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Unfortunately, “Army Of Darkness” is NOT part of “Ash VS. Evil Dead”


I’m back! I know, I’ve been missing from here for about two weeks, but between work and self-preparing for applying for College [in 2017]; I’ve been a little busy! I’m not going to write a huge list of excuses – I’ll save that for another day – so let’s jump right into it and talk about a little something that follows one of my more favorite shows that has been getting everyone in the horror genre talking.

Back in July, when the San Diego Comic-Con had all sorts of news pouring out of every source imaginable, the horror-fans of the Internet lit up with joy when it – we – heard a rumor that said that Army Of Darkness would be a part of [or at the very least referenced] during the next season of Ash VS. Evil Dead. If you happened to catch the first season, [which if you haven’t – there are upcoming spoilers!] you probably remember that the show seemed to basically ignore the fact that our hero adventures into the Middle Ages; which seems like the sort of thing that would..or rather, should come up at least once. [Although there’s a drawing in the Season 01 finale that you could call a visual reference] So with that in mind, the rumor that some kind of Army Of Darkness callbacks would be in Season o2 of the series simply taunted us from the shadows. Damn Deadites..


will we ever hear about the Boomstick again?

But, as we always seem to do, the Internet got way ahead of itself. When asked the question of whether or not Army Of Darkness will be an important piece of season two’s puzzle, Bruce Campbell gave us an answer: an answer, we may or may not like.. Here’s what the Chin had to say:

“I’ve been sort of putting that to bed. It was a random thing that Rob [Tapert] said, and you know how the internet is, if you see one sentence written, it’s real. I think Rob was more alluding to the fact that we’ve already taken stuff that would have been in Army Of Darkness. He still time-travels before Army Of Darkness. People have always asked, “Where is Army Of Darkness?” Like, we don’t really need Army Of Darkness. That was sort of our take on the whole thing. You’ve got to be careful referencing certain movies, because then you have to make deals with certain partners that might own those certain movies.”

Naturally, this could always change, if not this season then maybe next [if the show does indeed have a third season within itself – which better happen] But Campbell said: don’t expect any Army Of Darkness nods in Ash VS. Evil Dead anytime soon, and if you haven’t already heard: Ash VS. Evil Dead returns to Starz on October 2nd 2016. [Watch the first trailer for season 02 below!]

So there you have it, an update of what’s to come to Ash VS. Evil Dead, and not in the way we were hoping. Could this be good news in disguise though? Why or Why Not? Let me know in the comments! As always, if you find yourself to enjoy what I do on here, then please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [we’re at over 150+ likes – let’s get to 200!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been “gone live” online; and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog.

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hail to the King, baby!


Ash VS Evil Dead: Episode 03 review


A little while ago, I wrote about the first episode of Ash VS Evil Dead and how after one episode, I was hooked. [read that review over here!] As soon as the following episode went live [titled: “Bait”] I had to watch it, and I did. It was just as fun as the first episode, if not more so, and introduced us to a few more characters. I had meant to write a review on it, but unfortunately with work, and other personal matters coming first – as well as different posts – I decided to wait until now: the third episode. In my opinion thus far, Episode 03: Books From Beyond is the one of the best yet; and here’s why.

In the first episode, we’re shown that Ash has a business card for a store that calls itself Books From Beyond, which he calls and asks about “a particular book.” It turns out that Ash has been to this bookstore before, presumably when he first got the Necronomicon, and decides he needs to find an ‘undo button’ spell to stop the Deadites from becoming any worse than they already have been so far.


According to Lionel Hawkins, the ill-fated book store owner who translates the Necronomicon for Ash, the Book Of The Dead was written by an ancient group of evildoers called The Dark Ones[okay, that could have been a little more creative..] These not quite human, not quite demon entities made some spells that supposedly have the ability to open portals into Hell, and unleash demons into our world. As Hawkins puts it, “The book itself is harmless unless wielded by someone very evil, or very stupid.” I’ll give you three guesses which category our supposed “hero” falls into..

