underrated movie of the day: Léon The Professional

If you can believe it, [I know some won’t believe me!] not all of the movies I enjoy are in the horror genre. Sometimes, they fall under drama or even sometimes action. Or in the case of today’s underrated movie; both drama and action. This movie is none other than Léon The Professional.

The movie follows Léon, a hit-man [who calls himself “a cleaner”] who is the best at what he does — all while drinking milk, watering his plants and listening to music. occasionally, he sees his young next door neighbour [he lives in an apartment, probably to keep his profile low] who is clearly abused physical and mentally] at home. This neighbour is none other than Mathilda and is played wonderfully by the beautiful Natalie Portman [though, she was 12 in this film!] The story officially kicks off when SPOILER ALERT!] Mathilda‘s family is brutally murdered in a drug related incident. It’s in this moment that Mathilda turns to her quiet neighbour Léon to let her into his place where she learns who he really is. Like most people in that scenario, Mathilda wants revenge on the guys who killed her family [though only for her younger brother, no one else] and enlists Léon to teach her how to become a “cleaner”.

What makes this film so special is it feels like there’s nothing like it — a young girl wanting revenge on killer and then finding herself [believing] she’s in love with a quiet neighbour who is actually a hit-man, you wouldn’t expect this film to fall into such things! In fact, it’s almost ‘cute’ in the way Léon and Mathilda interact. [“drink your milk, Mathilda”] Because she’s so young, Mathilda gets herself in trouble and her hero: Léon has to come and saves the day! The whole film is just numbing with it’s acting and it’s cinematography. Just the atmosphere of the film alone is captivating! It really does deserve such a high spot on IMDb‘s list of top 250 films of all time. It’s even directed and written by Luc Besson – who also made The Fifth Element so that alone should tell you something.

As I’ve said in the past — most characters that I tend to relate to are [extremely] fallible. They’re like a “fallen hero” who’s gone through such immense struggles that they almost have to push through, because then they’ll feel like they have accomplished what they set out to do. Characters like Léon come off as okay, because he’s a hit-man, but in reality [probably from making so many enemies over the years] he struggles to sleep at night; out of fear of someone coming into his apartment. He also doesn’t know how to read [never learned, I guess?] so in a way, Léon needs Mathilda to survive as Mathilda needs Léon.

I definitely recommend this film if you can find a copy of it somewhere [I don’t think it’s out of print.. I mean it shouldn’t be] it has an extremely strong storyline with fantastic characters and has Natalie Portman in her first feature role — at the age of 12! The end of the film will definitely tear at your heart strings a little, but that’s what makes it so damn special: it’s relatable. So do yourself a favor and watch Léon The Professional, I promise it’s storyline alone will have your attention enough to continue watching! fun fact, the quote at the top of warrenisweird under the title is from this exact film!

20140918-084453.jpgTHANKS FOR READING.

underrated movie of the day: May


“I’ve always said, if you can’t find a friend — make one yourself.”

[Note: I will be talking spoilers in this, and while I’m not mentioning everything in the film- I’m talking some of the more important points]

May is a strange girl; she has almost no friends, she works at the animal hospital [working on the animals themselves with a lesbian Anna Faris] and her best friend is a creepy doll named Suzie. To make matters more difficult for her, May likes a boy – Adam. To help get his attention, she gets contacts to help hide the appearance of her obvious lazy eye. who at the beginning of the film doesn’t know she exists. when they finally get to know one another, that’s when things start to get a little strange.

the thing about the movie May is that’s a film that has a sense of belonging to it. The want – or the need – to fit in is so strong within May that she actually ends up doing the opposite of what you should do in the situations she finds herself in! [like rubbing Adam‘s hands, with her face, while he sleeps..]

now, this is the part where I’m going to spoiler major plot points of May [specifically, the ending] so if you haven’t seen the film – and want to- avoid the next paragraph:

