:

Need something to motivate you to go on an adventure? Why not coming home to the scorched bodies of the people who raised you? At least, this is what happened to Luke. The sight of Luke‘s aunt and uncle’s remains at the front door of the place he calls home across the sun burned plains of Tatooine is a scene that will forever stick with you when you first watch helplessly..

oxydb0yRevenge Of The Sith -The “birth” of Darth Vader:

In order to save the newly titled Darth Vader, we get one of my favorite scenes from the prequels [blasphemy!] showing little Ani‘s “birth” into Vader. It’s definitely chilling watching the burned, living husk of [what’s left of] Anakin Skywalker being encased in that iconic black armor, and his mask descending toward the camera reminding us of the new face of evil! Even if Lucas does blow it at the very end with that “Nooooooo!” [it’s just so good, for a movie that was so ‘meh.’ Check it out here!]

Needless to say, Star Wars is pretty great. It’s a series that I always return to with it’s iconic music, it’s atmosphere, and it’s views on violence: only use it when necessary. Something like The Force can be a strong tool in the hands of a mad man, just ask Vader! With The Force Awakens coming sooner than ever, I’m planning on revisiting the series [and possibly write reviews of all six on here?] because let’s be real: In a galaxy far, far away; Evil looms around every corner.

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cze37ujyou and me both, Solo.



weirdoween2015Here we are: our final trip into the swamp to put an end to Victor Crowley – even if we haven’t had much luck the past two films! [if you missed part 1 or part 2, be sure to check them out as well!]

Although this final Hatchet film isn’t Directed by Adam Green, he actually had complete control over the project, plus the new Director; B J McDonnell, was handpicked by Green – and He did a fantastic job! So for today’s weirdo’ween post, we visit Honey Island Swamp one last time, and we’re going to finish Crowley off. for good.

weirdo'ween-#15Now the important thing to note about this film is that unlike the other Hatchet films, this one took away a lot of the comedy aspects. Don’t get me wrong, there are in movie jokes, but it’s become a full fledged horror film this time around, and it’s great!

Picking up from where Hatchet II left off, Marybeth Dunston [still played by the wonderful Danielle Harris] blows off the head of Victor Crowley with a shotgun. Repeatedly. She walks away and comes across the bodies of almost everyone from the previous film, when she hears Crowley, deep in the woods. Marybeth starts up a nearby chainsaw, but is grabbed by Victor[poor girl can’t catch a break!] Marybeth then kicks him, and as he falls backwards onto the chainsaw, he is then cut him straight down the middle of his torso. She grabs a shotgun from one of the dead men nearby, and shoots Victor‘s head, and walks back into the city’s sheriff’s station, carrying only his scalp. Sheesh. What an opening!

Of course, when Marybeth arrives and explains what just happened, no one believes her and they place her in a cell for the murders. After some discussion, and a hearty explanation in full, finally convinces the Deputies, The Sheriff, [played by Zach Galligan] paramedics, [but, why paramedics? are they going to revive a decapitated person?] and an entire SWAT team go to the swamp, only to find countless bodies and body parts. Working as a team, they start dragging body bags onto their boat.

even covered in Crowley blood, I love me some Danielle Harris

Meanwhile, an annoying reporter who has been listening to the police frequency shows up at the station, and demands to speak to Marybeth. As it turns out, this reporter is the ex-wife of the Sheriff and she manages to manipulate one of the deputies into doing whatever she wants. She comes bearing bad news – Crowley can’t be killed. She explains that he will always return because he’s on a mission – and Marybeth is the solution: Being as she’s the last of the Dunston family, Victor needs to be put at rest. The reporter then convinces one of the security guards to let Marybeth out, and the two go on a trip to find Crowley‘s father’s ashes, which will help put him at ease.

Crowley, of course, has resurfaced and is killing any all law enforcement he can the goriest ways possible. Once again, like the other two Hatchet films, the kills are unique; and gorier than the last two films combined! As expected, the Hatchet franchise has been something of a roller-coaster ride, either lots of fun, or enough to satisfy the horror fans. I for one, love these films; all the films run at around a eighty minutes, give or take, and they all feature enough gore and insanity to impress even the hardened of horror fan. With this third installment, Green has reconnected with his footing, which is a great mix of gratuitous gore and stable story telling; and, not to mention, terrific performances by the likes of people we’ve come to know in the horror genre. People like Derek Mears and Sid Haig! [who gives probably the best performance since Rob Zombie‘s The Devil’s Rejects]

So check out Hatchet III, but do so by picking up the Dark Sky‘s Blu-ray version.. This one comes with two different commentaries that are informative not only on this film but on the horror genre in general. It has some excellent behind-the-scenes footage of how Kane‘s makeup is applied and how terrible mosquitoes really are in the Louisiana swamps, where the film was made/filmed. It’s a truly a must-own disc for the Hatchet fans.

And thus ends the Hatchet trilogy review[s]. Which film was your favorite? Was it the original Hatchet film that came out in 2006? or was it the final one, Hatchet III, that ended the series? Let me know in a comment or two! Also, keep an eye open for a cameo from a familiar face from [the first] Hatchet in this finale film! Fans will greatly appreciate! However, with this being the final Hatchet film, the next review [tomorrow’s] will be something completely unrelated to this series; which leads me to my next question:

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