As a way of almost proving Hawkins‘ point, Ash‘s great plan to figure out why the Deadites are coming back is to release another one from the book, if only to ask it questions. [cause that makes sense. Good call Ash!] Our team of Ghost Beaters [Pablo‘s brilliant team name consisting of Ash, Kelly, and Pablo]  as well as our new book savvy friend Lionel, decide on a “minor, wimpy Deadite” [as Ash calls it] named Eligos who, as the Necronomicon claims,  is a “demon of the mind.” Which is proven when he can seemingly invade his enemies’ brain!


I really like Eligos‘ look. Very Hellraiser-esque.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about Amanda Fisher, the cop who was chasing Ash down in the last two episodes after her partner became a Deadite in episode 01 – she’s around too! She’s currently convinced Ash is deliberately causing the chaos that surrounds him. She guilts Kelly into freeing her from captivity to take him down right in the middle of the Deadite summoning, and not even the faceless Deadite, who seems to be defeated by smacking him with the Necronomicon, can change the her mind. As soon as the smoke clears, and Eligos is officially Eligone [I am so sorry..] she snaps her cop cuffs on our hero.. again! Fortunately, his detachable wooden hand comes in.. handy, I didn’t even mean for that joke to happen, and he just barely escapes.

With no other leads on anything, The Ghost Beaters ultimately decide that the best course of action is to find Pablo‘s Brujo: his uncle who also happens to be a Shaman. Will he help? I mean, according to Pablo in episode 01, they don’t really talk anymore, and it’s been a long time since they saw one another..

In short, Ash VS Evil Dead really exceeded my expectations. I was worried, and even a little weirded out by a TV series based on the films but it’s doing better and better with every episode. The pacing is great, the characters are fun, and even the over the top violence that is known from the series; it’s all really fun to watch! I do have one question for the series though: [which will eventually be answered] just who is Lucy Lawless‘ character? She seems to know a lot about Ash, the Necronomicon, and the Deadites themselves.. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out! She’s shown to have a seemingly magical dagger that seems reminiscent of The Kandarian Dagger from Evil Dead II..could this be important? It certainly seems to be!


Personally, I hope he comes back, I think he’s cute..

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warrenisweird’s top FIVE cemeteries in horror movies!


Cemeteries have always held an air of creepiness to them: they are places where we bury our loved ones, giving them a final resting place. Sometimes, the place manages to creep you out because of the way it looks – all decrepit and broken down – but, there’s a reason the Fantasy and Horror genre tend to like this setting. In these cemeteries, it is almost always night and often, the moon is full, for extra supernatural points. Fog is usually a contributing factor, and more importantly, the dead aren’t ‘really dead‘! I mean, some horror movies revolve around being in a cemetery! But as expected, not all film cemeteries are created equal; many are pretty standard, boring versions of what is supposed to be granite tombstones and black, but bland backgrounds. But every so often, we get a glimpse at what seems to be a truly spectacular collection of mausoleums and even more headstones, sometimes with familiar names engraved on them! Or maybe I’m just overthinking this whole thing. Either way, this is warrenisweird‘s TOP FIVE cemeteries, in horror movies. As with all my list posts, this is entirely an opinion piece – if you disagree, or have preferred horror movie cemeteries, be sure to leave a comment with your favorites!

Night Of The Living Dead [1968]

Because of course I would be adding this movie! Esthetically, this cemetery isn’t really isn’t anything spectacular that makes it stand out, but the scenery around it is very nice..especially for wandering zombies – even though we never really see one come from inside a grave! In real life, this location is known as Evans City Cemetery, and if you find yourself curious, this website compares the film and the cemetery as it stands today!

Braindead [1992]

often referred to as the goriest film of all time, Braindead strongly deserves that title. It’s extremely gory, even for a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously.. Even the scene above shows that Peter Jackson was a master at making gory horror flicks in his early days as a Director.