Things only start going really bad for May ‘friends’ after Adam says they can’t be together anymore. [“you’re weird” “you like weird..” “..not that weird..”] in a way, May is acting out because she grew up in a secluded home, was considered weird by kids her own age growing up, and she’d only talk to Suzie – her doll. When she remembers her mother’s words to her when receiving Suzie does she have an almost epiphany, and comes to the following conclusion:


and she does.. in her own special yet demented way; she does. Through-out the film, if you listen while May is talking [rather, mumbling] to herself, she talks about Adam having “the most perfect hands”, people having “nice legs” or some body part of somebody is “perfect”. In the end, May has collected ‘all the perfect pieces’ to her perfect puzzle, and while you see her creation in full form; she still isn’t satisfied! She then mentions something about wanting to be seen, and realizes her ‘creation’ doesn’t have proper eyes. [it looked like she made some out of paper mâché] Based on the next scene being called ‘PERSONAL SACRIFICES’, I’m sure you have some idea where this is going. remember how I mentioned she has a lazy eye? As anyone else would in that situation, May doesn’t like it, and ultimately jabs her own [lazy] eye out with a pair of scissors. The creepy part is when she looks at it after it’s “officially” done – lazy eye and all – it rolls over and puts it’s hands around her Presumably Adam, as she used his hands] below, I have added a picture of May‘s “perfect friend” because I know you’re curious — hell, I’d be curious after this build up too!


May and her ‘creation’

In conclusion, May is a weird film, but I like weird – I like it a lot. I recommend this film and give it a solid 04 out of 05 stars; like May‘s creation, it’s just missing that small, little something to make it perfection.



underrated movie of the day: Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

When you think the term ‘horror icon’, who do you think of? Freddy? Jason? maybe even Michael Myers or Ash from Evil Dead? well, how would you react if I told you of another icon? someone no one has really heard of. He uses a farming scythe as a weapon, and loves an audience.. his name is Leslie Vernon: this guy – here.

Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon is a special gem that found itself released on DVD in 2006 and was received with little to no reviews. Unfortunately for our friend Leslie, Many people didn’t ‘get’ what the film was trying to show and ultimately disregarded it as a whole. For the fans that did get it, it was perfection. Taking place in a world where Freddy, Jason [and probably Ash] exist, Vernon is an aspiring ‘villain’ who looks up to these characters. The film is a ‘mockumentary’ which plays out quite nicely for those watching, especially since sometimes – it’s left to the viewer to imagine what’s going to happen next. We even get shown [by Leslie, himself] how he sets up traps for his ‘victims’ and most importantly: why Cardio is so important for an aspiring killer! [can’t let those victims run loose!]

But the best part of this film isn’t that it’s a horror, not the fact that it’s a ‘mockumentary’; but the fact that there is so many familiar faces that appear in the film! From horror fan favorites like Kane Hodder, Zelda Rubinstein [RIP], and even Freddy himself – Robert Englund; this film is bound to attract the horror fan in all of us; that is what makes this film so damn special.

Unfortunately, the film ends on a cliffhanger. and although a sequel/prequel: aptly called Before The Mask: The Return Of Leslie Vernon has been planned [for almost 2 years now..] ,the writers/director is struggling to make ends meet to make it happen. There was a Kickstarter set up for it as well, but that closed when they only reached about 40% of the money they were hoping to get. The only real saving grace we have on Leslie‘s return is that Robert Englund has officially stated that he will be returning for it – regardless of it’s current situation.


cone on Leslie, come wreak havoc on the town once more..

So if you’re into horror, I strongly recommend this film. It’s also on Netflix so you have literally no excuse not to see it [unless of course, you don’t like horror] It’s fun, it has scary moments, and it has a lot of familiar faces! I guess only time will tell if we get to see Leslie go on another killing spree. Especially since it’s struggling to be made. I have strong hope that it’ll pull through, even it only lands on DVD/Blu-Ray; I just need more Leslie Vernon in my life.. The Rise Of Leslie Vernon made sure of that.

“they’re here!” [oh wait, wrong Zelda Rubinstein film..my bad]