Nightbreed [1990]

You know what I like more than slasher films? Monster movies; specifically – movies like NightbreedThe movie follows a troubled young man, who is drawn to a mythical place under a cemetery called Midian. In Midian, he quickly learns that there are a variety of monsters are hiding.. from the humanity above. After Hellraiser, I fell in love with Clive Barker‘s work, and Nightbreed confirmed it.

Drag Me To Hell [2009]

Say what you will, but I actually really enjoyed Sam Raimi‘s return to horror with Drag Me To Hell; it was dark and gritty, it had the slapstick humor that Raimi is known for, and most importantly – it had a really dirty cemetery scene..which I loved. If you enjoyed Drag Me To Hell, let me know in a comment! I can’t be the only one..

Army Of Darkness [1992]

Speaking of Raimi, who could forget the scene in this movie when Ash forgets the ‘magic’ words from the Necronomicon? it’s funny, it’s slapstick silly, and it’s probably the most memorable cemetery on this entire list! And that’s saying something!

So what have we learned today? Besides the obvious, cemeteries aren’t always made the same in movies. Sure, they are the birth place of the hoards of the undead, and in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse, expect every grave to be a “Clown Car Grave“. As with most of my ‘list’ posts, there is literally thousands of different cemeteries I could have mentioned for this list. Hell, I’m sure I’m going to get comments asking why this cemetery wasn’t added or this one; and I’ll quickly realize that I didn’t even consider/think of that one! So now I ask you: what is your favorite horror movie cemetery/resting place? Did I mention it above? If not, let me know in a comment or two! I’d love to compare lists!

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FRIDAY FUN FACT: Tales From The Crypt [1989-1996]

You know what I miss writing that I almost forgot that I do: Friday Fun Facts. Y’know, when I talk about a certain movie – or franchise – and talk about weird little tidbits that you might not have known about them. It was originally planned to be an every Friday thing but that didn’t pan out exactly as planned because I either was too busy to write anything, or I’d find something I’d consider “more exciting” to write about. So consider this a warning: not every Friday will include a Friday Fun Fact post; I will try and do more, more often – but I can’t promise anything..especially with new things happening both here on the blog, and in my actual real life – where I go out and actually get sunlight once and a while. [shocking! I know!]

What better way to jump back into FFFs by talking about one of my top 3 favorite shows of all time: Tales From The Crypt: don’t act like you don’t know it. Cause you do..I know you do, even if you don’t recognize it by name. Tales is an American horror anthology series that played on HBO for seven seasons, with a running total of 93 episodes! One thing to note is that the title of the series, is based on the 1950s EC Comics series of the same name and most of the content in the show, came from that or the six other EC Comics that were being released at the same time. [The Crypt of Terror, Haunt of Fear, Vault of Horror, Crime SuspenStories, Shock SuspenStories and Two-Fisted Tales] Introduced by a creepy puppet called “The Crypt Keeper“, who seems like he’s only around to have fun, [and make terrible puns!] Tales From The Crypt is a show that definitely feels like a cross between The Twilight Zone and modern horror movies. Basically, I’m trying to tell you that as a whole, it’s not suitable for younger audiences or even the squeamish, really.

but did you know?

The introduction sequence during the opening theme that played each and every episode through The Cryptkeeper‘s ‘home’ is actually fairly small: roughly the size of a miniature golf course. To achieve the look of a large mansion, small “snorkel” cameras were used to film. However, the descent into the crypt at the end of the intro is computer generated. Be sure to check out the opening theme, here!

John Kassir actually hurt his voice while doing the signature voice of The Cryptkeeper. Because of the raspy-ness of the character, He had to often swallow lemon juice mixed with honey in order to sooth his throat. [after doing his lines] John Kassir even came up with the trademark voice himself, when he auditioned for the part, the producers of the show loved it so much they almost immediately chose him. Well done, John!

One of the weirder and more obscure pieces of trivia about the show, involves the actual puppet of The Cryptkeeper. It seems that while animatronics expert Kevin Yagher was in the last stages of designing The Cryptkeeper, he tried putting on a few noses to see which would look best for and on the character; who already had shed lips, some hair and most of his teeth.. but none looked quite right. It wasn’t until Director and producer Robert Zemeckis simply stated, “You know, you don’t necessarily have to have a nose on him..”

So there you have it Fright Fans, three things that you may or may not have known about the cult classic anthology show: Tales From The Crypt. Which piece of trivia did you like best? Could it be that The Crypt Keeper almost had a nose? Or is it the fact that the voice actor seemed to actually hurt himself, for the sake of the show? Let me know in a comment or two! As I said above, I will try to make Friday Fun Facts more often, but I can’t promise anything – a lot is happening with both the blog and daily life, which if everything pans out the way I hope it will- I’ll talk about it on here; but when the timing is right.

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yeah.. uh. no thank you!




Hey there kiddies! It’s your old pal, The CryptKeeper! and I’m here to tell you a few stories that involve death, monsters, and best of all: terrible horror puns! ahem. Sorry, I don’t know where that came from.. probably another time or even another place – a place where I had a raspy voice and made terrible jokes..oh wait a second. That actually sounds about right..

In all seriousness though, Tales From The Crypt is an American horror anthology television series that ran from June 10 1989 to July 19 1996 on HBO for seven seasons [and two movies!], equaling itself out to a total of 93 episodes. The show’s title is based on the 1950s EC Comics series of the same name, with most of the content originating in that comic, or the six other EC Comics that appeared around the same time [these were known as “The Crypt Of Terror”, “The Haunt Of Fear”, “The Vault Of Horror”, “Crime SuspenStories”, “Shock SuspenStories” andTwo-Fisted Tales”] An interesting thing to note is that because it was aired on HBO, which is a premium television channel, Tales From The Crypt was one of the few anthology series of it’s time to be actually be allowed to have full freedom from censorship by network standards and as a result, HBO gave the okay and allowed the series to contain graphic violence as well as other content that had not appeared in most television series up to that time: such as crude humor, gore, nudity and even sexual situations. Naturally, this would most likely give the series a TV-MA rating by today’s standards!

To give you some perspective on the show, each [and every] episode of Tales From The Crypt begins with a tracking shot leading to the front door of The Crypt Keeper‘s decrepit – presumably haunted – mansion. [which I like to call, “my dream house”] Once the viewer[s] are inside, the camera pans down the narrow hallways and stairways, and then finally descends into the dark, dirty basement. The show’s host, known as the CryptKeeper, then pops out from his coffin, cackling wildly; ending with a green slime as it pours down over the screen with the main title appearing. [can’t picture it? we’ll come back to this in a bit..] The CryptKeeper is an animated corpse, as opposed to what he was in the original comics where he was actually a living human being! Our wisecracking Host, who was voiced by John Kassir, would then introduce the episode with intentionally hackneyed puns with his trademark greeting to viewers: “Hello, Boils and Ghouls” or “Hello, Kiddies”. Each episode was fairly self-contained, and normally ended with an specialized outro sequence involving the CryptKeeper, usually by telling us that the person[s] who died in the episode had it coming.. using really bad [but entertaining] puns! The comic book cover art that was used for each episode were created by Mike Vosburg and Shawn McManus.

what a cutie, am I right? just me? okay..

In 1993, a Saturday morning cartoon that grew up watching as well known as Tales From The Cryptkeeper was created/spun off from the original HBO series. It was produced by Nelvana [a Canadian company] for ABC, rather than HBO; which naturally means that the excessive violence of the prime-time series was insanely toned down and the gore was removed completely. Nelvana even went so far as to find [and employ] a child psychologist to double check the show’s scripts to be sure that the episodes would be suitable for younger viewers. The CryptKeeper puppet from the classic show was considered to be the host for the series as well, but it was ultimately ruled that he would probably frighten the younger audiences. Instead, we were given an animated version, which granted – looks closer to the EC Comics version – with John Kassir reprising as the voice of The CryptKeeper. This series didn’t last overly long though, running for a short 26 episodes with only two seasons.

Tales From The Crypt was [and still is] a fantastic show, it’s something that I like to call horror at it’s finest. I grew up watching this series and the animated series: Tales From The CryptKeeper. If you haven’t seen the series before [blasphemy!] or you just want to relive some cult horror television, I implore you to check out a few episodes online on your own, or with some friends; cause you know what they say: “the morgue, the merrier!” [here come the puns, again!] As someone who’s been revisiting the series lately [especially after finding seasons 1 and 2 on DVD for $10!] I strongly recommend the series in full.  I recommend it so strongly in fact, that I’ve even included the show’s intro [which I described above] to get you in the ghastly spirit of things!


If horror was written by R.L. Stine

One of the fortunate things about growing up in the early 90s is that I regularly watched two horror-themed TV shows that were aimed at younger audiences:Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and the one I tended to watch more, because it was less scary, Goosebumps! Back then, I was a lot easier to scare than I am today, and even though the show hasn’t entirely aged well; I still get those nostalgic feelings whenever I come across the show’s episodes on Netflix. [both shows are even Canada-based!] Surprisingly, even though being directed at kids,Goosebumps gained a very strict censorship when it reached the UK, [over content being considered too “gross” or scary to be shown to young or sensitive viewers] which resulted in many of the early episodes being banned [such as “Night Of The Living Dummy II”, “Night Of The Living Dummy III”, “Bride Of The Living Dummy”, and “The Haunted Mask”] or if they were aired, they were given extremely heavy edits, mainly to the twist endings. Not to mention that the episode titled “The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp” is the onlyGoosebumps episode to receive a 12+ rating by the BBFC. [the British Board Of Film Censorship]

Enough about the censorship though, today we’re going to talk about something involving Goosebumps that I’ve been meaning to write about, and not just because there’s a new movie coming out based on the show [which, in turn, is based on the books] but because of a nifty little Tumblr blog known only as If It Were Stine. Seriously. The idea behind the blog is simple: pick a horror film, PhotoShop the hell out of it, and turn it into a Goosebumps book. The original author of If It Were Stine, Jude, even went so far as to write the back blurbs for the horror based books! Unfortunately, the site has since ended it’s run after only a year – but there is more then enough content to keep you satisfied, some movies even have more then one ‘book’, based on requests, etc! [there’s even a few video game based “books” such as Bioshock]

From classic films such as A Nightmare On Elm Street to even films like Re-Animator, If It Were Stine did a lot of films, and the back blurbs are brilliant: enough to even have the same readability to feel like R.L. Stine could have wrote them himself! Below, I’m going to share just some of my favorites from the Tumblr page, be sure to check out If It Were Stine‘s official page – even if it isn’t producing new content any more! [which is really unfortunate for fans of the page like myself]


*click here to read the back!

Let The Right One In

*click here to read the back!

The Thing

*click here to read the back!

Of course, that’s just three of the 25+ movies that the blog has, and that’s not even including the video game based ones! If you’re curious what other movies the site has, why not go over and take a look – Or because it’s easier – just click here for an alphabetical archive list! I’m not sure about you, but now that I’m older – and I don’t scare as easily – I’d love to read these; however, I feel that if they were written in the style of the original books, they wouldn’t be as scary as the movies can be, mainly since they were usually pun-filled, child-friendly fears [I still hate that damn Slappy dummy though, I don’t care who says otherwise: that ‘child friendly” toy scares the fuck out of me!]

If they aren’t on the blog, what are some other horror movies you’d like to see turned into Goosebumps books? I find myself liking the idea of a book based on Splice [though that’s unlikely] or even ParaNorman, [that’s a little more child friendly] just to see what the back would be written like.

THANKS FOR READING and REMEMBER when reading Goosebumps,